Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call - Wave 2 DLC revealed

At the very bottom of the upcoming songs list, we see that some Chrono Trigger tunes will get the Theatrhythm treatment. That's worth the price of admission alone! Thanks to Steve for the heads up!


Theatrhythm Dragon Quest - off-screen pics

More here

Bravely Second - full Jump Festa 2015 stage show

Direct link here

Bravely Second - Cat User, Astrologist job classes detailed

Cat User class

- Minette Goroneze (voiced by Misaki Kuno) is an Asterisk Holder and “Cat User” job class
- specializes in brass knuckles and axes
- Cat High Arts: Takes two items to summon a pair of cats to pull off powerful moves
- shown in a demo as used to raise everybody’s BP by one, but has been deemed too powerful by the development team and will be re-balanced accordingly
- what cats appear depend on items used
- “Death Spiral” is a move that hits several times
- two cats are gray and brown, and a doodle of a cat appeared above the character that summons them
- items used to summon cats are acquired through moon reconstruction
- Cat Arts: “Consume,” “Slugger,” “White Window,” and “Book Burning”
- these only take one item to summon a cat to do
- Nenneko: Makes all enemies fall asleep
- Lie Down: Raises physical and magic defense
- Dig: Not clarified

“Astrologist” class

- representative Asterisk Holder is a mysterious “elderly fortune teller”

More screens and pics here and here


Theatrhythm Dragon Quest - debut trailer

Direct link here

Final Fantasy Explorers - first 50 minutes

Direct link here

3DS theme footage - Tomodachi Life & Metal Gear

Direct link here

Zen Pinball 2 - South Park table footage

Direct link here

Chariot - footage

Direct link here

Cake Ninja 3 - more footage

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