Fan-Art: Custom console artwork

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Fan-Art: Custom console artwork

Postby robometal cowboy » 17 Jan 2013 16:11

Fan-Art: Custom console artwork
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Re: Fan-Art: Custom console artwork

Postby Zoso187 » 17 Jan 2013 17:16

Wish I had the skills to do that to my old systems. Especially like the Metroid SNES.
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Re: Fan-Art: Custom console artwork

Postby Koopzilla » 18 Jan 2013 01:50

Wow, these look really great. I especially like the NES, I would rather not have the giant Mushroom on top (even though it looks fine with it on there), the colors are extremely cool. The Super Nintendo looks great too, but personally I would rather not have the two Metroid decals, and went with something a little more subtle, like maybe just a small metroid logo or something (the circle one with the s in it).
I would like to paint some of my systems since I have multiple NES, and SNES's. I just don't know how the hell to get the Nintendo logos back on if I did, which is why I've never tried it.
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