Bravely Second - look at the original soundtrack cover

Play-Asia deals on Japanese New 3DS and New 3DS XL systems

Adventure Bar Story demo coming this week to North America

Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden- coming this week to NA Nintendo 3DS eShop

Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden-

NA Released date: 30th April 2015 ($6.99)
EU Released date: TBD

Game video:

Two sisters escape their fate as research subjects and fight to survive using aircrafts of war.

Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden- is a 3D vertical shoot 'em up game. This game allows players to design their own aircraft by letting them choose which weapons and items they take with them into battle.

The player's aircraft can use shields, different shots, bombs, and swords. Each of these will also level up the more they're used and increase in power. Additional weapons and items will unlock as the player progresses, as well.

Karous -The Beast of Re:Eden- features over 100 missions to complete along with a number of achievements in addition to boss battles.

Unlike other, traditional shooting games, Karous' mission system gives the player the freedom to follow multiple, branching paths which can lead to different endings.

Unseen64 - Look at NesGlider, Star Fox's very early prototype

This comes from an Unseen64 feature...

NesGlider is not a cancelled game but is purely a super early prototype for the highly regarded StarFox. If it was not for Argonaut Games and Jez San this hugely popular franchise would have not come into existence. This kind of collaboration between Nintendo and Argonaut was the main reason for the success this title deserved and with a bit of give and take between developers and publishers amazing games can be created.

Yoshi's Woolly World - video preview, details

These following details come from NintendoLife...

- enemies cannot be simply unraveled with Yoshi's tongue, but instead have to be bested by first being bound in wool and then jumped upon
- enemies with the likes of Shy Guy, Nipper Plant, Lakitu, and Gusty
- every enemy has been rendered beautifully to reflect the artistic style whilst retaining the look and feel
- writer praises visuals highly
- Yoshi has a more traditional health bar and takes damage as you'd expect him to
- able to recover health by collecting hearts that have a distinct resemblance to the jumping star collectables from previous Yoshi games
- Handles essentially identically to previous games in the series, with Yoshi's iconic tongue being his primary method of despatching enemies
- Yoshi doesn't consume enemies and turn them into eggs, rather he unravels them and turns them into balls of wool
- can be used to bind larger enemies made of materials other than wool, create warp pipes, boxes, platforms, and many other parts of the world to help Yoshi achieve his goal
- also uncover hidden areas simply by unraveling them via a loose bow, revealing secret passageways or hidden items
- plently of collectibles throughout the journey
- Flowers allow you to achieve 100% in a stage and access a mini-game to garner more Beads
- Beads are used as a generic currency and can be used to buy special badges that can assist you in a level
- Stamp Patches are used to unlock Stamps to use on Miiverse once a certain amount have been collected
- collecting all five Wonder Wools in a level unlocks a new Yoshi design to use throughout any and every level should you so desire
- ranging from Flower Yoshi and Circus Yoshi to one that's based upon the Shy Guy enemy
- Yoshi can transform into an umbrella, a mole, a giant version of himself, and a motorbike
- these transformations occur a few times per world and task you with reaching a goal within a certain time limit, or face having to restart it all again
- Mellow Mode doesn't remove all the challenge from the game
- difference in Mellow Mode is that you control Winged Yoshi whose Flutter Jump is replaced by the ability to float at Yoshi's current height indefinitely
- easier to play in this mode, but you'll still take damage and failing a level is still a very real possibility
- you can have a friend join in the fun as a second Yoshi
- run around simultaneously in an effort to reach the goal, and should you run out of balls of wool, one Yoshi can be used as a short-range substitute


3D Streets of Rage II - 3D trailer

Pokemon Shuffle - Celebi event available, game surpasses 3.5 million downloads

Media Creates expects Girls Mode 3 to be a longterm seller for Nintendo

The following information was translation comes from Nintendo Everything...

- Girls Mode 3 sold 55.000 copies during its first week
- title is expected to perform well in the longterm
- second Girls Mode game, known as Style Savvy Trendsetters/New Style Boutique in the west, sold 66.000 copies in its first week
- Media Creates points out that the total number of sales for Girls Mode 2 was 381.000
- while numbers differ every time, the company projects sales over 300.000
- Media Creates calls special attention to Golden Week, which is where you see a sudden rise of video game sales


Karous The Beast of Re:Eden - Game Intro

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