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Nintendo of Korea CEO talks about Wii, DS success, and says that Microsoft/Sony are not competitors

“Regardless of (economic) downturns, consumers pursue something fun. Sales of our products does not depend on whether the economy is good or not, but whether we introduce fun products or not. I realized this through my experience in the video game industry. There were many people who have distanced themselves from games. We felt a sense of crisis that there would be no future if the game industry remained unchanged. That is one of the biggest reasons we adopted a strategy to expand the game population. We have hoped to make those who do not play games play games. People often ask such questions, and we say our competitor is neither those companies (Sony or Microsoft), but consumer indifference to games.” - chief executive of Nintendo Korea, Mineo Koda

Mr. Koda goes on to discuss how Nintendo of Korea is trying to progress within their own region, and what they plan to do in order to make that happen. Check out the full interview here

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