Whoa Dave has a shot at coming to 3DS

I'm really hoping there's a Wii U version, but I'd be down for 3DS as well! Thanks to NintenDaan for the heads up.

Nintendo being sued by Secure Axcess due to Wii U

- Nintendo is being accused of patent infringement by Secure Axcess, LLC
- patent in question was filed February 18, 2003
- patent was for "a computer providing multiple display capability where one display presents the current document and another display may show a true display of a previously opened document."
- compensatory damages and costs are what Axcess is looking for


North American version of Tomodachi Life only features English

The European version of Tomodachi Life makes me a big deal out of it that you can mix and mash Miis with various different languages. Sadly, this won't be the case for North America. Reader cyberboz contacted a local Nintendo rep and the response was sadly not the one he hoped for. We have translated response here for you below:

''Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, I can confirm the information that you have already found out: the North American version of Tomodachi Life will not be available in French at the time of its release.
I can definitely understand your opinion and I want you to know how much we appreciate that you have shared it with us.''

Mario Kart 8 - Mario Kart Stadium Overview and Breakdown video

Falling Skies: The Game seems to be coming to Wii U

Earlier, Little Orbit announced that a Falling Skies game would be coming to consoles. We now have a listing on Amazon for ''Falling Skies: The Game'', which is listed as a Wii U title. The press release from March seems to confirm that this will be a port of the Falling Skies Planetary Warfare mobile game.

Super Mario Bros. 3's Virtual Console release gets a special site

MapleStory: The Girl's Fate - more screenshots

Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy - JP version gets Crayon Shin-Chan DLC, footage

This pack of downloadable stages sets you back 200 yen and it is available now!

Hangin' with Mr. Koopman (NintenDaan Wednesday)

Time once again to turn control of the site over to the wonderful NintenDaan. He'll be plugging away on GN from about now until around 10 PM East Coast time. That's when I come back and pick up where he leaves off.

Please enjoy your time with Daan, as I know he always enjoys his time with you. I'll catch you all later tonight!

IGN - Why WarioWare Inc. is One of the Greatest Video Games of All-Time

Direct link here

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