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Little Inferno review

Postby negative_zero » 20 Nov 2012 01:04

Yep, GoNintendo posted my Little Inferno review.

Short answer: I liked it. Long answer: But it's a bit more complicated than that.
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Re: Little Inferno review

Postby aighead » 20 Nov 2012 10:02

I just started playing the PC version of Little Inferno, and after reading your review, I agree with how you put it. I think it's a fascinating "game". Watching how everything reacts to fire and the other stuff around is really interesting (and mellow) to watch. The combos are kind of funny and the sense of accomplishment when burning an item is great upon gathering the coins it spits out, even if that's about all there is to it. Is it worth 15 bucks? I think the developers are worth the 15 bucks if for no other reason than they are doing interesting things. The game seems like it could have easily taken a mobile 3-5 buck range and I think 15 will be a turn off for most, but if this goes on to fund more from Tomorrow Corporation that sounds good to me. Go try it out, and support a great independent developer while you are at it.

edit- After playing for another hour or so I'm finding a very interesting sadness in watching some of this stuff burn up. Also, it's strangely appealing to clean up the ashes. A show about squirrels, racism, snorting stuff, and one other thing we can't remember.
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Re: Little Inferno review

Postby gtt » 20 Nov 2012 18:16

I think 15$ is asking a bit much for it. at 7 or 10, I get it. but at 15... just can't do it.
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