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Wii, DS million-sellers - more totals

Totals are for worldwide sales…

Nintendo DS

Brain Training - 17.4 million
New Super Mario Bros. - 18.4 million
Mario Kart DS - 14.6 million
Pokemon Platinum - 3.7 million
Nintendogs - 22.2 million
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - 4.5 million
Brain Training 2 - 13.7 million
Kirby Super Star Ultra - 2.3 million
Mario Party DS - 5.8 million
Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - 16.8 million
Rhythm Heaven - 1.9 million
Personal Trainer: Cooking - 18.4 million
Pokemon Ranger - 2 million
Professor Layton - 1.6 million (does not include Japanese sales, as not published by Nintendo in Japan)
Super Mario 64 DS - 7.5 million
Animal Crossing: Wild World - 10 million

Nintendo Wii

Wii Sports - 45.7 million (includes those bundled with hardware)
Wii Fit - 18.2 million
Mario Kart Wii - 15.4 million
Wii Play - 22.9 million
Smash Bros. Brawl - 8.4 million
Animal Crossing: City Folk - 3.3 million
Wii Music - 2.65 million
Link’s Crossbow Training - 3.76 million (includes those bundled with Wii Zapper)
Super Mario Galaxy - 8 million
Mario Party 8 - 6.7 million
Mario Super Sluggers - 1.2 million

As we have stated in the past, the sales of Wii Sports have unofficially topped those of Super Mario Bros.. Nintendo has never confirmed that.


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