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Xeodrifter diary #7

GN Podcast #474

Cubemen 2 review

EoD - Smash streams!

Disney Infinity 2.0 - Drax trailer

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Target - Ultimate NES Remix preorders open

Bayonetta (Wii U port) - review

A portion of a Nintendo Life review...

Whether as a free extra or standalone download, it's absolutely worth exploration for Wii U owners that fancy some frenetic action and impressive combos. Bayonetta has attitude, and while you may occasionally cringe at this one's mixed messages in empowering its heroine, it serves up a great deal of frenetic action — your controller of choice won't know what's hit it.

Full review here

Bayonetta 2 - chapters 6 and 7 detailed, costume talk

- Bayonetta eventually arrives at the bridge that connects the worlds together
- before crossing, Bayonetta is stopped by an enemy named Valor from Paradiso
- he wields a big sword
- this enemy forces Bayonetta and Loki back into a tower, which Valor crashes through
- Valor can 'ride' his face and and attacks with a disc
- fight involves QTEs where you have to repel the sword
- second half of this battle takes place underwater
- this chapter ends with Bayonetta and Loki being sucked into a portal
- Chapter 7 is called The Ark and starts off with a battle against the Inferno creature Insidious
- he is a massive Manta Ray who fires lasers from his eyes
- Insidious will close his eyelids to protect himself
- he will eventually shoot mini lasers from his tentacles and blast off rockets
- the battle ends with you ripping the eyeballs out of the sockets
- Loki will then shoot an additional laser and destroy Insidious once and for all
- Bayonetta and Loki eventually end up in the body of another Insidious
- this location is covered in purple and pink goo
- while inside, you'll fight enemies called Hatred
- they are speedy creatures that wield two swords and can fly to avoid damage
- you'll happen upon a bigger version of Hatred which handles a two bladed scythe
- chapter 7 ends with a battle against Prophet
- when Prophet starts losing the fight, he summons a gigantic angelic creature
- Bayonetta also gets some help, but you'll to avoid lasers, angelic bullets and massive hands
- extra costumes include Metal Witch, a Witch Apprentice, a Police Woman and a Schoolgirl
- you can also collect various dresses to wear
- every one of these costumes comes with various options
- choose between the Japanese and American interpretation of a police officer


IGN Plays - Pilotwings

GoNintendo Instagram feature - This week's North American eShop downloads: Sept. 18th

We still put up the official press release early in the morning, but now you can enjoy at video recap on our Instagram. Fitting in all these releases into 15 seconds was tough!

Psyscrolr seeing release on Wii U this Fall

Dorkly - How To Deal With A Game Not Being Released In Your Country (Yet)

The Devil's Third - Itagaki working on 'final touches', will support game post-launch, hopes to see you online

A portion of a Famitsu interview with Tomonobu Itagaki...

F: It has become a long-term project taken more than four years since it was officially announced. Can you tell me about your determination?

TI: As a developer, I'm actually happy that I could spend four years on the development of a single game. Nonetheless, it is also a fact that I'm really sorry for making our fans wait so long. That's why we want to create something they can enjoy to the fullest. All of us involved in the development of this game feel the same way and we are hard at work putting on the final touches.

F: This is going to be the first consumer title for Valhalla. Looking back at years until now, can you tell me your impressions?

TI: This is a game to be kept up and operating for a long time. Therefore, its release is not the goal of this game, but rather its starting point. We have partnered with Softgear (a Tokyo company specializing in online gaming) to run the online portion and they are real professionals in this field. Valhalla, Nintendo and Softgear will continue to combine our strengths to operate this game going forward into the future.

We are planning to put out content updates and we want to continue to have fun developing, working with our players toward a new frontier. I'll be joining the game too, so if you see me online, please go easy on me. (laugh)

Full interview here


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth - Mitsuru, Yosuke trailers

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