3DS Revision Rumors

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Re: 3DS Revision Rumors

Postby KingBroly » 05 Jun 2012 01:10

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Re: 3DS Revision Rumors

Postby MrWu » 05 Jun 2012 01:25

Quoted text was from creamsugar's wishlist post on another 3DS thread, DISREGARD IT!

THAT SAID, did mention in the Nikkei rumor thread that the new 3DS is in production. (stated as a fact)
His earlier tweets hinted at XL sized 3DS with 800x480 screens.
*He also hinted that it may remove DS compatability (which sounds strange)

All we know is
- XL
- 800x480
- No BC with DS*

- Larger battery
- Dual slide-pad

My Speculation
- 3DS meant to be used in less portable settings/at home and as a direct replacement/counterpart to the Wii U GamePad

For clarification - This is the same source that knew about MonHunTriG among other things before they were announced.

His only rumor that hasn't yet come true is the 7th game of a popular RPG franchise coming to the 3DS, but there were all sorts of conditions attach to it, so we're not sure if it's still pending on the rumour was false. Popular guess on that title is DQVIIr
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Re: 3DS Revision Rumors

Postby gtt » 05 Jun 2012 01:30

KingBroly wrote:http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=38534699&postcount=578


as big as a vita? games stretched up to that size of screen would look... bad.

and it's already a tft screen. maybe they meant amoled or ips. it won't be an ips screen as those need more power.

wider viewing angle would be problematic. because the viewing angle is based on the distance between your eyes. that's what limits the viewing angle.
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Re: 3DS Revision Rumors

Postby MrWu » 05 Jun 2012 01:40

gtt, read my reply above. those are his own speculation.
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Your reaction to no 3DS revision forever

Postby WarioT » 16 Jun 2012 08:33

This is only if it happens I'm wondering if you guys are ok with it

Yeah I'm fine with it really 8) <-- I'd do this face even if a revision does happen

they can always put some add on stuff for it

If it's true already that their is never going to be a revision for it let me know
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Re: Your reaction to no 3DS revision forever

Postby Poopaloop » 16 Jun 2012 09:25

A revision is inevitable, no matter what Nintendo says. May be a ways off though.

I'm a little unsure they'd so something as drastic as add another thumb pad though, because developers will still be hesitant to rely on it when so many people won't have it/have a CPP, unless developers regularly pack them in for some time to come.

Honestly, it's too early to say how I'd react. I went from DS Phat to Lite pretty quickly, but never upgraded past there. All depends on what they intend to change.
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Future 3ds revision wishlist

Postby ZeldaPrime » 11 Dec 2012 20:14

Just been thinking about this, and Nintendo could be a little more like apple with having different models at the same time. Not yearly refreshes like Apple, though

3ds revision

-better battery life
-better cameras
-rounded edges, not square
-better home/start/select buttons
-recessed power button
-fixed the screen scratching while closed
- anti-glare screens like the current XL
-stylus placement like the XL
-3D slider click off like XL

3ds XL revision
-better camera
-circle pad pro built in*
-fix the screen scratching problem
-higher res screen

*this is the only way I see Nintendo making a model with it built in
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Re: 3DS Revision Rumors

Postby Jerome » 11 Dec 2012 20:45

I would very much like the 3DS to get a higher resolution screen. For that matter, I would preferred it never to have had a 3D screen (which I rarely use due to its many drawbacks) and instead had better resolution. The chances of the system getting a higher resolution screen at this point, though, seem pretty much non-existant. In addition to requiring big changes to the internal hardware, it would require developers to make games that work on two totally different hardware specifications. It would also basically be admitting that their beloved 3D was a failure (again), since the big selling point of the new model would be something that you have to use instead of 3D.
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Re: 3DS Revision Rumors

Postby Phantastic » 11 Dec 2012 22:08

For the next revision I want:
-A better 3d screen (less ghosting) with a better 3d viewing angle.
-A better screen that is at least as bright as a dsi
-A better screen that has vivid colors like those on the dsi
-Better battery life
-if possible-a higher resolution screen since in this day and age, high resolution screens is something you expect to have in an electronic device.
-Fixed the screen scratching issue. I have a 3ds xl and I got scratching speck marks and i take really good care of my 3ds xl.
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Re: 3DS Revision Rumors

Postby J0RdAnN » 11 Dec 2012 22:50

I was holding out for the White XL but if there is talk of another revision I might as well wait for that.
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Re: 3DS Revision Rumors

Postby UnownLegend » 11 Dec 2012 22:54

i doubt we'll be getting any more significant revisions of the 3ds hardware, i dont think you can make it any bigger than the XL and have it still be a comfortable handheld (plus at that point pixelation would become an issue, since nintendo has to keep the resolution the same for compatibility), and the 3d issues have to do mostly with the limitations of the tech used to create the effect than anything else, so you wont see better 3d till the next version of the DS probably.

a better battery could be possible, but not likely very soon
same with scratching issues
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Re: 3DS Revision Rumors

Postby Mirr0rR3flection » 12 Dec 2012 00:42

If theres ever another revision, I think I'll stick with my current XL thanks.
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Re: 3DS Revision Rumors

Postby Broken_Cartridge » 12 Dec 2012 00:48

This thing would have to have connectivity features to the Wii U in order for me to upgrade to it. I'll just hold on to my XL, it's all I really need.
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Re: 3DS Revision Rumors

Postby Koopzilla » 12 Dec 2012 02:31

I would buy an update that is maybe slightly bigger than the original 3DS but not as big as the XL. The XL looks nice, and I absolutely love the start/select/home buttons, but it's just too big for a handheld for me, it's got to fit in my pocket.

Things I would want are the start/select/home buttons from the XL, better battery life, bigger screens (better resolution would be nice), much better cameras, a less blocky design, and fix the screen scratching issue. I don't care at all about it, but they might as well throw a second analog on there to make people happy. Oh, and put the stylus on the right side so it's easy to get to.
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