My 3DSXL is in for Repairs :-(

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My 3DSXL is in for Repairs :-(

Postby SKirkham » 21 Dec 2012 13:57

My 3DS XL froze on me when I tried to run Balloon Pop two days ago, so now it is being shipped off for repairs. Hopefully it's nothing serious and qill return soon, I'm hoping to get a few 3DS games for Christmas, and it kind of stinks being without it until 1.5 -2 weeks from now!
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Re: My 3DSXL is in for Repairs :-(

Postby beaus27 » 21 Dec 2012 14:22

I feel your pain brother. I had to send my 3DS XL in to NOA a week after it launched. Hopefully you got another handheld to pass the time,DSL,DSi(XL) or PSP.
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