Atlus CEO Talks About Their Relationship with Sega and Potential Collaborations

The below exerpts come from Siliconera and are from translations of a Famitsu interview with Atlus's CEO Naoto Hiraoka & Director and President Yukio Sugino...

Hiraoka: "The other day, we held a briefing session with Sugino and myself on Atlus’ side, with [Yakuza producer, Sega CCO Toshiro] Nagoshi and others from Sega to discuss our title line-up for the next three years, where we talked about things such as, ‘Ah, with that kind of lineup, we can do this and that.’”

Sugino: "by knowing what both are working on well ahead of time, it makes it much easier for such collaborations to be possible. So if we are to see future collaborative projects between Sega and Atlus, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see this happen in about three years’ time."

Check out the full interview here!

Project Cars Still Set to Launch on Wii U in Australia

There were rumors earlier in the weak that the Wii U version of Project Cars may not be seeing release in Australia, however Bandai Namco games have confirmed to Vooks that the game is still set to launch in Australia, though no release date is known at this time. Other versions of the game are still set to launch in November.


Captain Toads Treasure Tracker - Officially Delayed in Australia & New Zealand As Welll

We reported yesterday that Captain Toads Treasure Tracker was delayed in Europe till January 2015, which we speculated would also apply to other PAL terretories. Today Nintendo Australia gave the below statement to Vooks.

"Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, originally announced as coming to Wii U in Australia and New Zealand in Summer 2014 is now confirmed to launch in January 2015"


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - 3DS XL Face Covers

Hyrule Warriors - Japanese TV Commercial

Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS - July 31st, 2014

GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - What other Nintendo franchises should combine with established series'?

You may have noticed that Daan didn't do his usual Wednesday round today. He was a bit busy, but he'll be taking over a round for Thursday instead! I can't take away your Daan fix for the week! With that said, you're still stuck with me for part of the day tomorrow. I need my rest to push through another day of work, so I'll catch you all in a few, short hours.

Hyrule Warriors is one of the most surprising games coming from Nintendo in a long time. I would have never guessed that we'd see Nintendo working with Koei Tecmo to make a hybrid Legend of Zelda/Dynasty Warriors title. Even after seeing tons of footage and learning all about the game, I'm still really surprised that this project came together. I mean that in a good way, of course!

This game certainly seems like proof that Nintendo is considering branching out with their brands and twisting them into new versions of themselves. The Big N promised that they would expand their horizons and open up IP usage for other developers, as well as teaming up with them to create new experiences. I'm sure there's more of these collaborations going on behind the scenes right now.

While we won't hear about those dealings for awhile, we can at least discuss what we'd like to see happen. What brands would you like to see Nintendo mash up their franchises with when it comes to games? There's certainly a very huge world of game properties and big-name brands out there, so it shouldn't be hard coming up with a franchise combination that tickles your fancy.

In some zany spinoff, I'd be intrigued to see Samus meet up with Master Chief. I'm sure there would be a way to have those two cross paths. I mean, just think of the love triangle that could form between Samus, Master Chief and Cortana! Seriously though, I don't mind what the crossover is, as I'm always open to any sort of silly ideas. As long as there's fun to be had, sign me up!

I'm sure you guys have some very good combinations that you've been dreaming up over the years. Leave a comment and share your dream collab with us!

Nintendo Direct for Hyrule Warriors airing August 4th (in English)

Japan getting yet another Pokemon arcade game from Bandai Namco

We aren't quite sure on the name yet, but we'll be sure to update with that info once we have it squared away.

Thanks to Maru for the heads up!

Random Time! - Classic gaming themes performed on an electric wind instrument

Direct link and more here (thanks Peter!)

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