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RUMOR - Shigeru's patent may be related to Zelda? *bumped to front page*

Bumped this to the top of the front page. I thought you guys might want it to get a little more attention!

Earlier today, we posted up a patent that was created by Shigeru Miyamoto. Since then, there has been more snooping through that patent, and some very interesting elements have been picked up on.


This is all speculation based on the patent, but the above images point to a Zelda game. We also see that we might be able to skip ahead in parts of the game, if things get too difficult. Seems just like what Atari did with Alone in the Dark. Finally, we also see that hints may be made available.

Please keep an eye on this thread, as more and more details are being uncovered.

Thanks to MrBubbles for the heads up!

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