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Nintendo Fiscal Year Earnings Release coming April 27th

Looking forward to the next round of fiscal information from Nintendo? That date is a bit over a month away. Nintendo has updated their IR calendar to show that the Fiscal Year Earnings Release will happen on April 27th. Expect lots of Switch success talk and who knows what else!

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Wed Mar 15 17 08:08am
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Possibly because this is a earnings meeting which is supposed to be about business?

Well, I'm pretty sure this will be a good year for the company considering it got the Switch launch in there.

I'm going to just assume that it will be the same as repeated earlier.

Switch has sold very well with XXX units

Nintendo on reasons to hold off on VR as of now/what plans they have for it.

Nintendo revealing the sale figures of Botw.

Oh and that false 3DS is still relevant excuse statement and reasons why Nintendo will still focus on 3DS.

And lastly..about the future of that QoL that Iwata-San first invented.

You know? I wouldn't be this bored on every Nintendo earnings while Iwata-san was around but Kimishima-San is just making the earnings boring simply because he's only talking about the business side of things. Iwata-San always talked more on the creative side than the business side a lot.

Get used to it. The mad, creative artist is gone and with him the heart of the company, so now we are left with the stern but smart Brian of the company.

I can't say that I'm the biggest Kimishima fan, and that's mostly due to how surprisingly hard I took the loss of the late GREAT Iwata San. I just hope he continues his success in moving forward with Iwatas vision.

Wed Mar 15 17 08:08am
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Possibly because this is a earnings meeting which is supposed to be about business?

Yeah, I have to agree with T27Duck. The earnings reports are supposed to be about the business. That's the whole point of them: to publicly disclose their financials for their shareholders (which is required of companies that trade publicly.)

Also, some of the blame for the repeat answers goes to the investors who ask the same questions every quarter (mobile? VR? etc...) and that was really no different for Iwata.


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