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A special DSi launch gift just hit the warehouse - the DSi cake! (bumped to the front)

I wanted to bump this up to the front page in order to show my appreciation for this gift. I’ve also taken a few pics of the cake. Once again, a huge thank you to Nintendo for sending this my way. An equally important thank-you to all of our readers, because stuff like this wouldn’t happen without you. I need to find a way to share this cake with you!


I heard a ring of the doorbell this morning, and found myself picking up a rather large grouping of packages from Nintendo. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but Nintendo decided to send me a launch DSi, party balloons…and a DSi cake with my face on it. This is without a doubt the coolest thing I’ll ever receive in my entire life! A huge thank-you to everyone at Nintendo that made this possible!

Direct link here

Kotaku’s cake here

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