IGN Rewind Theater - Hyrule Warriors: Sheik trailer

1001 Spikes - Giant Bomb feature #3

Direct link here

LEGO Ninjago: Nindroids - more footage

Direct link here

Frederic: Ressurection of Music - Gameplay Video

Direct link here

Nintendo at SDCC 2014 - Official recap and The Mysterious Murasame Castle challenge

Rabi Laby 3 - review

A portion of a Nintendo Life review...

Rabi Laby 3 still provides series fans with a satisfying puzzle platforming experience with cute art direction and quirky dialogue. Anyone seeking a lighthearted puzzler won't be disappointed, whether you've played the other two games or not.

Full review here

Square-Enix on why Bravely Second has a new composer, musical goals for the sequel

The following information comes from producer Tomoya Asano and composer ryo...

“Similar to the way we decided to use Revo in the previous game, we decided that we wanted someone who can make music with melodies that stand out BGMs in recent games are matched with realistic graphics, and they have a sense of realism to go with them. I consider myself more of an old-school gamer, though, so I prefer BGMs that you can hum out, kind of like the ones back in the day. With that in mind, we decided to ask ryo for help.” - Asano
“I often get requests for vocal-related things, but when I heard that it was for game music, honestly, I thought, ‘Why me?’” Actually, I bought Bravely Default on its release date, and played it. I even beat it.” - ryo
“When I first met him, he told me ‘I beat it’ and to top it off, he even maxed out at level 99. I was surprised!” - Asano
"I’ll be making the music while thinking about how I’d like it as a player. For example, when you sleep at an inn and the music goes along with the screen getting darker, I’d like to make that part twice as short I don’t think of music as work, but when I do, it never feels like work. I do indeed get a list of music that they want, but in the end, it’s all so fun that I make songs that aren’t even on the list, and hand them over. If they don’t like it, it’s okay if they don’t use it. That’s basically how I’m making the music.” - ryo

Ancel starts his own studio but remains with Ubisoft, continues to tease Beyond Good and Evil 2

Michel Ancel, the man behind Rayman, has started his own studio called Wild Sheep Studio. With that said, Ancel is going to remain a part of Ubisoft and continue working on projects there as well.

"We are fortunate to have some of the industry's finest talents, including Michel Ancel, working with us at our studio. In addition to spending some of his time on this new venture, Michel is leading the creative development of select projects at Ubisoft Montpellier, including an extremely ambitious new title that is very close to his and the team's heart." - managing director of Ubisoft's Annecy, Paris and Montpellier studios, Xavier Poix

Ubisoft even went as far to confirm continuing work on Beyond Good and Evil 2.

"In many ways, BG&E is an inimitable game - it appeals to all generations of gamers and is an inspiration behind many of Ubisoft Montpellier's past and future games. It's still far too early to give many details about this new title, but what we can say is that while Michel and the team at Ubisoft Montpellier are working with the core tenets of BG&E, they're developing something that aspires to push past the boundaries of a proverbial sequel and leverages next-gen technologies to deliver a truly surprising, innovative and exceptional game. The entire team is excited about the direction this extremely ambitious project is taking, and we'll have more to share later, as it progresses."


One Piece: Unlimited World Red - review

A portion of a Siliconera review...

Although One Piece Unlimited World Red is on the short side, it is a fun excursion into a piece of One Piece’s world that doesn’t just feel like the Straw Hat Crew thrown together to form a game. To me, it actually felt like I was playing a part of the anime.

Full review here

GrubberGamer's online deals - July 31st, 2014

Nintendo franchise 3DS games, twenty-five bucks each!

Plus, each game includes a voucher for 40 Club Nintendo coins!

Hit the jump for more Nintendo franchise deals, discounts, and pre-order offers, including Paper Mario Sticker Star (with 40 coins) for $9.99, Kirby Mass Attack (with 40 coins) for $13.61, and the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U for $59.96 shipped. Thanks for reading!

Read the rest of the story...

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