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RUMOR - Sexy Poker rated by ESRB

We all know that publishers can have their titles displayed on the ESRB website as soon as rated, or they can choose to have them hidden from public view until closer to release. Some people are stating that an ESRB rating for Sexy Poker popped up on the ESRB, but that listing has since been removed. Remember, the game was indeed rated for Europe, but I won’t believe it is coming here until I see the ESRB listing for myself.

ESRB update:

Sexy Poker

Platform: Wii

Rating: Mature

Content descriptors: Nudity, Sexual Themes, Simulated Gambling

Rating summary: This is a Strip Poker game in which players engage in games of Black Jack and Poker against female avatar opponents. The object of the game is to win hands in order to remove articles of clothing from still images of the female characters. Nurses, police women, office workers, and sports figures can eventually be stripped down to show their bare breasts. The female opponents encourage the player with provocative comments such as, “I’ll always know what’s in your hand” and, “If you impress me, I might give you my special treatment.”


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