Wii U Questions & Answers Thread

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Wii U Questions & Answers Thread

Postby Blumiere » 03 Dec 2012 20:07

Don't know if it's allowed, but I haven't seen any of these on the site. I saw an interesting model on another one and it will help us organize those thousands of question threads.
That's how it works:
Here, you can ask and answer questions related to Nintendo's brand-new console!

And every answer, question or contribution you make awards you with Pointees!
Good Question - 1 Pointee
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Question Storage
1. Why the Basic Set eats 3GB (from 8GB to 5GB) of space and the Deluxe Set eats 8GB (from 32GB to 25GB)? The DDP can't use 5GB, can it :lol: ?

Help Area
- Did you know you can check Nintendo Network and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection status at http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/networ ... status.jsp ? It even includes maintenance hours!

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Re: Wii U Questions & Answers Thread

Postby gtt » 18 Dec 2012 00:00

the file system is apparently a 10% overhead in storage, so that's 819MB from the basic, and 3096MB from the deluxe. Then add in a GB-ish system update, and various game updates.
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