Nintendo granted patent for 'Supplemental Computing Device'

We covered this 'Supplemental Computing Device' patent submission awhile back, but now Nintendo has been granted the patent for North America. This patent seems to refer to a Supplemental Computing Device that can communicate with other like devices to draw power from them. As with all Nintendo patents, we may never see this actually used in a real-life application from Nintendo.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns - shipments to 220,000 units in Japan

- Yoshifumi Hashimoto (Producer of the game) noted that Story of Seasons had topped 200,000 units earlier this month. A few weeks later, they are now at 220,000. Physically, the game has sold 162,000 units as of July 24.

- To compare, Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning sold 287,000 units in 2012, and Story of Seasons sold 286,000 units in 2014.

Capcom reports final results for Q1

- Few major releases this quarter, so sales were low (10,927 yen), resulting in an operating loss of 726 million yen (down from 2,026 million yen profit in Q1 15).

- Strong yen also led to losses

- Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice "sold largely as planned" at 196,000 copies

Baby name website notices uptick in Pokemon-related names for children

I guess the Pokémon trend reaches even further than I originally though. Now it's branching out into baby names. That's according to baby name tracking site Babycenter. Believe it or not, Pokemon names are actually moving up the charts, with people considering naming their children after Pocket Monsters.


- Eeevee shot up 1,377 spots since last year
- Onyx shot up 2,184 spots


- Ash has move up as well

NST Lead Designer and Assistant Designer leave the company

It seems that Stephen Mortimer (lead designer) and Paul Kranich have both departed NST, the Redmond based in-house development group. NST has been stuck in a rut for quite some time now, with developer turnover being rather high. Nintendo is obviously looking to fill those spots, but we have no idea what this branch of Nintendo is working on.

Sound team from Sonic's 25th Anniversary explains live stream issues during broadcast

If any of you watched the Sonic Anniversary stream on Friday night, you'll remember a very loud buzzing sound throughout the stream. Turns out there were a bunch of issues right before launch of the stream that plauged it for the rest of the night. Hunter Bridges, whose team was in charge of producing the stream, wrote about it on Twitter. NintendoLife has compiled his timeline which you can see here.

Overall, it seems like a series of unfortunate issues that just didn't work out for his team that night. I guess it happens when you're working on shows that are going live!

Pokemon GO - Japanese players told not to enter disaster zone in Fukushima

This comes from The Guardian:

Japan is asking for the Fukushima nuclear exclusion zone to be classified as a no-go area for Pokémon after the discovery of at least one of the game’s characters on a power station’s site.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (Tepco) has requested that Pokémon Go developer Niantic and the Pokémon Company prevent Pokémon appearing in and around areas affected by the nuclear reactor meltdown in Fukushima to help prevent encouraging players to enter dangerous areas.

Tepco said it has tested the Fukushima Daiichi plant, which was partially destroyed by the March 2011 disaster, the nearby Fukushima Daini plant and the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant in Niigata Prefecture and found Pokémon on-site.

Japan’s nuclear regulator sent out a warning to national energy providers telling them to tighten security after the incursion of three teenagers into a nuclear power plant in Ohio in the US. Tepco has banned employees from playing Pokémon Go on site.

New HORI Pokemon 3DS acessories coming this fall

In need of more Pokemon this fall? Well good news, there's more goodies for you to enjoy.

First up will be a Pikachu Pack Starter Kit. It will feature a Duraflexi protector, six Game Card Case, a 3DS system skin and a cleaning cloth. This will be out October 11 for $20.

On November 18, you'll also be able to pick up a soft plush pouch based on Pikachu's face that can hold a New 3DS, XL or a Nintendo DS. Pokemon Sun/Moon pouches will also be out the same day. Both will go for $15.

Capital Research and Management sells of 1 million shares of Nintendo

Capital Research and Management, the U.S. investment adviser that is in effect Nintendo's largest shareholder, sold off a large chunk of its holdings last week, apparently taking profit while the stock was riding high on Pokemania.

Capital Research parted ways with 1.02 million Nintendo shares July 19, Japanese securities filings Tuesday show, shrinking the wealth manager's stake from 18.46% to 17.07%. The Kyoto-based video game company's share price touched a six-year high of 32,700 yen at one point on the day the investment adviser sold.

Level-5 grabs 'Lady Layton', 'Inazuma Eleven Ares' and more trademarks

Level-5's big Vision conference on July 27th. It looks like the company might be preparing some trademarks for that event right now, giving fans some very interesting things to talk about. Here's some of the trademarks the company just grabbed for Europe.

- Lady Layton
- Inazuma Eleven Ares
- Megaton Musashi
- Otome Hero
- Yo-Kai Daijiten
- Yo-Kai Watch Geraporhythm

Will these all turn out to be new games, or are some of these just trademarks to throw fans of Level-5's scent? I guess we'll find out on July 27th!