ZombiU writer discusses his approach to the project

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ZombiU writer discusses his approach to the project

Postby robometal cowboy » 23 Nov 2012 15:16

ZombiU writer discusses his approach to the project
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A portion of an Invert-On interview with writer Antony Johnston...

PH: With ZombiU coming up soon, do you want to take the opportunity to plug it and tell us how excited we should be?

AJ: I am genuinely excited. It’s one of the best work experiences I’ve ever had. I was given a lot freedom and they took a lot of my ideas on board. Some of those ideas impacted game mechanics, which is rare, and also it’s just a great game. I’ve played it, or bits of it, at the studio. It’s bloody hard! I’m no good at FPS’s with twin sticks; I need a mouse and keyboard. I’m too old. I die within three or four minutes every time. We’ve come up with a really good mythology for it and a lot of people are excited. We’ve just launched the webcomic, which counts down to the release of the game; I wrote that along with Gabrielle [Shrager]. I really hope people enjoy it. We’ve desperately tried to make a game that feels like old-school survival horror. It’s not a run-and-gun action game which happens to have zombies. It is a proper, difficult, creepy survival horror and I really hope people enjoy it.

Full interview here
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