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Toys "R" Us in-store Wii reserves on the way *UPDATE*

1up says this is a rumor, click here to check it out.

Fixed issue in story, it appears this is the first round of official in-store Wii reserves…even better!

Hey Nintendo fan, cheer up! No need to sulk around if you didn’t make it to your local GameStop/EB Games to reserve a Wii. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have the time to sit outside Best Buy or any of those stores come launch day. You have another chance to get yourself a Wii, and it is coming October 29th.

geoffsrey 01

All you need to do is head down to a Toys “R” Us, which is said to be taking reserves on that date. Now just make sure you clear that date to head down there and get your reserve!

I am curious…how many of you guys use Toys “R” Us for all your gaming needs? I have been surprised with it in the past. They have actually had some titles that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Thanks to Drew for the heads up.


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