Pokemon Cafe heading back to Singapore with Sun/Moon theme

We really don't have any other details on the project at this moment, but it is indeed confirmed. Once we hear more about the cafe, we'll be sure to share with you. Thanks to Nick for the heads up!

PAX Australia - A look at Nintendo's booth size

No idea what Nintendo is going to be showing, but they certainly have a sizable booth. As you can see, the booth is the exact same size as Sony's booth next door. We've seen Nintendo use a massive booth to show just one game at E3, so I wouldn't correlate size to anything about a potential NX showing.

Japan getting official New Year's cards

Nengajou are special postcards that are sent out for New Year's Day. Japan is now getting a line of official Nintendo-themed nengajou for this year. You can check out more of the designs here.

Nintendo Q2 2016 briefing - what to expect, no corporate strategy meeting

- scheduled to announce its second-quarter earnings after the Japanese market closes on Oct. 26
- expected to report a net profit of 18.5 billion yen ($178.5 million) and an operating profit of ¥3.2 billion yen
- expected to report quarterly revenue of ¥82.3 billion, down from ¥114 billion a year earlie
- Chief Executive Tatsumi Kimishima meets with the press next Wednesday and analysts the day afte
- company plans to share more about the NX by the end of this year
- first financial report to include data on Pokemon GO revenue
- no corporate strategy meeting being held this year (this is where Nintendo announced Miitomo last year)

Analyst firm says Nintendo has 'golden opportunity' with NX to reach underserved markets

Coming from DFC Intelligence...

The game industry is also seeing growth driven by premium game hardware, including high-end PCs and new game systems. “The October launch of PlayStation VR is expected to bring renewed excitement to the video game console category,” said Cole. “This holiday season PSVR is really about educating mass consumers on this exciting new category.” Driven by its current leadership position and its new VR system, DFC forecasts Sony to continue to be a clear market leader for the next several years. However, the new forecasts are cautiously optimistic about the potential for a new system from Nintendo. “Nintendo has a golden opportunity to reach a game consumer that is currently not being well targeted by Sony or Microsoft systems.”

Pokemon collab coming to Changi Airport later this year

We don't know any specifics on this collaboration, but we'll certainly keep our eyes open for any details. Thanks to Nick for the heads up!

Pokemon Research Exhibition to open at Resorts World Sentosa

As the post says, this is the first time we've ever seen this exhibition outside of Japan. That's some pretty exciting news! Hopefully we get to see a look at the event once it kicks off later in October. Thanks to Nick for the heads up!

Pokemon Sun/Moon anime - character profiles, voice actors, creative staff

Character profiles:

- Satoshi/Ash + Pikachu: a 10 year old boy who dreams of becoming a Pokémon Master. Together with Pikachu, he will experience school life for the first time in the Alola Region. As for Pikachu, he’s Satoshi/Ash’s very first partner, and his best friend;
- Rotom Pokédex: just like in the game, the Rotom Pokédex came to be when a Rotom started possessing a Pokédex. It can speak, and it will guide Satoshi/Ash during his adventure;
- Lillie: she loves Pokémon, but for some reason, she cannot bring herself to touch them;
- Kiawe: Fire-Type Pokémon are his favorite. His family owns a farm, and he lands a hand there while attending school;
- Mallow: Grass-Type Pokémon are her favorite. She’s said to be a pretty active but goofy person. Her family owns the Aina Cafeteria, and she’s its poster girl;
- Lana: Water-Type Pokémon are her favorite. She’s said to be pretty meek but active. She’s the eldest daughter of a fisherman, and she has two other sisters;
- Sophacles: Electrik-Type are his favorite. A full-fledged otaku/geek who’s pretty familiar with programming. He can’t help thoroughly analysing things;
- Professor Kukui: the Pokémon Professor of the Alola region. He studies Pokémon, and teaches at Satoshi/Ash’s school. Talking of Satoshi/Ash, Professor Kukui’s home is where he lives during his time in the Alola region;
- Samson Oak: the headmaster of Satoshi/Ash’s school, and Professor Oak’s cousin. He studies the evolution of the Alolan Pokémon;
- Team Rocket (Musashi/Jessie, Kojiro/James, Nyarth/Meowth, and Sonansu/Wobbuffet): members of an evil organisation. Their goal is to steal rare and powerful Pokémon, and they have set their eyes on Satoshi’s Pikachu (some things will never, ever change!).

Voice actors:

- Satoshi: Rica Matsumoto
- Pikachu: Ikue Otani
- Rotom Pokédex: Daisuke Namikawa
- Lillie: Kei Shindou
- Kaki: Kaito Ishikawa
- Mao: Reina Ueda
- Suiren: Hitomi Kikuchi
- Mamane: Takekuma Fumiko
- Professor Kukui: Keiichi Nakagawa
- Headmaster Okido: Unshou Ishizuka
- Musashi: Megumi Hayashibara
- Kojiro: Shinichiro Miki
- Nyarth: Inuko Inuyama
- Sonansu: Ueda Yuji


- General Manager: Kunihiko Yuyama
- Director: Daiki Tomiyasu (was Deputy Director for Pokémon XY & Z)
- Series composition: Aya Matsui
- Character design: Satoshi Nakano, Shuhei Yasuda
- Art Director: Masatoshi Muto
- Color Director: Norimichi Yoshino
- Director of Photography: Yuko Orikasa
- Editing: Hitoshi Nogawa
- Music: Shinji Yamazaki
- Sound Director: Masafumi Mima

Runner3 blog update - Where Are We Going With This Whole Runner3 Thing?!

You might have noticed that our announcement image had ABSOLUTELY no running. This is fairly silly, considering the game is called Runner3. Well I am here to tell you that we are very silly people, but also, we are silly people that have already made two running games. We need to add as many herbs and spices to this tangy sausage as possible so that we can serve it to you with maximum flavor, aroma, and aftertaste.

Making a sequel is a bit harder than you might think. We are bound to the rules of gameplay that have already been set in place. The fans have an expectation that is based off the previous game, so you need to honor that relationship. That said, you also need to reinvent and evolve the game, so it's not the same ole bag of beans. If we aren't careful, we can paint ourselves into a corner.

Full blog here