The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby AmicableWalrus » 06 Jun 2012 08:28

Well...they unconvinced me. I was expecting much better support. That so few titles have been acquired for Wii-U since last year when the tech at least matches current gen tells me Nintendo still can't figure out how to get other people's games on their platform.
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby Gulshog » 06 Jun 2012 09:00

No. I can only hope they left some games out to build hype up to launch. I know, I know, it is a stupid idea, but it is something that Nintendo does, all the time.

As of right now, there is no reason to buy the system. Especially with all the great games coming out fall/winter 2012 on other systems.
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby destructor2012 » 06 Jun 2012 09:03

Let me start off by saying that I've been a Nintendo fan since the mid to late 80s when we first got the NES, but with the 3DS and now the Wii U, they've failed to impress me or make me care about the system at all. I know some of you will disagree with me and some are happy with what they've shown/announced so far, more power to you, this is just my opinion. I know there will eventually be what I consider to be good games available for Wii U, but so far they've revealed very few of these and not enough to make me feel justified buying the system right away. I've still yet to get a 3DS as well and only within the past 3-4 months have they released/revealed enough to get me to actually want one. Kid Icarus was one game I was looking forward to and they kept saying it would be at launch and then that came and went several times as it kept getting delayed. The game finally came out almost a full year to the day after 3DS was released. That's not a launch title and not even launch window (which is +/- 6 months to me). That and all the BS they pulled at launch pissed me off too. How could they not have the eShop and everything else ready in time? It's not like they just started working on the 3DS in 2010. I'm sure it was in development for at least 4-5 years prior to launch.

But anyways, back to Wii U. I hope they have truly learned from the 3DS fiasco. 3rd parties cannot carry a Nintendo platform, they never have been able to and they never will. So let's look at the list of Wii U games announced/revealed thus far:

Aliens: Colonial Marines - Not interested
Assassin's Creed III - Interested, but would buy 360 version instead most likely
Avengers: Battle For Earth - Not interested
Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition - Played 360 demo, might pick up 360 version eventually
Ben 10: Omniverse - Based on some cartoon I don't care about
Darksiders II - Might be cool, have the 1st one on PC and it's fun, but nothing was shown on this this year
Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online - Lost interest in DQ after the 1st one.
Family Party: 30 Great Games - Yawn
FIFA 13 - Soccer is boring
Game & Wario - Fun with a group of people probably, but most of my game time is single player so probably will be boring
Injustice: Gods Among Us - Fighting game, yawn
Jett Tailfin - Some racing game? Boring
Just Dance 4 - Yawn
Lego City Undercover - Might be fun, but Lego games typically are over pretty quick
Mass Effect 3 - Could not care less about the ME series. Have the 1st one on 360 and have yet to beat it as it bores me to tears which is a shame since I loved SW:KOTOR which is by the same team supposedly.
Medium - No info about this thus far
NBA 2K13 - Basketball is boring
New Super Mario Bros. U - Should be fun, basically looks like it's NSMBW 1.5
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge - Might be cool but would buy a 360 version instead if any
NintendoLand - Looks dull and like a glorified Wii Play, not interested
Pikmin 3 - One of the few games I actually am looking forward to
Project CARS - Racing, boring
Project Nova - No info
Project P-100 - Don't really understand what this one is about, the video didn't look that interesting
Rabbids Land - Yawn
Rayman Legends - Yawn
Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game - Oh good, another movie based game, yawn. And seriously please stop with titles that say "The Game" or the "The Video Game." The movie isn't called: "The Movie" or "The Film," so stop being dumb
Scribblenauts Unlimited - Never played the DS one, might be fun, shrug
SiNG - Shoot me now. Can we just pretend the music/dance genre never existed? These games and American Idol and all of its clones need to go be buried with ET.
Skylanders: Giants - Yawn
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - Racing, boring
Sports Connection - Yawn
Tank! Tank! Tank! - Arcade game worth about $3 probably
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Fighting, yawn
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online - Never have been that interested in GR games.
Untitled Battlefield - Not interested
Untitled Dirt - Racing, yawn
Untitled F1/Formula One - Racing, yawn
Untitled Super Smash Bros. sequel - Looking forward to, but no info this year
Untitled The Legend of Zelda - Looking forward to, but no info this year
Wii Fit U - Yawn
Wii U Panorama View - Seriously? Is this even a game? Not even worth 50 cents for something like this.
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 - Yawn
Zombi U - Might be cool, but might suck as well.
1001 Spikes - Don't know much about
BIT.TRIP Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien - Not interested
Chasing Aurora - Don't know much about
Cloudberry Kingdom - Don't know much about
Game & Wario - Why is this listed twice? See above
Marvel Pinball - Yawn
Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs - Don't know much about, based on some old cartoon?
Toki Tori 2 - Not interested
Trine 2 - Don't know much about

Of these, the following are the 1st or 2nd party games:

New Super Mario Bros. U
Game & Wario
Pikmin 3
Untitled Super Smash Bros. sequel
Untitled The Legend of Zelda
Wii Fit U
Wii U Panorama View

SSB and Zelda are not launch titles and probably not launch window either. So out of the rest it's down to NSMBU and Pikmin 3 as the only 1st/2nd party titles that I'm interested in. 2 games isn't enough for me to buy a new system, especially when chances are it'll be $300+ (though no price has been revealed yet).

TL;DR: Nintendo does not have the enough of the 1st/2nd party titles I'm interested in lined up for launch for me to buy the system right away.
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby periplaneta » 06 Jun 2012 09:31

Small part of my brains says no but the rest wont listen.

This will be the first tablet I'm buying.
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby Radiant » 06 Jun 2012 10:19

I think it looks like a quality console and I will want it someday. However, I am most certainly not convinced to get it at launch.

When Zelda Wii U, SSB4, Animal Crossing Wii U, Super Mario 3D platformer Wii U, all get shown I will want the console.
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby Jazzy » 06 Jun 2012 10:57

The hardware seems like it has a lot of potential, but it just doesn't have the software for me yet. When I do get one someday, though, it'll make my Wii obsolete. I guess that's something... For now, the 3DS is actually getting good games, so I'm good.

TBH I'm starting to think the 3DS is so good that there's not much point in getting another home console that I play on the TV. What does the Wii U really have to offer that the 3DS doesn't, to someone like me who very rarely has anyone at all to play games with in person?
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby Waluigi » 06 Jun 2012 16:41

I was going to avoid it like the plague after that conference.

But, after some time to think about it, and look over the launch window games, I'm ready to buy day 1.

As long as Mario, P-100, and LEGO are there (I don't expect Pikmin 3 and Rayman day 1 :( ), I'll be there. Scribblenauts, ZombiU, AC3, and Game&Wario (others too I'm forgetting) look interesting too. Not final though, I may skip day 1, but I am excited again. :)
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby Mirr0rR3flection » 06 Jun 2012 16:47

I didn't need convincing since I liked what I saw already. Besides that, Nintendo's 1st party franchises will show up eventually which is the main reason why I buy Nintendo hardware, 3rd parties were never, will never be a factor for me. (*unless its KH XP*)
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby Hamr » 06 Jun 2012 18:47


Pricing: Still unknown.

Usefulness of the controller: Unproven.

Quality of the online infrastructure: Still unknown.

'Launch' games: Pikmin 3 is really the only definite purchase. P-100 and Rayman I expect to get delayed or wind up not being as good as they look due to getting rushed out. NSMBU will need to be evaluated when it comes out to see whether it is more in line with New Super DS (half-assed) or New Super Wii (incredible). Everything else looks bad and will be presumed awful until proven otherwise.

Post-launch games: None announced. This part in particular is concerning.

The whole thing is a complete cipher, and Nintendo has yet to make a compelling case for it.
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby GeneralDisorder » 06 Jun 2012 20:24

When I thought about the Wii U and if I should buy it or not, I remembered the conference; while it was disappointing to most, I still liked the content and whatnot (except SiNG and Just Dance 4). I also thought that most of the games shown will probably/most likely be launched at the same time the Wii U does and maybe a few months after. Plus with them including a day one eShop to the Wii U, Miiverse, the Wii U Classic Controller Pro, NSMB U., Pikmin 3 - I am actually quite interested!

I also am interested with the third party, except SiNG. I didn't get Arkham City, so I might get it for the Wii U and I will get AC3 for said system. Even though I have a PS3 and I can get them there, I just want to show support to the third party like Ubisoft and Warner Bros. that there are people willing to invest money for the system and the games.
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby vinniebrock » 07 Jun 2012 01:10

Honestly, yes. It's HD, it's got ambitious online/social features, no friend codes, black color choice (maybe), innovative (& amazingly awesome, imo) controller, and one of the better launch / launch window line-ups in recent memory (etc). But, like most people, I was disappointed in the E3 showing. I won't rant in this thread, though. Excited about the console, just confused about / disappointed in the way Nintendo is pushing it and some of its games. Namely, Nintendo Land & P-100.

Edit: I'm obviously concerned about post-launch games (1st & 3rd party), services, online stuff, etc. Just didn't bring it up since they said they'll cover those bases at a later date. And since It's dropping before the year is out, I figure we won't have to wait too long. But i do like what I see so far.
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby MrWu » 07 Jun 2012 01:45

Voted Not sure.

I know I'll get one eventually, but the problem they have this E3 have more to do with information being spread thin over two presentations plus the lack of internally developed titles being shown.

To draw anything beyond that such as "it will fail" or what have you is a bit extreme.

One thing that could turn me off is if the online is crazy obtuse, and judging from the Miiverse and the notes that it will be account based, I'm fairly certain that won't be an issue.

I'm personally also excited in the Miiverse, perhaps there will be a GoNintendo clique ? Heh.

So yea
-Not sure
-Need to know more about online
-Pricing will mater $299.99 will be killer
-Hopefully they get the message from the fans and reveal some more games

If they do all that problem is fixed and no one will remember the unprecedented collective freakouts by Sony,Microsoft and Nintendo fans this E3.
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby Wave » 07 Jun 2012 10:05

No, not even one bit. It really does make me sad since I want to like it. My main problems with it so far:

- Lack of software that interests me. I'm not really a fan of Pikmin, and another NSMB style game doesn't really do much for me at this point. Too skeptical of that zombie game though some ideas do look cool. I don't care about ports one bit considering I already have a gaming PC and PS3, and despite what Reggie may claim to believe I don't feel that controller functionality is enough of a justification to spend $60 on games I've already played and beaten. Also, not that it needs to be said again, but...seriously, why spend so much time on Nintendo Land? I. Don't. Care.

- The hardware itself. Neat concept, but hey, so was the Wii. I remember having a blast with it at launch and once every developer on the planet started making waggle collections I couldn't stand playing it any longer. I'm not convinced the features will get put too good use this gen either. Then there's the supposed framerate drop vs. one gamepad situation, controller battery life (which really does bother me - I don't want to have to keep it plugged in constantly). It's just not looking good.

- Online. Structure, systems, security, etc. I don't think Nintendo will ever really "get it". Honestly, I'm cracking up at the story that mentioned how they plan to individually screen every Miiverse comment. Regardless of how one feels about the delay (not okay with it) I don't think anyone can really deny that's a terrible idea without being a downright fanboy. At least have a more efficient method.

To be honest, I don't think I would feel comfortable paying more than $200 for it based off of the impression I have now, and I know that's not a realistic expectation for a launch price so I'll be waiting for a bit. Maybe some of the issues I have with it will be solved over time, or maybe they'll clarify on certain aspects more and there will have never really been one to begin with. Not feeling very optimistic at the moment though.
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I don't think Nintendo will ever win back the "core" gamer

Postby jalio_the_brave » 26 Nov 2012 14:29

I think the reason behind this is that there is just a general "anti-Nintendo" vibe within the video game industry. Often times, it's not just because Nintendo is deemed "kiddy", but also because of their decisions, namely:

1. Friend Codes
2. One underpowered system (the Wii)
3. Solid First-Party titles

These three things, mainly the second two, seem to have given Nintendo a bad reputation with developers, and because of this, these publishers either don't publish games for the system, or make shoddy ports that don't replicate the experience on the other consoles. Therefore, these ports don't sell as well, and the publishers assume there isn't a market for their games on the console.

Developers had some legitimate reasons to not develop for Wii, seeing as a separate development team would be needed. However, that excuse is gone for the Wii U, as the games should be considerably more manageable to port. However, a lot of third party publishers have said that they don't feel comfortable publishing a title on the WiiU.

Now, this stigma among publishers may change in the coming months. WiiU has only been out for a week, after all. But I have a feeling that no matter what Nintendo does, third-party publishers are not going to publish on the WiiU.

Therefore, the core gamers say "Nintendo sucks! They're not getting the games! Let me buy a PS4/ 720!" And unfortunately, Nintendo wouldn't be able to change this if they had the most powerful console on the market.

People are already saying that the WiiU is too expensive at the price point of $50 more than the wii with a basic bundle that can function in the same manner as the deluxe bundle. A $50 increase is too much, apparently. So, what if Nintendo brought a top-of-the-line graphics powerhouse to the market? This is more than likely what we would hear...

"Nintendo sucks! Their console is too expensive! They're just a corporate money grabber! I'm not going to support them, because I'm sure the other consoles will be cheaper!"

Therefore, no matter what Nintendo does, the industry and the gaming community will forever be against them because there is an anti-Nintendo stigma. I applaud Nintendo's efforts with the WiiU. It's an affordable next-gen console is sure to outpace the 360 and PS3 in the coming years. But I feel that Nintendo will never win back the core gamer, as Nintendo is either too kiddy, or too expensive.

It's unfortunate, because the WiiU will more than likely not get the major ports the other systems will get, and I think that the only way to fix it is for one of the other console makers to drop out of the console race. Obviously that's not an option at the moment, but it seems like Nintendo will forever be "Nintendoomed" in the eyes of gamers.
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Re: I don't think Nintendo will ever win back the "core" gam

Postby bomblord » 26 Nov 2012 14:55

Well personally I think "core gamer" is a dirty word as anyone who is truly a gamer can acknowledge how well Nintendo has done over the years.

Also Nintendo may have dealt a decisive blow with their eshop setup by courting indie developers to work. Whether or not this turns the wiiU into an indie developers hub is a tossup, we'll have to wait a few months or a few years to see if it sticks, but if it does this could push Nintendo back into a much better light as well as give the wiiU eshop an absolutely amazing game library.

On Third party support Nintendo has it in spades within the launch window but it's a tossup right now on whether it will continue especially with the issues that have been cropping up in their games. It all depends on money and if a studio can make money on the wiiU than they definitely are not going to withhold support from it. We'll have to wait and see on that too.

I guess what I'm saying is Nintendo has made some very strong leaps forward to win back the average gamer the only thing now is to sit and wait to see whether it pans out or not.
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Re: I don't think Nintendo will ever win back the "core" gam

Postby linkgx1 » 26 Nov 2012 15:19

But what is the "core" gamer? The stupid college kids that play Halo and Madden every week?

I think you may have a point in some cases, but I think 'true core gamers' will own any and all consoles. A core gamer will buy the Vita because they want it. Not because it'll 'sell a bunch'.

But guess what? Gamers don't matter.

They were the same people that abandoned the Dreamcast (probally the most core console launch in the past 20 years) for the frickin' PS2.

Nintendo focuses on THEIR core and THEIR market.

Nintendo realized this before which is why they don't 'copy' others. Metroid Prime was an excellent game, but didn't garner as many sales as Halo. Nintendo always trying 'chasing' the core market, but they seem not to care because it's 'not the playstation'.

But part of the problem is that Nintendo is just a gaming company. They don't have billions of dollars in assets from other IPs. Nintendo can't make a super powerful cosnole that features everything AND Nintendo games. I mean, they could ,but the cost is too costly.

I do agree that Nintendo put itself in a weird position this gen because much of the casual gamer has gone to the iPads and Androids of the worlds. Hopefully this gen Nintendo will have unique enough experiences to get a large variety of gamers.
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby bobafruit » 27 Nov 2012 23:15

I don't want to get a Wii U yet, I think a few years down the line we'll see solid 1st and 3rd party games that really interest me available, and that's when I'll get one.

Also they need to convince me with this eshop stuff. I want sales like steam has, and other initiatives to show they are serious about it. I don't want to be looking at the eshop two years from now and seeing launch titles for full price...
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby 8 bit » 29 Nov 2012 15:39

Not yet.

Simply, because it doesn't have enough games I want. I'd get NSMB U, but other than that... maybe Nintendo Land? Only for the Nintendo franchise integration. Also, the "game pad" just doesn't attract or excite me like the Wii remote did. It's big and clunky and it makes no sense to have just one per console.

Just call me when the new Smash Bros. or Zelda HD are out.

P. S. I've gotten most Nintendo consoles at launch or launch window, but the Wii U just isn't motivating me.
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby ronnande » 04 Dec 2012 07:06

I think the Wii U is the most promising Nintendo console since the SNES, for us core gamers that is. Will it appeal as much to the "casual" audience as the wii did and made it the 100 million units sold? I highly doubt so.

And to you guys still doubting the gamepad, it truly is brilliant and don't feel heavy or clunky at all. But its an innovation that feels more directed towards the harcore/core gamers, i cant see granny get excited about it really.

The online is pretty good, and miiverse are pure genious. The internet browser is also really really good, and using the WiiU for watching youtube is awsome.

But as with any console, its the games that make it.

Third party support is quite good now, but will the same be true next year at this time? I'm not sure. Sometimes i feel the anti-Nintendo attitude from third party publishers are pretty hard to get rid off. They rather want to play with the big boys (MS/Sony) and distance themselves from the Nintendo legacy of games being made for children. But third party support are not decisive for my decision to buy a Nintendo system anyway and it seems Nintendo are much more prepared to get their exclusive third party titles this time by funding and publishing third party games (like Bayonetta 2).

The WiiU dont launch with an obvious system seller title. Like a new Zelda or Mario 3D title. NSMBU are not the sort of game that will make the majority of the core Nintendo fans rush out and buy the system at launch, neither are Nintendoland. Both will sell well and have long legs and will sell millions during the systems lifespan tho as most Nintendo fans will buy them when they do get a WiiU. But none of these games seems like a "OMG I GOTTA GO LINE UP FOR THIS SYSTEM AT LAUNCH" type of titles. So i expect the Wii U to sell modestly during the launch window, nowhere near as strong selling as the wii was during launch. So get prepared for alot of NINTENDOOMED articles.

But we all know those system selling titles are coming (as with every Ninty console). 3D Super Mario, Zelda , SSB and Mario Kart in glorious HD. They are sure to be awsome games that will give us Nintendo fans a good reason to own the system. Maybe even a Wii Sports 2 will be able to lure some casual gamers back too?

So yea, im convinced and got a Wii U at launch. For me its a much more appealing system already than the Wii ever was.
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby wiiarebrothers » 04 Dec 2012 07:28

Just like before launch, I feel the console has an amazing potential, probalby the best in a long long time. 3DS is amazing with SpotPass, StreetPass, online, DLCs, Until they show more games, that's just potential.

What I want to see more specifically is three things:
- more use of SpotPass (only NSMBU has it, and it's not used currently); Spotpass on 3DS is amazing.
- single player games that use the two screen gameplay in a meaningfull way.
- moar games in general :) but I've no doubt Nintendo IPs, and original 3rd party games are going to be the best on this!
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby Jerome » 04 Dec 2012 17:29

Short answer: No.

Long answer:

* It's more expensive than the competition for the same level of graphics tech and a far smaller library

* It gets even more expensive if you want sizeable storage, decent controller battery life, or a regular-sized controller.

* The Gamepad is huge, runs out of juice every few hours, and will be expensive to replace (if you can even do that)

* I don't give a fig for the clunky dual-screen gameplay gimmicks

* I'm less impressed by the games Nintendo is putting out lately

* NSMBU would be one of my major reasons for getting the system, and it looks underwhelming

* They haven't improved the Wiimote, instead relegating it to a marginally-supported peripheral

* Still no account system

* They want us to buy all VC games AGAIN
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby komicturtle92 » 04 Dec 2012 19:05

I use mine EVERYDAY and almost ALL day after work. I haven't touched my Mac Book Pro in a week since I use the browser for reading, youtube and the like. Seriously, the web browser is mind blowing for a gaming console. It's faster than Google Chrome on my end and my computer is a fantastic one too. Miiverse is a joy for talking with people and getting help especially with ZombiU. Nintendo has done something with the Wii U that really sets it apart from Microsoft's, Sony's and even the "tablet's" that makes the console special and unique. I do think improvements should be in order for certain aspects of the console but otherwise, I love my Wii U. It has to be my favorite home console by Nintendo.

I'm more of a handheld gamer, spending more time with my Game Boys, DS and 3DS. I've spent lots of time with Wii compared to Gamecube but it couldn't match my time with DS and 3DS. Now, with Wii U, it seems like it might change to where I spend more time with my home console than my handheld. I hope the Wii U follows the DS than it does Wii. The two screens have always fascinated me and in my honest opinion enhances and improves the gaming experience than the Wii remote. I'm hoping Nintendo brings Zelda Four Swords back to life with the Wii U and Square-Enix makes a spiritual successor to FFCC as the two screen and cooperative were really fun. Of the two, I want Zelda Four Swords even more. A standalone FFCC on 3DS I'll take no doubt.

I see great things coming from Wii U and seemingly more promising than the sad fate that the Wii went through. Next-generation is going to be interesting. And in terms of power, I don't think we have even seen the true potential of Wii U (obviously). Maybe Nintendo will pull a Microsoft and showcase a true next-gen looking game like Microsoft & Epic Games did with Gears of War a year after the 360 came out and near the release of the PS3. Who knows.

I got harassed by folks on another forum about being optimistic and looking forward to the great games coming to Wii U in the future after the underwhelming E3 conference this past summer. Glad I was right to a high degree. Hope the followers and incompetents there feel stupid picking a fight with me. Such pathetic sad people.
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby ddddd » 04 Dec 2012 19:37

Still not convinced, and every news make the system more crappy than before, but is not like I can get Smash Bros and (hopefully) Metroid, F-Zero, Mario Kart games on other consoles, so...
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby notdrock » 05 Dec 2012 02:48

My flatmate and I own a NES, SNES, Master System (Genesis), Atari, N64, Gamecube, Xbox 360, PS3 and 3 Wii's. We got our Wii U's a few nights ago at the Aussie launch and after 1 week, Wii (ahem) think it's simply the best console ever made. The intereaction between internet, television and video games is amazing, and this is what the Wii U is about. Youtube runs almost instantly, can have it playing on TV while browsing the net, can send messages and pics during games to get advice, the Gamepad is exceptionally comfortable AND easy to hold with one hand... um, er, there may be totally innocent times you need t hold it with one hand...
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Re: The Wii U. Has Nintendo Convinced You Yet?

Postby notdrock » 05 Dec 2012 02:56

OMG can people stop whining about "the graphics"? FFS when the Xbox 360 and pS3 launched their games looked rubbish, and most were ports. Just look at GTA3 compared to GTA4 compared to GTA5 - all on the same system but graphically improved every time. It's about how innovative software developers can be with the given hardware! Are you not going to buy a PS3 because the first games on it looked like the rough end of good night? It's plain dumb to talk about graphics at this early stage of the WiiU's life.
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