North America - This week's digital downloads and screens...

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North America - This week's digital downloads and screens...

Postby robometal cowboy » 15 Nov 2012 13:59

North America - This week's digital downloads and screens (Nov. 15th)
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Nintendo eShop
Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion – Master the Power of Illusion! Players will take on the role of Mickey Mouse as he uses his brush to wield paint and thinner to save the Toons. Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion will be available at retail stores and in the Nintendo eShop on Nov. 18. (For Nintendo 3DS™)

Hotel Transylvania – Dracula has invited all of your favorite monsters to his hotel to celebrate his daughter's 118th birthday. When Johnny shows up he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time as a human in a hotel for Monsters. It's your job to save and protect Johnny from the monsters who are staying at the hotel. Hotel Transylvania is also available at retail stores. (For Nintendo 3DS)

Monster Shooter – Monster Shooter is the new top-down action shooter from Gamelion. This is the first shooter game that gives the experience of full monster mayhem to both casual players and alien exterminators alike. Follow the epic chase in story mode, or take your chances in survival of the fittest. Master different means of annihilation with shotguns, plasma rifles, electricity guns, grenades, rocket launchers and even a NUKE! Earn Monster Cash and visit the shop to get upgrades and new guns. Use lots of different perks that will improve your speed and rate of fire and make you unstoppable. (For Nintendo 3DS)

Nintendo Video™
Dinosaur Office: Thanksgiving Special! – When Craig is faced with spending Thanksgiving alone, he discovers the true spirit of the holidays. Don't miss this heartwarming special episode, beginning Nov 16. (For Nintendo 3DS)

Also new this week:
• Myst (Nintendo eShop)
• American Mensa Academy™ (Nintendo eShop)
• Jump Trials (Nintendo eShop/Nintendo DSiWare™)
• Working Dawgs: A-Maze-ing Pipes (Nintendo eShop/Nintendo DSiWare)

To view this week's Nintendo Download in its full graphical version, please visit:

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North America - This week's digital downloads and screens (N

Postby Popple » 15 Nov 2012 14:02

Screw Epic Mickey - I'm getting Working Dawgs!

Really, though, the Epic Mickey demo was pretty good. This may be my first digital-version-of-a-retail-game purchase. The only bad thing is is that it's coming out on Wii U day! There's too much else going on, so it may be a while before I buy it/play it.
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Re: North America - This week's digital downloads and screen

Postby EvilMario » 15 Nov 2012 14:04

The calm before the storm. Next week with Wii U and Crashmo is going to be amazing.
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North America - This week's digital downloads and screens (N

Postby geogaither » 15 Nov 2012 14:09

What happened to the adventure time demo!?
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Re: North America - This week's digital downloads and screen

Postby mbh911 » 15 Nov 2012 14:11

yikes, Monster Hunter is free but Nintendo charging $6.99? no thanks lol ... terShooter
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