Smash Bros. Wii U - The Best of Palutena's Guidance

Direct link here

SDK Paint and new UCraft screen - Miiverse update

Game Informer Super Replay - Resident Evil Code: Veronica Episode 9, 10

Breath of Fire - Wii U VC footage

Direct link here

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Blind Nuzlocke - Part 4

Direct link here

Medabots AX: Metabee Version rated for Wii U VC

Thanks to Connor for the heads up!


GT Pop-Facts - F-Zero: Mr. EAD

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Capcom shares the final two dev blogs for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

If you happen to have one of the Ace Attorney GBA cartridges on hand, I want you to pick it up right now.

...It’s really small, isn’t it?

The amount of data that can be stored on one of these cartridges really is as small as it physically looks. Comparatively, a CD can hold 80 times more data, and a DVD, which is slowly becoming a mainstream format, can hold an amazing 600 times more data than a GBA cartridge. At that point, a DVD almost seems to hold an “infinite” times more data than a cartridge; it’s like you could fit any amount of data you want on a single disc.

Just to squeeze the entire story into such a tiny cartridge is a tough battle we must wage each time we make a game. Honestly speaking, the thought “I wish we had that infinite amount of memory”... has actually never really crossed my mind. That’s because I believe that there is a certain kind of “fun” that can only be experienced in the face of extreme constraints. As for what that kind of “fun” is... it’s the chance to sharpen the team’s ability to find solid workarounds.

Full blog here

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - another bit of footage

Direct link here

KORG M01D, DSN-12 go 50% off

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