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Pokemon Company continues lawsuit with cafe owner due to copyright infringement

A few days back, we told you about Ramar Larkin Jones, a cafe owner that was out to throw a Pokemon-themed event at his establishment. Pokemon Company sent a cease-and-desist for the event, and Mr. Jones cancelled the event. That was expected to be the end of it, but surprisingly the Pokemon Company continued with the lawsuit. They are demanding $5,400 to cover legal expenses and damages. Mr. Jones says he cannot afford to pay that amount all at once, so he's hoping to work something out during the year.

A look at 'Meet Up at the Pokémon House?', Japan's new Pokemon show

Did you know that Japan is getting a new Pokemon TV show this week? It's called 'Meet Up at the Pokémon House?' and airs this Sunday. It'll be focusing on providing weekly Pokemon news of all sorts, including games/anime/merch and more. The image above gives you a look at the set for the show, which is made to look like a home. You can check out more pics from the set here.

Getting to know Kinopio-kun, Nintendo's LINE app mascot

You may think that's Toad above in a different outfit, but it's not. You're looking at Kinopio-kun, the mascot for Nintendo' LINE app account. He's a chat bot that you can talk to and get all sorts of info from. He's also more than ready to tell you that he's NOT Toad. Check out some more images here to see the various conversations Kinopio-kun holds.

Club Nintendo Australia still open, closure time extended

Just when we thought we could finally say goodbye, we can't really just yet. Well, if you're in Australia, I mean. While Club Nintendo has officially closed every other region, Club Australia Nintendo is still open due to performance issues. Best use the Stars Catalogue while you still can!

Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection back in print

Good news for those who were looking to order the coffee table book Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection - it's back in stock thanks to Bitmap Books. The book, which contains many box art covers of Super Famicom games, will be up for release in early 2016. 

HAL Laboratory opens official Japanese Twitter

If you want to keep up with all things HAL, this is a new way to do it! I wonder what they'll end up tweeting. Can't wait to see!

Hacked Octolings Corrupt Splatoon Saves

This tip coming in from wickster and enigmaxtreme...

According to Reddit, if one was to have a hacked Octoling join an online game in Splatoon, it would corrupt or soft lock the saved game of the user. I'm not sure if this is true as I've not ran into an Octoling online. However if it is true and then it's pretty bad news for Splatoon players.

Playing as an Octoling does sound cool, but not if you're save file's going to vanish. Just hope that they will be playable in the future!

Greece - Nortec Multimedia S.A. ceases partnership with Nintendo

The following is an official press release from Nortec Multimedia...

"Dear Partners and Friends,

As you all know, Nortec Multimedia withstood the relentless economic crisis which affects our country over the last six years. Even today the company is healthy and operates without loans.

However, a number of important trade issues with Nintendo oblige to put an end to our long-term cooperation. Therefore, with great sadness we inform you that our partnership with Nintendo ends on 12/31/2015.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our partners for the hearty and continuous support over the years and of course all consumers and fans of our products. Also, we wish Nintendo the best for its future plans and activities in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans. "

We should expect more information on the company's future and the allocation of Nintendo's products in Greece soon.

Nintendo of Europe sends out another reminder of Club Nintendo's discontinuation

Walmart Wii U/3DS sections being combined under one red-logo Nintendo banner (UPDATE)

UPDATE - We have some pics, thanks to reader Jonathan. Not quite the original red logo, but white on a red background. Also, does anyone recognize where that Link image is from?

I've actually heard about this from numerous sources lately. Wanted to get some confirmation before I shared with you all.

It seems that multiple Walmart locations are now combining their Wii U and 3DS sections into one Nintendo section. The thing is, that section is getting the classic red version of the Nintendo logo above them. Been awhile since we've seen the red logo used in promotional materials!