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Call of Duty: World at War - double XP weekend

To celebrate Independence Day here in the US (aka July 4th) we have decided to run Double-XP next weekend. It will begin July 3rd @ 10:00AM PST, and end July 6th @ 10:00AM PST. This will be for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PC and of course this Double-XP is available worldwide!

Also taking place July 3rd at 10:00AM PST will be a playlist update, where we will be incorporating the Map Pack 2 maps into the main Core and Hardcore rotations; don’t worry, the Map Pack playlist will remain open for those of you looking to get your fix of the Map Pack 2 maps exclusively.

Also recall this weekend we have our first ever Weekend Warrior Challenge for which US-based Xbox 360 players can participate. Registration has now closed, but not to worry – we’ll be running more of these in the future. If you have signed up already, however, be sure to check here for updated rules / time slots.

The PS3 Weekend Warrior challenge takes place next weekend – check for a new Intel piece next week for registration information.

Hope to see you online both weekends!

Thanks to asparrowgoose for the heads up!


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