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Business4Life clears the air, claims no influence over Change4Life ad

I’ve received this statement from Marisa Fitch at Business4Life…

Business4Life has not donated any money to the Department of Health or the Change4Life movement. The coalition has pledged a £200 million in-kind contribution to support Change4Life through marketing, branding and advertising activity. Also, it’s incorrect to imply that we have any editorial influence over the creatives chosen for the campaign. In fact, there is another poster as part of this campaign of a girl eating a cupcake with the strapline “is a premature death so tempting” which is running side by side the ad with the boy playing a video game, and we were only made aware of this once the ads were launched.

That goes against the claims that were made last week. It seems that the theory that cropped up was a tad too far-fetched.

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