3DS - eShop deals round-up

Plenty of Fishies - first look

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Bravely Second - more demo details

- start off in the magical academy city, Istantar
- near the town, you’ll find an oasis, and cave and forest-type dungeons
- characters from Bravely Default are also in the demo
- Fiore de Rosa, the man who picked up women back in Florem, returns
- new Tomahawk job
- The Asterisk holder also speaks in an unexpected dialect
- story in the demo advances as you clear quests
- upon meeting certain conditions, you’ll acquire a special play bonus
- this will give you items for the full version of the game
- an NPC in Istantar gives you an update of your play bonuses
- Freelancers now get a new ability called “Halfs” that lets you use recovery items on your entire party, but only at 50% of its normal rate
- Valkyrie has powerful abilities like Crescent Moon, which lets them attack multiple enemies at a time.
- the Wizard focuses on Spirit Magic, which adds different effects to regular magic
- the Wizard's Mist ability gives magic a continuous effect for three turns
- Astrologer focuses on “Moon Magic” that helps the party with supports such as attack and defense increases
- they don’t learn any offensive magic
- Red Mages have white and black magic
- demo lets you learn up to level 2 magic from both, with a total of eight spells
- “Bravely Second” feature stops gameplay, allowing you to perform additional attacks in combat
- this can be done by simply pressing the start button in combat
- “Consecutive Chance” can activate whenever you take out all the enemies in a single turn
- you’ll get a chance to fight new monsters to get x1.5 the reward
- the third time makes it x1.8, and a fourth time makes it x2, a fifth makes it x2.2, and so on


Fan-Art: Adventure Time X Pokemon

More here

Sonic the Hedgehog 3DS Themes - official trailer

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Capcom live-stream: Throwback Thursday - Mega Man Zero (GBA)

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Dex - an hour of footage

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IGN - Unboxing Nendoroid's Toon Link from Good Smile

REPORT - Majesco nets $6M from investors as prominent board members resign

Troubled publisher Majesco says it's managed to raise $6 million in financing from investors as part of a deal that involves replacing two members of its board.

The New Jersey-based publisher is in serious trouble, having recently laid off staff and filed a report with the Securities and Exchanges Commission that states, in part, "We are currently not developing any significant new games for release in fiscal 2015" and "we have suffered losses that raise substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern."

Full report here

Little Orbit - Wii U/3DS eShop sale details

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