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EoD - Come back, ___

EoD - Come back, WR

EoD - Come back, SF

EoD - Come back, F-0

GN Podcast #453

Cult County chat!

Europe - Wii U eShop gets new music

Direct link here

Skylanders Trap Team - more pics

PR email

IGN - 30 Greatest Video Game Sidekicks

Pokemon Battle Trozei - rough estimate of Japanese sales

Data coming from retail shop blog Sinob...

- March sales seem to be about 30,235 downloads
- this is roughly 74 percent of sales
- another 10,600 download cards were sold over the counter


Slice It! - first look

Direct link here

Super Smash Bros. Pok'©mon Discussion: Arceus, Eevee, Lugia, and the Rest

Direct link here

Grinsia - pricing revealed

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist - 'Ken' Teaser Trailer

Direct link here

Game Spain, UK - Hometown Story preorder bonuses

Grab yours here and here


NES Remix 2 - video review

Direct link here

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