Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric - review

This comes from an Eurogamer review...

This lack of direction is an especially ironic failing for a character who was once defined by his single-minded forward momentum. The time is clearly long overdue for Sonic to take a well-earned rest, get his breath back and only return once Sega has worked out where he's supposed to be going. It pains me to say it, but Sonic Boom needs to be the last noise we hear from the blue hedgehog for a very long time.

Mario Kart 8 wins BAFTA Children's Awards Game category

Mario Kart 8 won at the BAFTA Children's Awards in the game category. It defeated the likes of Pokemon X/Y, Tearaway and Rayman Legends and those titles aren't certainly the bottom of the barrel!


Unseen64 feature uncovers Rayman Legends' unused Chateau Dracula world

Originally, Ubi Montpellier had planned to include a world which they were calling "Chateau Dracula", which roughly translates to "Dracula Castle". As you might assume, these stages were to be set within the realms of a large gothic castle. They spanned the outer gardens, through to its macabre interior, which included a dining room and cellar area. You also would have been able to traverse the rooftops.

One of the team's visual development artists has shared with us some concept art of these stages. As we understand it, they were never prototyped and sadly, only ever remained as still images. Regardless, they offer a good idea of what the developers had planned, given the implicitly small gap between Legends' concepts and actual in-game graphics.

During a presentation various members of the development crew gave about Legends' use of the Ubi Art engine, Michael Ancel briefly discussed the unreleased Dracula-themed locale. The designer gave a few examples of gameplay ideas the team had come up with for it, such as hiding within beams of sunlight from the windows to fend off vampiric bat creatures and using French topiary as platforms in the surrounding courtyard.

On the subject of whether or not these levels would ever see the light of day (pun not intended), Ancel simply said "well, maybe one day". As of October 2014, Ubisoft has announced no plans for DLC or a sequel containing these concepts. According to one artist who worked on the game we spoke to, time and budget constraints prevented these beta designs from being realised.

Etrian Odyssey V has been teased by Atlus

NoA PR - Photos of YouTube Stars on Set Filming Promotions for Tomodachi Life and Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Tetris Ultimate - review

This is part of a Tetris Ultimate review from NintendoLife...

Tetris Ultimate largely lives up to its name; it’s a comprehensive collection of Tetris gameplay modes with various optional tweaks and tremendous online and local multiplayer. It must be said though that except the new Challenge modes, there’s nothing new here that any Tetris veteran hasn’t already played. The Challenge modes are clearly targeted towards such experienced Tetris-heads, but the longevity isn’t as extensive as the original Marathon mode, which is still probably the most fun you can have with Tetris by yourself. Putting it simply, at the end of the day it’s Tetris — but that's just fine.

REPORT - Warehouse fire hits Nintendo's UK customer repair company

A fire at the warehouse used by Nintendo UK's customer repair partner has affected a number of gamers.

The Coventry Telegraph reports that Repair Tech's offices were hit by a serious fire last week that required the night-long attentions of a number of fire engines to tackle.

"We can confirm that on Tuesday 18th November, a fire broke out in the warehouse owned by RepairTech, the company that Nintendo UK uses to fulfil its customer repairs," a Nintendo UK spokesperson told MCV.

"Nintendo UK only used the warehouse for UK based product repairs and storing of associated repairs equipment, it did not contain stock that would at any point be sent to a retailer for sale to the public. We are pleased to confirm that no one was hurt."

Customers whose hardware or software was in for repair have been contacted to be told that free replacements are to be issued, alongside some complementary free eShop credit.

Atlus and Spike Chunsoft team up for a Mystery Dungeon/Etrian Odyssey crossover

The title of the game is Sekaijyuu to Mysterious Dungeon (or Etrian Odyssey and the Mysterious Dungeon). The software will be developed by Atlus with help from Spike Chunsoft.

UK software sales - week ending November 22, 2014

Trying amiibo figurines with Pokemon Rumble U

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