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Importers rejoice! A portion of a GameFAQs post…

By now everyone knows that the Wii is not region free, but fret not. I imported all of the Naruto games on gamecube and had to order a boot disk (Freeloader) to get them to with my gamecube. Got my Wii tonight (I am loving this system so far) and decided to test out my import games. The didnt work using them alone, but I used freeloader and now my import games work on my Wii as if they were on my Gamecube.

Word of caution: I inserted the freeloader disk, and selected it from the disc channel, the system read it and restarted. Went back to the disc channel again, selected the freeloader and the system took me to the normal freeloader screen and asked me to swap the disk like normal. I am assuming that the freeloader disc needs to be in the system from the start, or it may restart after the first read. Either way it works, and I will be trading in my gamecube tomorrow.

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