Japan - A look at Switch preorder lines

Always love seeing this stuff. Makes the upcoming launch feel that much more real. Hurry up and get here, March!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild does not contain dual audio

The info is coming from the man himself, Eiji Aonuma. I think that's our definitive answer right there, no matter how much we dislike it.

Mega Man Battle Network - more new merchandise pics

Check out more pics here

I swear, Capcom is the king of thinking up off-the-wall merchandise ideas for their brands. Unfortunately, it seems like that's the only way we get to enjoy Mega Man anymore!

World Hobby Fair '17 Winter - Yo-Kai Watch 3 special toy giveaway

If you head to the World Hobby Fair '17 Winter and check out Yo-Kai Watch 3, you'll be given this special toy flute for free! There will be a new T-Busters Mode with a special boss on demo.

Yuzo Koshiro releases PC88 mixes of original Etrian Odyssey tunes

I have loved Koshiro's work for years now. To hear his original PC88 mixes of Etrian Odyssey tunes is so fantastic, and he released them for free!