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Posted: 08/18/2014 by RawmeatCowboyAnnouncements

Xeodrifter dev diary #3 is live! This time we get an inside look at just how the game's planets are made. Check out the feature here!


RUMOR - Taiko Drum Master 2 Wii U may be on the way

When Taiko Drum Master Wii U was in the works, there was an official URL that showed the message 'test page' prior to the game's announcement. Now we're seeing a similar situation here, with URL '' showing the 'test message' text once again. Looks like a sequel might be soon announced!


The Denpa Men 3 blog update - Wind Tower


Nintendo World Store gets 'Real NYC' shirts

GrubberGamer's online deals - Aug. 22nd, 2014

Game deals!

Hit the jump for all of today's game deals, including Paper Mario Sticker Star for $9.99, Harvest Moon DS Cute for $14.99, and Secret Files: Tunguska for $12.96. Plus, the latest pre-order bonuses and offers - thanks for reading!

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Aegis Defenders Kickstarter update - 90k and a new hero appears

We just crossed the $90,000 mark! Only 10k to go for our first console release! I know we say this everytime, but: Thank You. When you work on something as a small team, its just 3 or 4 of you in someone’s living room. And its so hard to tell if what you’re making is good or if people will understand it. The opportunity to share it with all of you through the magic of Kickstarter has been second to none. Its no longer just the 3 of us in a living room, its thousands of us, making the game the best it can be.

Full update here (thanks Matt!)

Dorkly Comic - Choose Your Own Ending: How To Decide Which Next Gen Console To Get

Night Trap ReVamped - Sega CD vs. Kickstarter Trailer

Placed after the jump due to autoplay...

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Smash Bros. 3DS - more off-screen footage

Direct link here

ZaciSa's Last Stand Patch 1.01 Notes

Patch 1.01 is will be released for ZaciSa’s Last Stand on the Wii U in North America on Monday August 25th, 2014. This patch includes not only changes such as improvements to the game, but also new content. The update also improves the game balance to help ensure the game stays difficult but also to allow the game to be more fair early on. The total number of maps available has been increased to eight total. ZaciSa’s Last Stand is also currently on sale for 50% off until Thursday August 28th.

New Content

New Map: Twin Souls
Similar to the map Cir’ce Station, this map features two small bases circling each other eternally. If either base is destroyed, this process balance will be destroyed causing the other base to stop in it’s track and it’s ring to slow down. Due to the fast nature of the enemy, this map features the largest starting money of $1500 to get you started.

Full details here

Hyrule Warriors - more Lana footage

Direct link here

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