Dragon Quest XI - new screens and system details

The information was translated by Gematsu...

- Skill Panel consists of each member of the party’s skills arranged as panels
- by allocating the Skill Points you obtain by leveling up and other means, you can learn special skills and increase your stats
- “Spell of Restoration” is a feature that lets you continue your adventure from roughly the same place in the story by entering a code into the adventure log menu
- since you can log the hero’s name and roughly how far you’ve advanced in the story, you can continue the story on a different platform
- your level, the amount of money you have, and your possessions will be replaced with those prepared beforehand based on your progress of the story

More information and screenshots here!

Axiom Verge - Nintendo Switch version in the works, coming to retail (UPDATE)

UPDATE - It seems this information was misconstrued. Axiom Verge is not confirmed for Switch at this time, but the dev behind it is actively trying to make it happen.

ARMS - new piece of artwork

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology - more characters revealed, screens and artwork

More here!

Heiss (voiced by Nobuo Tobita)
Sonja (voiced by Yukana)
Hugo (voiced by Kenichiro Matsuda)
Fennel (voiced by Mitsuru Ogata)
Raul (voiced by Tokuyoshi Kawashima)
Viola (voiced by Marina Inoue)
Kiel (voiced by Yuma Uchida)
Noah (vocied by Satoshi Taki)
Selvan (voiced by Kenji Hamada)
Dias (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa)
Protea (voiced by Satomi Arai)

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for April 24

- Grand Hero Battles featuring Female Robin and Navarre are back
- rank of the character you get depends on the difficulty (Normal: 2 ★, Hard: 3 ★, Lunatic: 4 ★)
- new set of quests is now available (Grand Hero Battles) and allow you to unlock special Heroes
- both events continue until May 2
- Helping Hand also available, allow you to get some shards
- available until May 9

More screencaps here!