3D Streets of Rage II - more screens

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Samurai Defender - more screens

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3D Streets of Rage II - first look

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Japan - This week's 3DS themes (footage)

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Japan - This week's 3DS themes (April 27th, 2015)

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3D Streets of Rage II - file size

Japan - Fire Emblem 25th anniversary sale kicks off

Wind-Up Knight 2, Gakken X Toppan - file sizes

Iwata Asks: Xenoblade Chronicles X now online

Iwata After putting in a lot of time creating this game, you've finally made it to the end.

Takahashi Yes! Thank you for your patience.

Iwata It's quite understandable that there is such high anticipation for this game, especially after you've accomplished quite a bit in the last game Xenoblade Chronicles. So I'm assuming that you've challenged yourselves with the limited time and budget to create something that players will be satisfied with.

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