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Reader Stefan sent me an excerpt from a past “Iwata Interviews” installment. This portion is from Vol 2. Part 3

Iwata: This so-called “beam” connecting the user and the television was something that had never been attempted before. Didn’t you run into any difficulties during development?

Ikeda: In the early stages of development we ran into a number of problems that we hadn’t anticipated, like the fact that the controller would react to fluorescent light, for example. Creating a mechanism that prevents the controller from responding to fluorescent light and sunlight may sound like low-profile activities, but it still gave us a lot to work on.

As I stated above, this is from a past entry in the “Iwata Interviews”. Sounds like Nintendo has indeed fixed, or minimalized the sun/fluorescent light issue. The sunlight issue may depend on what demo units/sensor bars are being used. If the issue did indeed exist at the Nintendo World Store, it seems the case could have been older demo units/sensor bars.

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