GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 601

The lovely PC joins us for this week's podcast! She literally made a 6 hour drive, got right out of the car, and joined us on the show. She's pretty damn dedicated!

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Tomorrow Corp on why they're porting 3 games to Switch, working to add co-op to other games, tease new projects

A portion of a NE interview with Tomorrow Corporation’s Kyle Gabler...

NE: What was behind the decision to re-release these titles on the upcoming console? Is Tomorrow Corporation hoping to reach a new audience?

Dandy Wheeler: I’ll take it from here, boys. After literally decades since these award winning games were last released, we decided to crack open the Tomorrow Corporation vault and bring these classic games to a new generation, re-united on a fantastic new console from Nintendo.

Literally millions of fans have demanded their release on such a stunning new console, and there are no facts to indicate otherwise.

NE: World of Goo, Little Inferno, and Human Resource Machine will feature a new Soundtrack Mode. Are there any other additions or changes compared to the original releases?

Kyle: ...we’re able to provide local multiplayer in World of Goo. And working on getting that same co-op feature in the other games if we can.

NE: We’re dying to hear about what Tomorrow Corporation has in store for its next project. Is there any sort of tease you can share with us?

Kyle: We’re currently working on 2 new games! One of them is the biggest game we’ve ever made.

Random Time! - Make sure you have Link wear shoes in Breath of the Wild

Kicking a treasure chest open when you have a pair of boots on is no big deal. If you have Link running around barefoot, he's going to be in for a rough time. Let's hope this chest has a new pair of boots in it!

Super Bomberman R - a look at the game cartridge and case

I absolutely love the idea of a home console using such a small medium. I can't tell you why I like it so much, as I have no good reason. It's just something that makes me smile!

Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia looks to be set for localization

Awhile back, we shared some details on the Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia. Now we have some hope for the book to be localized. Amazon UK, Amazon Germany and Amazon France all have the encyclopedia up for pre-order, while Amazon US and Amazon Canada have listings available. All the listings have a June 15th placeholder date. Looks like it's just a matter of time before this sucker is officially announced!

Nintendo confirms theft of a small number of Switch units by employees of a U.S. distributor

Coming from a Nintendo rep...

"Earlier this week, individuals claimed to prematurely purchase a small number of Nintendo Switch systems from an unspecified retailer. Nintendo has determined these units were stolen in an isolated incident by employees of a U.S. distributor, with one system being illegally resold. The individuals involved have been identified, terminated from their place of employment and are under investigation by local law enforcement authorities on criminal charges.

Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on March 3, 2017, and we look forward to everyone being able to discover the wonders of the new system for themselves at that time."

Nintendo explains why they moved away from the realistic Legend of Zelda design in their Spaceworld 2000 footage

The following comes from the Zelda: Art & Artifacts book, featuring interviews with Yoshiki Haruhana and Satoru Takizawa...

AA: Before we get into how Toon Link came to be, let’s talk about the promotional footage from the 2000 event. It featured a realistic Ganondorf and Link fighting with each other. The footage was created by Haruhana-san and Takizawa-san, correct?

Haruhana/Takizawa: Yes.

AA: And everyone who saw that footage believed that the new Zelda title coming out for the GameCube would be realistic looking. So tell us: what happened?

Haruhana: Well, as we created that footage, we came to the realization that the realistic route wasn’t the way to go.

Takizawa: [nods deeply]

AA: So it was creating that footage that made you realize the realistic route wasn’t the right course?

Haruhana: That’s right. We were asking ourselves, “If this the right direction to go? and “Does realistic equal a good game?” At the time, as the console’s hardware specs went up, many games were heading in a more photorealistic direction.

AA: They were.

Haruhana: And, at that time, when I was flipping through a game mag, all I saw were really similar-looking games, and I began to worry we would be making one of them. So we thought about what we needed to do with our art to make it stand out. How could we make the readers of that magazine stop and look at our project? We decided that making a realistic Ganondorf and Link wasn’t it…

AA: So you felt that a realistic-looking Zelda would be lost in the sea of many other games?

Haruana: Right. So we cleared our heads of everything and thought about all the other games in the Zelda series. Toon Link came out of process.

What ended up happening with that tech demo may have been for the best. Wind Waker is very much appreciated to this day, and Nintendo did follow up with Twilight Princess a few years later.

A look at Max Factory & Good Smile's upcoming Nintendo figurines

At the link below, you'll be able to see pics/screens of figures like Samus, Kirby and various Pokemon figures.

Check out the figurine lineup here (thanks Mr. Raccoon!)

Square-Enix says Final Fantasy XIV under consideration for Switch

This information comes from the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2017, so it's official. It would certainly be nice to see the support!