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REPORT - Live-action Mega Man movie coming from 20th Century Fox

Capcom’s Mega Man is about to jump to another platform! 20th Century Fox is reportedly developing Mega Man as a live-action film in conjunction with Chernin Entertainment. David Ready and Michael Finfer are slated to produce the film, with Peter Chernin, Mike Ireland and Ryan Horrigan. The new Mega Man film project doesn’t currently have a director or screenwriter attached to it.

Full report here (thanks Robert!)

Fire Emblem 0's third series of cards release date announced

The next wave of cards in the Fire Emblem 0 series is due out December 10 in Japan. There will only be one starter deck, and the focus will be on characters from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem Fates: Invisible Kingdom.

The starter deck will be 1,300 yen with 50 cards, 1 hero marker, 1 play sheet, a rule book and characters from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. The booster packs will be 350 yen, with 1 pack containing 10 cards. These will be based on characters from both Path of Radiance as well as Fates: Invisible Kingdom.

Splatoon's "unstable connection" problem still having issues in latest update

According to a post on reddit, it seems a small amount of people have had problems going online during Turf War battles, only to be disconnected about 30 seconds into the game. This started for players who updated to version 2.00. Now with 2.1.0, the problem still hasn't been fixed for thos affected. Ranked problems are not as bad, but it is still an issue. You can read the full details on this problem in the source link below. Have you been having connection issues since the version 2.00 update?

Saber Rider project lead talks about amiibo stretch goals

Saber Rider and the Star Sherrifs is currently being funded over at Kickstarter, with one of the goals being amiibos of the mechs featured in the game. Nintendo Life recently talked to project leader Chris Strauss about the possibility of amiibos being featured in the game:

Nintendo has guidelines for all their products, which you have to follow as a third party developer. If you do so, chances are high that your product gets approved. So unless they change their policy, our mecha amiibo has a good chance. And we know that Yacht Club Games also make their amiibo without the help of Nintendo. We have our amiibo already planned and are creating it as 3D model right now. The first prototype will probably be a 3D print.

You can read the full interview in the source link below.

Etrian Odyssey IV to recieve "Atlus Best Collection" release in November

In Japan, Etrain Odyssey IV, the first in the series released for the 3DS back in 2012, will be getting a "Atlus Best Collection" re-release. It'll be out on November 5 and retail for 3,218 yen. No word on a western release yet.

Will Nintendo Directs continue now that Iwata has passed?

The other day, we got quite a bit of info dumped on us from Nintendo. It was a bunch of content that would have seemed right at home in a Nintendo Direct, but that never came. We haven't seen a direct since the passing of Satoru Iwata. That's completely understandable considering the circumstances, but that leaves us with a question. Will Nintendo return to creating Nintendo Direct presentations like they used to?

I'm of two minds when it comes to this discussion. Letting the Nintendo Directs stay dormant after Iwata's passing could be seen as a sign of respect. With that said, I also feel like the Direct events were something special that Nintendo had under their belt. I'd hate to think that they'll be gone forever. Perhaps Nintendo is cooking up a new idea to take the place of Directs.

Splatoon - Arowana Mall Ledge Jump Glitch Removed, Palm Tree Glitch Still Possible

This comes in from snorth93:

The Splatoon 2.1 update did remove the ledge jump glitch which we knew about before, but the out of bounds palm tree glitch on Arowana Mall is still in the game. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future update.

You can also see the video below:

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars update now out

Interestingly, a Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars update was released today, but only for the Nintendo 3DS version. No new features, but it does fix a potential problem when uploading levels onto Miiverse. Hope everyone is still having fun tipping those stars!

Super Mario Maker - 5 Easter eggs you didn't know about

Did you know that there is a Zelda: Link's Awakening enemy in Mario Maker? Or that Mario's outfit on the cover isn't new at all? Geekade has a list of five interesting Easter eggs you may or may not know about. Check out the source link below for the full list!

REPORT - Iowa men accused of threatening Pokemon championships denied bail

Kevin Norton, left, and James Stumbo await their dangerousness hearing at Boston Municipal Court, Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015. The Iowa men, accused of making online threats of violence against the World Pokemon Championships competition in Boston, were ordered held without bail Tuesday after Judge Thomas Horgan rejected arguments by their lawyers that their comments amounted to idle online bravado. (Angela Rowlings/The Boston Herald via AP, Pool)

Thanks to AceBandage for the heads up.