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Posted: 03/27/2015 by RawmeatCowboyAnnouncements

Do my Mom and Dad have what it takes to tame the skies? The two team up for a flight certificate in Pilotwings!


GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 502


This show is so big that our usual hosting site can't even hold it! We're jam-packed with all sorts of talk this week. Zelda delay, site happenings, reviews, videos, new radio shows and SO much more. Brew a pot of tea or coffee and get ready for the long haul!

Download the show here

Fan-Art: Song of Storms hand-made plush

Direct link here

IGN - How to make a gold amiibo

Pokemon Shuffle - Rayquaza event coming up

Fan-Art: StarFox characters in Hanna-Barbera style


Rodea: The Sky Soldier - Famitsu review details

Reviewer 1 – 8

You can feel it right away that this game was made with an obsession to flying action. The controls need a bit of getting used to but when mastered, the sense of freedom and thrill is wonderful. It is fun to reach different places of the floating stages. The atmosphere, characters and story get better the more you dive into the world. The game isn’t filled with the latest technology but it is carefully crafted.

Reviewer 2 – 7

You control the flying action by aiming where you want to fly and although the controls are a bit improper, it feels good to freely fly around the spacious stages. You can also feel the big scale in huge boss battles which is nice. It is inconvenient that you can’t set reverse controls for looking around and thus controls may feel hard depending on the person. As the Wii U version gives more freedom in controlling the viewpoint, flying in the sky feels more comfortable in that version.

Reviewer 3 – 8

It feels good to dash in the sky. After jumping into the sky, you fly towards the target area like a bullet. You can fire your gun while flying so it may feel hectic but when you get used to the controls, exploring becomes fun. It’s also interesting to challenge yourself and try how far you can fly without falling into ground. Game Pad is used in a unique way by showing a portrait of your partner and you can even set options like how frequently that partner talks to you.

Reviewer 4 – 7

There are somewhat frustrating things in this game like accidental deaths due to the viewpoint and putting too much info (reticle, energy meter, cursor etc.) into the middle of the screen as excessive info makes it hard to see. It’s a pity that elevation differences and positioning are especially hard to grasp in the 3DS version. Although the graphics are not so good, the game is action-packed and elements like character customization give a worthy reason for replaying. The exhilarating feeling of flying freely in the sky is excellent.


Theatrhythm Dragon Quest - more footage

Nefarious Kickstarter update - Fire and Ice

We're happy to report Ariella's stage is at 95% completion, all that remains in some implementation on the reverse boss fight. Art wise we've already moved on to Princess Tephra and her lava kingdom.

Full update here (thanks Matt!)

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 502 records LIVE at 3:15 PM ET


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GoNintendo Podcast Question - Zelda Wii U's future


We're trying a new feature this week for our podcast! We're going to tweet out a question for you all and we're looking for your responses! We want to read your responses on-air and discuss what you have to say. You can see the tweet below, so please reply to it via Twitter and we'll make sure to read it on the podcast!

If you are absolutely 100% against Twitter, you can leave a comment on this post. I'll be sure to visit and read comments here on the podcast as well.

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