Heart Forth, Alicia Kickstarter update - release date pushed back

In our last update we mentioned it was likely we'd be moving the game's release later in 2015. Given the content that still needs to be added to the game and the extra-polish that it requires, our current target is to launch between the Last Quarter of 2015 and the First Quarter of 2016. As I'm sure you can imagine, predicting release dates when far out is highly sensitive to the butterfly effect: small tweaks can lead to big changes in the schedule. As we get further along, our confidence about hitting a narrower window should increase until we can pin it down to a specific date. Until then, these target launch dates reflect our current best estimate.
We came to these numbers after sitting down and carefully revising and re-planning our timelines and schedules, taking into account the new project goals and conditions generated after the campaign.

Full update here (thanks Matt!)

Hyrule Warriors - All Character Victory Animations

Direct link here (thanks Zephiel!)

Amazon - KELUX Gamecube Controller Adapter for Wii U

Grab yours here (thanks Juan!)

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 494 records LIVE at 3:15 PM ET

Nicky Hill is on-hand for today's podcast. Mom Brain will be here as well. I'm sure Kirby is going to hop in on the action, too. Who else is going to be here and what will we be talking about? I have NO idea when it comes to people, but I'm guessing we'll be talking about Nintendo! I don't know...I just have a hunch.

We'll be recording live at 3:15 PM ET today, so make sure you head back to this post and check out the live-stream embed. You can also hit up the link to our chat and talk with us/fellow viewers LIVE! We always love interacting with you guys on the show. It makes the entire experience better!

Click here to join our chat!

Official Pokemon Channel sharing Mega Evolution Pokedex Shorts

Check out more here

Monster Boy and the Wizard of Booze being considered for Wii U

Back when Monster Boy was called Flying Hamster II, the Kickstarter had both Wii U and 3DS stretch goals. Now that the title has had a name/character change, is the game still heading our way? FDG's Thomas Kern made no mention of 3DS, but Wii U is still possible.

It's a pretty exciting day as we didn't expect such an overwhelming positive response from the Internet. After all, there hasn't been any news about the series for years. We love the Wii U but for the moment I can't confirm anything. It's definitely considered as we believe Nintendo fans would appreciate the game.


All Mario Party 10 amiibo removed by Amazon

Earlier in the week, Amazon had put a few Mario Party 10 amiibo on sale. As it usually goes, those amiibo sold out very quickly. Here's the odd thing, though. Amazon has now removed any listings for the Mario Party 10 amiibo. There's no trace of them ever being available. Let's hope the listings return soon.


Lost Heroes 2 - promo #8

Direct link here

Kondo explains how he started playing music as a child, what bands influenced

Coming from Koji Kondo...

I actually got my start with electric keyboards, way back when I was only five years old. Though I also studied piano, the true backbone of my musicality is on keyboards. When I was in junior high and high school, I really pushed my skills in a cover band that played jazz and rock music—mainly the songs of Deep Purple, as well as Emerson, Lake & Palmer, which some people back then really considered some of the most progressive sounds in rock. Even though my bandmates grew out their hair really long in tribute, I didn’t go that far to copy my favorite bands! Recently, I’ve started to study the cello. I’ve had a sharp interest in the really round, deep sounds of the cello. Who knows? The cello might open up new ways of thinking about music for me that might prove valuable for my work at Nintendo.


Hyrule Warriors - more Tingle footage

Direct link here

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