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EoD - VB on 3DS VC

EoD - Game combos

Wooden Sen'sey rev

GN Podcast #467

Renegade Kid reveal!

EoD - Miiverse use

GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Where's our Virtual Boy games on 3DS VC?

Damn you, sinus headache. It's kind of there and kind of not...but just enough to be annoying. I have things to do...like sleep! You better be out of my head come morning. I'll see you all in a few, short hours!

The Virtual Boy wasn't really a successful platform for Nintendo. It seemed to show up and disappear in a matter of months. I remember wanting one when it first came out and then reading quickly thereafter that Nintendo was discontinuing it. I'll never forget seeing a huge tower of Virtual Boy boxes at my local EB Games, all of them priced at $40 bucks. I don't know why I didn't purchase multiple units for that price!

There weren't many games on the Virtual Boy, but that doesn't mean there weren't quality experiences. Sure, they were very few and far between, but there was certainly fun to be had. With that said, the Virtual Boy is still a part of Nintendo's history. It's not like Nintendo wants to forget about the platform, since we've seen it pop up multiple times in the WarioWare series.

With such a small amount of first party titles, maybe some think it's not even worth the time to re-release those games. I think that is actually pretty sad. These are games that Nintendo created to promote their new system. They weren't shoddy experiences and people worked hard on them. Don't they deserve to see a second chance? Isn't it time to give them another shot?

Do you remember when the 3DS was first announced? The internet collective all thought of the Virtual Boy at first. Some thought of it as a bad omen, others thought of it as the perfect platform to re-release Virtual Boy games on the VC. I mean, I've been daydreaming about a Wario Land Virtual Boy re-release since day one of the 3DS! How on earth is it that Nintendo hasn't done this already?

Am I the only one still pining for Virtual Boy games on the 3DS VC? That could very well be the case, but if you're on my side of the fence, please speak up! Jump in the comments and tell me why you'd like to see this happen on the 3DS VC...or tell me why I'm an idiot.

Denpa Men's RPG Free! - more screens

More here

Bravely Second - more screens, art

More here

GamesRadar - Top 7 most disturbing things about the Pokemon universe

Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS - Aug. 1st, 2014 screen

Hyrule Warriors - Impa with Naginata trailer

Direct link here

Pokemon X/Y - two upcoming US events detailed

August 13th to September 17th

- download Heracross or Pinsir

August 18th to August 31st

- available at GameStop locations
- obtain a special serial code to download the Heracronite or Pinsirite Mega Stones


SEGA Toys releasing Poochi the Robotic Dog, a toy that interacts with 3DS

Direct link here

- uses a downloadable app/mini-game on 3DS
- barks are translated into Japanese
- has the ability to sing
- plays rock-paper-scissors with you
- has sensors on its back, nose and tail
- color indicators on its face to indicate how it's feeling
- around $58

Yo-Kai Watch 2 hits 2 million units shipped

- Level-5 has shipped 2 millions units of Youkai Watch 2
- this happened in just 3 weeks

Keep in mind that this doesn't mean sold, but the number sold should be very close to 2 million.


Aegis Defenders Kickstarter update - More than 50% funded

2 days and 50% funded. You have completely destroyed our expectations and we couldn’t be more excited. The sooner we get funded, the sooner we can work on those stretch goals! The best way to grow our audience from here is word of mouth- If you have friends that you think would love the game, let ‘em know! Does your mailman look like a retro gamer? Tell ‘em so.

Full update here (thanks Matt!)

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