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Cult County chat!

EoD - Missed chance?

EoD - Waluigi time?

EoD - Mario where?

EoD - Which to buy?

Smash Direct wrap-up

Disney Magical World - gardening with Rabbit

Direct link here

Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends - trailer

Direct link here


Mario and Luigi visit Washington D.C. - photo gallery

Check out the full gallery here

A pair of reviews

Two reviews from Nintendo Life...

Atlantic Quest

My First Songs

Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter update - Support Character Naming & Coloring

This spunky little guy needs both a color scheme, AND a name! In short, he needs YOU, Mighty Beckers! Now the entry submission portion of this survey can only happen in the Mighty Labs section of the exclusive Mighty No. 9 forum, so head on over there for more details, guidelines, character explanations, template to color and the chance to show us what you got!

Full update here

Best Buy - Game and Wario for $16

Ex Oblivione - new art

Peach Pink 2DS - more pics

More here

Super Smash Bros. Analysis: Wii U Stages (Secrets & Hidden Details)

Direct link here

ESRB - Last week's updates

My First Songs - Wii U
Watch_Dogs - Wii U
Smash Cat Heroes - 3DS
Atlantic Quest - 3DS


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