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*RUMOR* Best Buy Wii inventory numbers

This info was sent in by reader Dpcough, from a man he says is a trusted source. The post appeared over at the GameTrailers forums. Once again, this is not confirmed, but let’s hope it turns out to be true!

One of the leaders in retail, best buy will be a getting AT LEAST this many. After taking an average of diverse locations directly from Best Buy’s retail stock system(RSS) the total number units indicated is aprroximately 80-90 units. this ranges from 120 in the more popular stores to just 24 in bufu. not only that, but games such as red steel will be roughly 60 in number, and trauma center 30. these are just PRELIMINARY, that is the very first order for all stores. by november, i will have updated this and it will probably at least double by that time. now, supposedly best buy was supposed have gotten their shipment of Wii today 10/28 or tommorow 10/29, this date was pushed back to the luanch day of 11/19 most likely to stop the overload of employees checking. again, this is tentative inventory that has yet to be recived by ANY stores, but it is the actual information from the inventory orders.


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