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Librarians, trouble-makers of the world, cause more problems by playing Rock Band

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The video above showcased Nebraska Library Commission employees setting up/playing Rock Band. It doesn’t seem like they are doing anything wrong, does it? Well…one person caught this video, complained about the librarians neglecting their work, and now Nebraska State Auditor Mike Foley has launched an investigation. Thankfully, Library Commission Director Rob Wagner backed up his employees.

In a phone interview… Wagner says the workers did nothing wrong. He says the library system is branching out into video games to bring more young people into the libraries.

How in the world is it that someone doesn’t know this is going on? We’ve heard about libraries branching out with games for over a year now! Better yet, the person that complained caught this video on the internet…you know, the place with tons of information? You would think that that person would do a little investigative work of their own before accusing the library of doing something wrong.


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