Wara Wara Plaza Problems

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Wara Wara Plaza Problems

Postby Stovertronic » 21 Dec 2012 02:27

Hi guys. Sorry for the copy and past job I'm gonna do here, but it's easier than typing up something brand new. I've been going to different communities trying to get an answer. So here goes:

"I'm wondering if anybody has run into this problem. I contacted Nintendo support and they are mostly useless, despite polite manners and good intentions. Guy didn't know what the wara wara plaza was. Anyway I've had my console since launch and dodged all the hiccups others have been having aside from a couple freezes early on.

Remember that first time you turned on the console to see that the Nintendo miis and system icons had been replaced with game icons and actual miis and their messages? Yeah, me too. All was well until Saturday when I powered it on...the wara wara plaza went vanilla on me and treated me like I'd never used the console before. All icons went back to system options populated by nintedo miis shouting instructions. This literally only applies to the plaza. All my save data, miiverse activity and every other online aspect of the system is working fine. I've checked the options for what kind of games to display in the plaza, so that's not it, and there isn't even an option to turn off all game icons. My connection works fine and I've reset the connection settings multiple times just in case. I'm really stumped here. No parental controls, no menu at all that could even turn this function off.

I've seen a couple other folks on help forums with the same problem and no solution but to delete my user and create a new one to link my NN ID to. However that would delete all save data for my games and I don't happen to have an extra drive around to transfer it to. I'll probably end up doing so if a system update doesn't address it, which I doubt it will if tech support hasn't any idea what I'm talking about.

So...has anybody else experienced this? If so are you twiddling your thumbs waiting for a fix or do you have some voodoo magic that can help me?"

" I'm all up to date on firmware etc. and literally the only menu I could find that pertains to content in the wara wara plaza is IN miiverse settings. And even then its a game filter for children without even the option of not showing any games, like mine is. I fiddled with it to no avail. I'm the sole owner of the console and my lady doesn't ever play it."

"I just ran multiple speed tests on my connection and I'm averaging between 14-15mbps download speed and ~.8mps up at the moment. Can't see either of those being problematic, and they certainly shouldn't as I've had no problem with xbox live or wiiconnect24 on this same connection. My modem and router are less than a foot from the console."

"well i manually plugged in my wireless connection info and that didn't solve it. I'm teetering on the point of giving up and saying it's a system error. Hoping whatever next firmware update fixes it. Very frustrating.
Something else I noticed is that every time I enter my nintendoland hub, it's also populated with generic miis and I have to be told "other people's miis are visiting your park. Allow?" everytime I start the game. So I think outside of directly using miiverse, external miiverse integration through games and wara wara seem to be broken or at least not communicating properly."

"I am 100% certain it is some unfixable bug with my user account. After speculating it was a connectivity/wifi issue, I decided to give my girlfriend's user account (which she doesn't use and I just made for fun) a NN ID just to see what would happen if another user got miiverse capabilities. Logged into miiverse with it, fiddled around a bit, logged out, turned off the system, turned it back on, logged into her account, and MOTHERF****R, the wara wara plaza was working perfectly. Switched to my user, and I get the same old broken plaza. Something went afoul with my user account, and the only thing I can think to do is to delete my account, make a new one and link to my existing NN ID. However, Nintendo has asininely decided that when deleting your user account, that whatever mii and save data is attached to it gets deleted as well, and I found no options to NOT delete these things. I can switch the mii for my account to one I don't care about deleting, but I want my save data, dammit. So I tried moving the save data to a flash drive. For some reason, you can't move individual save data to an external source. No, you have to move ALL game data related to a game at once. That means in order to move my Trine 2 save data, I have to move THE WHOLE game as well. Expand this to all the other games I have data for, and you amount to more than my flash drive can store. Yes, I could go find a larger external storage device, but that's assuming that data will even link back up to whatever new user account I create. Who's to say that if I transfer that back to the Wii U later that it won't just be broken data without a home. So now I am in this quandry. Do i retain all my save data, and live with a broken wara wara plaza, or do I purge all my save data (Nintendoland, NSMBU, ZombiU, and Trine2) just so I can have a functioning plaza? This is incredibly frustrating. I will call Nintendo again, and hopefully get a hold of someone who can actually help me.

*I have heard rumblings on these interwebs that some people have had miiverse functionality disable by nintendo for not responding "I understand" to flagged miiverse posts. They say that responding, and editing or deleting the post will fix the problem in a few days. I, for one, cannot believe this would be true. I indeed responded to one of these flagged posts, but it was over a week ago. If it is true, that is extremely uncalled for on Nintendo's part. Not only is it an overreaction (to a post where I merely stated I was an illustrator), it's also unannounced and in no way stated in the code of conduct. Can you see my anger levels rising, folks?*"

TL;DR all online aspects of my console work fine except for the wara wara plaza. It has reverted to only showing nintendo system icons (not games) and generic nintendo miis. I have scoured ever single menu option possible for the ENTIRE system and nothing has turned up. My girlfriends NN ID-linked user account on the same Wii U has a working wara wara plaza, meaning it is not a system-wide bug, just a bug for MY user account. Deleting my account to create another one would delete my save files and mii. I can transfer save data to an external hard drive to not lose it, but will it be able to transfer back in a working state to a new user account if I switch to another mii before deleting the old one (to save the one I want from the ridiculous auto-delete Nintendo has created) and create a new account with my original mii, which I would link my NN ID to again? God that last sentence makes no sense, and I blame Nintendo. Somebody please help. I'm going crazy trying to fix this.
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Re: Wara Wara Plaza Problems

Postby cortjezter » 21 Dec 2012 02:44

sounds like you need to try nintendo service again. if you can't communicate with one tech, try another.
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Re: Wara Wara Plaza Problems

Postby FadedAreWii » 23 Dec 2012 00:39

I had a slightly different issue, but my miiverse problem got fixed off randomly starting up the youtube channel and there was an update that fixed my issue. Might not work for you, but it's worth a shot to make sure you don't have any channels that need updated.
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Re: Wara Wara Plaza Problems

Postby Vic Vinegar » 30 Dec 2012 18:41

I have the same issue around the time of the second update. Looking on the Nintendo Support forums, Nintendo has no idea at this time what's going on. Dummy accounts work but I don't want to delete my save data just to have a functioning plaza. We will just have to wait until the next update.
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Re: Wara Wara Plaza Problems

Postby Dmolisher » 30 Dec 2012 19:25

Ive had that problem, but no longer. I'm guessing it has to do with actually connecting online. I know I had trouble where my icon is orange indicating no connection. So could be possible Nintendo was or is running maintenance which could disconnect you from the data needed to have a true WaraWara plaza. With that said weird official Nintendo reps didnt know what WaraWara was..
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