Error Code 150-1091

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Error Code 150-1091

Postby xg4bx » 26 Nov 2012 04:05

Has anybody else had this? It's not even listed in Nintendos tech support. It only happened to me with one game but oddly it was the one I borrowed from Gamefly (the disc was in perfect condtion). My new, purchased games work perfectly.
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Re: Error Code 150-1091

Postby gtt » 30 Nov 2012 16:49

it's a disc read error I believe.
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Re: Error Code 150-1091

Postby lazerbyte » 01 Dec 2012 13:48

It could be the game has a defect on it and the system won't read it as several people who rented games from Gamefly indicated that they noticed some grooves on the disc and that's what caused the error
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