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You thought 'Wiitis' was the worst of it...try 'Wii knee'

Abstract: We present the case of a 16-year-old boy who injured his knee whilst playing on the video games console Nintendo Wii. The patient presented with an acutely swollen and painful knee to the emergency department of our institution. Initial radiographs revealed an effusion and an osteochondral fracture. Further imaging with magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated evidence of lateral patella dislocation with medial patello-femoral ligamentous damage and a large femoral osteochondral fracture. The patient was successfully treated with surgical fixation of the osteochondral fragment and medial patello-femoral ligament repair. This case highlights the force that can be generated whilst using these new games consoles. - Springer Berlin case report

You have to be kidding me…we aren’t done with Wii-related injury talk? ‘Wii Elbow’ and ‘Wiitis’ came about years ago, and just now we are getting ‘Wii Knee’? Get ready for another wave of ’specialists’ telling us just how dangerous the Wii is.

By the way…is it really going to be called ‘Wii knee’? Doesn’t anyone else see the problem with that!?


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