The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - latest trailer's music gets orchestral cover (fan-made)

Nintendo has really been on-fire lately with their music, and this theme from the Breath of the Wild trailer gives me goosebumps. So awesome to see someone take on an orchestra cover without the sound effects!

My Nintendo Store Japan's "Ninzilla" becomes internet darling

If you were paying attention to the My Nintendo Store launch in Japan, you should recognize the character above. He's been dubbed "Ninzilla" by Nintendo fans, and he shows up when the website is having traffic issues. While normally you'd believe traffic woes to put people in bad spirits, it seems the internet just can't be mad when something as cute as Ninzilla is breaking the bad news.

In typical internet fashion, the character has now received a ton of fan-art and other tributes. Looks like Nintendo may have found their new mascot!

Fire Emblem Heroes - Alphonse and Sharena mobile calendar, 'Choose Your Legend' current leading characters

- highest scoring male & female character will appear in Fire Emblem Heroes in special Choose Your Legends costume
- developers will be distributing monthly calendar wallpapers of the top 10 male and female characters from March 2017
- Top 3 characters as of 23rd January 2017:

Lyn (Blazing Blade)
Lucina (Awakening)
Ike (Path of Radiance)

Candy, Please! - file size

Bombservice not bringing Momodora to Switch, but wants to offer future support

The more indie devs, the better. Let's hope Bombservice has a fantastic debut on the Switch with whatever they decide to bring over!

Cube Creator DX - another round of info

Survival mode: you have to survive in a harsh world. It features new weapons, new materials, and over double the amount of craftable items. It looks like you can even befriend animals

Creator mode: a mode that lets you freely create buildings, characters, and various other things

Stage Builder mode: a mode that lets you create your very own stages, and play in them. You can use various gimmicks, such as traps, trampolines, and more.

- online play
- create and share content online
- development is 85% complete
- due out April 27th
- due out at retail as well as eShop (retail: 2,800 Yen, Nintendo eShop: 1,852 Yen)

Plantera heading to Japan as well

Plantera is making the jump to Japan, as you can see by the trailer above. The title is being published by Rainy Frog, but with no set release date yet. For those wondering, both the Wii U and 3DS versions will make the jump.