The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Luigi's Mansion Arcade - more hands-on details

- each vacuum handle is equipped with two main buttons
- the top button is for charging your flashlight blast
- the bottom is for sucking up ghosts
- a special button located apart from the controller lets you throw a stun bomb
- starts with a tutorial from Professor E. Gadd
-use flashlight blasts to stun ghosts and destroy small enemies
- use the vacuum to collect coins/objects nearby and suck in ghosts
- on-rails FPS
- when you charge your flashlight you can feel the controller's vibrations building up and die out with the flash
- when you grab a ghost in your vacuum stream you feel the pull when he switches directions or break free
- when you suck up coins, a mechanism inside the controller pounds the inside
- game gives you options as to which room you would like to investigate next
- sometimes you have to clear certain rooms before moving on

Nintendo updates release date list for 2015-16

Along with their Q1 report, Nintendo has also updated their release date list. Nothing too revealing, though Project Guard is scheduled for a 2015 release despite the title being a no show at E3. But what is most interesting is that along with Project Giant Robot, The Legend of Zelda is currently slated with a TBD release date. I guess it's time to get that rumor mill running, if it hasn't already! Check out the entire list in the source link below.

Super Mario Maker supports over 99 amiibo costumes

The Super Mario Maker website launched officially today in Japan, and with that we have some additional information regarding amiibo. Over 99 costumes can be used in Super Mario Maker. Every amiibo figure, with the exception of Mii Fighters, can be playable, including the upcoming Chibi Robo amiibo as well as the Animal Crossing amiibo and cards. If you don't have every figure (does anyone?) they can also be unlocked through the game itself.

Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Trauma Team hits the Wii U eShop next month

For those in Japan looking to play either of these classic Wii titles, you're in luck as they're hitting the eShop in August! Both are due on August 19, and pricing is set at 2,700 yen for both titles.

Analyst claims that the Nintendo NX could be Nintendo's first social VR platform

The following information comes from an analyst from MCVUK:

It’s conclusion? The NX could be centred about social virtual reality of augmented reality games.

It speculates that Nintendo’s solution could involve a low cost dedicated games console with a spec equal to or lower than PS4 and Xbox One that has been optimised for VR/AR. This would be accompanied by a low cast headset, possibly following the template laid out by the likes of Samsung’s Gear VR – which, of course, would tie into Nintendo’s smartphone aspirations.

It also believes this would be accompanied by an accessible controller designed to do for VR what the WiiRemote did for console gaming.

Click here to read the full speculation article!

Peter Dinklage based his Pixels role on former Donkey Kong champ, Billy Mitchell

While Pixels may not have done too well with gamers, it still has some deep ties to parts of the game industry. Actor Peter Dinklage is one of the main cast members in the movie, and it turns out that he based his character on a real-life gaming legend. Former Donkey Kong champ Billy Mitchell became the stuff of legend after The King of Kong documentary came out, so much so that Dinklage modeled himself after the real man for his Pixels character. Thanks to MarioCheated for the heads up!

Nintendo live-streaming from Gamescom - Aug. 6th to 8th

This isn't going to be in English, as far as we know. Expect it to be a lot like what we saw at E3, but in a language you probably won't understand!

REPORT - 'Pixels' Continues Adam Sandler's Losing Streak in the U.S.

Over the weekend, Pixels debuted to $23 million in North America, a poor start for an all-audience summer event film featuring an ensemble cast with Sandler at the center. ...Sony made Pixels for a reported $88 million after rebates; the full cost is said to be $110 million.

Nintendo grabs trademark for King K. Rool

There's a lot of discussion going around the internet about the trademark above. Nintendo does indeed have a trademark for the name King K. Rool. There are multiple reports stating that the registration is indeed new. There's lots of speculation saying that this is new and it's paving the way for an appearance of Rool in Smash Bros.. That's all rumor right now. The question is, would Nintendo go through the trouble of registering King K. Rool just for a Virtual Console release?

Dragon Quest creator shares some word on Iwata's passing