Kirby and the Rainbow Curse most likely to cost $40

Looks like Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is going to take it a little easy on your wallet when it launches stateside. Both Amazon Canada and EB Games Canada have the title listed with a $0 price tag, so it should end up being the same amount here as well. Getting a new console Kirby game for $40 sounds like a sweet deal to me!


Image and Form originally planned to release SteamWorld Heist in 2014

Coming from Image and Form's CEO, Brjann Sigurgeirsson

1. The new game would have to be set in the SteamWorld universe. By now it was clear that SteamWorld Dig was a hit, and we should capitalize on the traction and give people what we thought they wanted.

2. It would absolutely, definitely and without a shadow of doubt have to be ready for release during 2014, so that we could be in the running for Game of the Year awards two years in a row. If we spilled over in 2015, we'd be back swimming in the oblivion of anonymity. Instead of being hailed as the biggest and most inventive artists ever - slamming home the radically different Heist a year after succeeding with Dig - we'd be forgotten, lost, the kind of slackers not even slackers want to hang with. In short, a 2014 release was a MUST.

Summing up, SteamWorld Heist is set in the SteamWorld universe, and it will be released some time in spring 2015... the incurable optimist in me thinks one out of two is at least half good! Then again, Heist is simply a much more complex game than Dig, and takes longer to develop. It's more or less what we've been doing throughout 2014. Rather than cashing in I've tried to expand the studio, and we're now 18 people on the payroll. I feel we're still a family

Full feature here

A look at Jakks Pacific's upcoming Nintendo toys

Wave 2 (coming April 2015):

4″ Blue Toad
4″ Luigi
4″ Diddy Kong
4″ Samus (in Metroid Prime style)
6″ Metroid
6″ Toon Ganondorf
Wave 3 (coming July 2015):

4″ Fire Mario (with Fire Flower accessory)
4″ Goomba (with a Coin accessory)
4″ Peach (with a Crown accessory)
4″ Fox McCloud (with an Arwing accessory)
6″ Yoshi
6″ Skull Kid (from Majora’s Mask)
Wave 4 (coming August 2015):

4″ Tanooki Mario (with Tanooki Leaf accessory)
4″Samus in Gravity Suit (with Morph Ball accessory)
4″ Shy Guy (with propeller accessory)
4″ Fire Luigi (with Fire Flower accessort)
4″ Ocarina of Time Link (with Hylian Shield accessory)
6″ Piranha Plant
6″ Metal Bowser OR Dry Bowser

Thanks to Michael for the heads up!


A Zelda Christmas Carol - 12 Days at Snowhead

Direct link here

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 488 records LIVE NOW!


Time for the next installment of the long-running GoNintendo Podcast! No idea who's going to be on this week's show, but I'll certainly be there! Things kick off right here in this post come 3:15 PM ET. You can also join our IRC to chat up other listeners/viewers and us as well! We hope to see you back at this post in just over an hour!

Join the GoNintendo Chat here!

GameStop post-Christmas sale detailed

50% off all strategy guides
LEGO Batman 3 $49.99 on PS4, XB1; $39.99 on PS360, Wii U
Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Starter Pack $54.99 on all versions
50% off select Disney Infinity accessories
$12.99 on all Disney Infinity characters
B2G1F on all Disney Infinity Power Disk packs
Skylanders Trap Team starter- $49.99 on all but 3DS ($39.99)
Big Hero 6 $19.99 3DS
Frozen: Olaf's Quest $19.99 3DS
Used Wii Remote Plus or X360 Wireless G Adapter $29.99
Used system w/3 free games $15 or less and 1-year replacement plan $30 more
Used system w/3 free games $25 or less, 1-year replacement plan, and 1-year PUR Pro $60 more
Used system w/3 free games $50 or less, 1-year replacement plan, and 1-year PUR Pro $120 more


Kirby and the Rainbow Curse - more art

Final Fantasy Explorers - Jump Festa 2015 presentation

Direct link here

Japan - Pokemon Trading Card Game hitting 3DS VC next week


SDK Paint - latest update details, pushed to late January

NOA kicked back the SDK Paint update with some issues to fix before publication once more. This moves the NA update to at least late-January (which should coincide with the initial release in EU/AUS). The issues are resolved, and we didn't stop there!

Previewing in SDK Paint Sharing now has Depth of Field! This simulates SLR cameras by treating the Convergence layer as the focal point and blurring the others. Depth of Field is adjustable with the settings Off, Low, Mid, Hi, and Max.

Update has been resubmitted to Nintendo lotcheck!

SDK Paint continues to take Nintendo Web Framework to the next level, here is the full feature list:

5 Painting layers (able to onion-skin and hide)

Canvas size of 640x480 (for compatibility with SDTVs and future Nintendo 3DS online sharing)

Underlay reference layer for Stencils and gridlines

Layer dragging mode

Layer swapping and clearing * Large palette with 40K+ colors and draggable selection

Color Dropper to find previous colors

Paint modes: Normal brush, Noisy brush (watercolor), Spray can, Smudge tool, Erase

Brush selector pop-up (18 sizes)

4x Magnifying lens mode

Procedural pattern fill, Flood fill, Texture fill

Numerous filters: Blur, Darken, Lighten, Feather, Unfeather, Flip, Mirror, Negate

10 levels of Undo

Left-handed and right-handed modes

18 save slots that store all 5 layers separately for future editing

Retro 3D galleries for viewing artwork hanging on walls: Cottage, Castle, Sanctum, Studio

Sharing screen to prep artwork for Miiverse with anaglyph 3D and depth-of-field

Off-screen play for those with an in-use TV

TV modes: mirroring and speed drawing.

We will also be linking SDK Paint with other Wii U titles for user-generated content creation. Two announced games at this point are NexisGames' UCraft and HullBreach Studios' HullBreach: Uncloaked. Additionally, SDK Paint will sport an online gallery for sharing artwork with anyone who has Web access. This online gallery has support for 3D MPO images for viewing on a Nintendo 3DS.

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