Zoink Games showcases a potential Zombie Vikings version for Nintendo Switch

I Am Setsuna - Japanese boxart

Konami bringing 100% Pasukaru Sensei: Perfect Paint Bombers to Nintendo 3DS this Summer

Konami Digital Entertainment has announced 100% Pasukaru Sensei: Perfect Paint Bombers for the Nintendo 3DS. The title is scheduled to release this Summer in Japan.

Attack on Titan: Shichi Kara no Dasshutsu - more artwork and screens, Battle Act system details

- Battle Act system kicks in when you encouter Titans
- sequence of buttons is displayed on the screen, and you have to press them correctly within the time limit
- doing so will allow you to escape from your encounter in one piece
- if you manage to press the right buttons several times in a row, the battle becomes fiercer and fiercer, until you have finally defeated the Titan

More artwork and screens right here!

Senran Kagura producer discusses his Nintendo Switch project slightly more

This comes from a translated Famitsu interview with Kenichiro Takaki, courtesy of Japanese Nintendo...

Famitsu: What point leaves the most impression to you?

Kenichiro Takaki
: It ’s the HD Rumble after all. Because I want to express “softness” with it. I already created a project, and now I’m in the middle of focusing on how to realise it. I think games have a “sensation of touching” in many meanings, so I want to realise a new experience that ’s exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

ARMS is playable at Genesis 4 Smash tournament this coming weekend