GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Game show video games

Both Eggmond and NintenDaan will be covering the Nintendo Direct this morning, so no worries about missing out on the action. I know they'll do a fantastic job, so I hope they see you back here later this morn! See you in a few, short hours.

No, this isn't a picture from 25 years ago. This actually comes from earlier tonight. Early in the week I purchased a Retron 5 and it showed up today. I hooked that baby up to my TV and fooled around with it a bit, but it wasn't until my parents visited that the real fun began. Yes, my parents are really going head-to-head in Super Jeopardy!, which might be just a tad outdated.

You'd think the age of the game would matter, but it really didn't. It was funny to see what questions were asked and how they were phrased all these years later, but the core of the game was still fun. I can't help it...I'm a sucker for video games based on game shows. I've loved game shows all my life and getting to play them at home with friends/family is just as fun.

If there's a video game adaptation of a video game, you can usually count me in. I've purchased so many over the years. Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy!, Press Your Luck, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and so many others. I don't care how low the production values are. As long as the game plays similarly to the game show its based off of, I'm good to go.

Does anyone else out there feel compelled to pick up these games? I know they're usually low budget and low quality, but that doesn't stop the fun for me. I'm sure quite a few of you look down on me for buying games like this and I can't blame you! Game show video games certainly deserve better, but I just can't help myself. What game show video games have you picked up? Were they worth the money or were they a waste?

Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS - Aug. 29th, 2014 screen

Platinum blog update - Music in Bayonetta 2

Hello, my name is Masami Ueda, lead composer for Bayonetta 2. I was a composer on the first game as well, which was what, five years ago now?

For this entry I’ll talk about the music in Bayonetta 2.

First, let’s discuss battle themes. The last Bayonetta had a bit of a low-key tone in its battle themes at times. This time we’ve gone for a much livelier feel. We’ve upped the style, and tried a few new things, such as sticking to a standup bass rather than an electric, which gives the music a different, new tone.

Full update here

EB Games Australia - Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire preorder bonus

Azure Striker Gunvolt vocal collection CD - artwork

This CD will release in Japan this coming October.


Final Fantasy Explorers - more screens, art

More here

Forbidden Magna - more screens

More here

Sakurai on the importance of appealing to all types of gamers, making Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS 'more appealing'

Coming from an EDGE interview with Masahiro Sakurai...

I think the popularity of Melee rested fundamentally on the game’s speed. The dazzling exchange of skills was the game’s most exhilarating aspect and the rough edges in terms of the game’s balance went mostly unnoticed. Even though the dynamic range of the characters was limited, the game somehow made its mark, even with hardcore fans of the genre.

Melee’s controls were, however, quite complicated and very tiring if the player really got into it in a serious way. This made the game less accessible for novice players and it basically ended up becoming a Smash Bros. game for hardcore fighting fans. I personally regret that, because I originally intended the Smash Bros. series to be for players who couldn’t handle such highly skilled games.

If tournament popularity was the most important consideration, then I think we would create a Smash Bros. game that included a multitude of fast moves with complicated controls. However, I believe this is actually the greatest shortcoming of fighting games at present, and that is the reason why I don’t do it.

Games aimed at casual users, such as Wii Sports and Wii Fit, reinvigorated the market and their success lay behind Wii’s popularity, [so] we had to make sure that Brawl would also be fun for first-time players. We also had to make sure that everyone could use the controls, such as holding the Wii Remote sideways. As a result of these considerations, overall Brawl is rather tame game; this had its advantages, but it also took away some of the excitement.

While there’s a lot of enthusiasm for tournaments on the one hand, there are also users who just give up on these sorts of games because they can’t handle the complexity and speed. While other fighting games continue to work on honing this tournament aspect, I think that we need to move in a direction where there is more of a focus on inexperienced gamers. Companies that release products that target a very vocal, visible group of gamers tend to receive good reactions and they may feel good about it, but I think that we have to pay special attention to the less vocal, not so visible group of players, or else games will just fade away.

There are so many other games out there which are geared to tournaments. It is important for us, however, to maintain the game’s status as a kind of ‘rough’ party game in which anyone can play without feeling too much pressure over winning or losing. We therefore want to keep a nice balance in which a wide variety of events can occur in the game, some of them quite outrageous. With this, Smash Bros. isn’t just a fighting game, it is an opponent-based action game.

The most important thing is that the game have breadth and depth, since we would like them to be popular with both novices and hardcore gamers. We think that people who aren’t so good at turning the tables and coming back from behind can still get enjoyment out of the [new] game, even if they turn off items and Smash Balls.

Although the pace of the game had to be lowered compared to Melee in order to achieve this balance, we have managed to keep the dynamism because we didn’t have to gear towards novice players like we did with Brawl. In fact, we recreated all characters almost from scratch. Also, I feel on a personal level that this game is more interesting than the three previous games in the series.


Cubemen 2 - Larry character art

TigerDirect - Wii U 8GB bundle with Nintendo Land, Skylanders and SiNG Party

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