The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Over 1 million packs of Animal Crossing amiibo cards have been sold in Europe

UK software sales (4/30/16)

Individual formats:

All formats:

New Pokemon show hitting YouTube and Wii U/3DS eShop in Japan

- show is called Pika-Chan
- will be released on the official Youtube channel and Nintendo 3DS & Wii U eShop
- first episode on May 11th and the second on May 18th
- episodes will run every other week
- hosted by Shu Watanabe and two children, Taku Sawaguchi (Tsukkie) & Tomu Takad (San-chan)
- "The Phantom Battle Guy" played by Shu Watanabe, appears out of nowhere to teach the children about battles
- second segment is the "Today's Pokémon" segment which will showcase interesting facts and news on specific Pokémon

Hiroshi Yamauchi Inducted Into 2016 Consumer Technology Hall Of Fame

The group behind the Consumer Technology Hall of Fame has just announced their list of 2016 inductees, and none other than late Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi is being inducted. He even gets himself a fancy title with the induction. Check out the list of people joining Yamauchi this year below.

Visionary Retailer: Sidney Cooper – Silo
Father of Bluetooth: Dr. Jaap Haartsen – Ericsson
Prominent Distribution Pioneer: David B. Lorsch – DBL Distributing
Transformational Technologist: Chuck Pagano – ESPN
Legendary Journalist: Steve Smith – TWICE Magazine
Home Automation Developer: Joel Spira – Lutron
Pioneering Accessories Executive: Nat Tiffen – The Tiffen Company
Video Game Futurist: Hiroshi Yamauchi – Nintendo

Star Fox Guard - update avaliable

The first update to Star Fox Guard is now out! The only noticeable addition is that they changed values for calculating rank and the number of bots in the squad. 

This brings the game to Ver. 20160428. It should already be available to download.

Nintendo further explains why they're reducing their stake in the Seattle Mariners

As many of you know, Nintendo of America Inc., which is headquartered in the Seattle area, was approached by local representatives in the early 1990s and invited to invest in the team, which was at risk of being moved away from the region. The late Hiroshi Yamauchi, at that time the president of Nintendo Co., Ltd., agreed to spend his own money to purchase the majority ownership of the team in order to show Nintendo’s appreciation to the U.S. for helping Nintendo do business in the country, and to contribute to the local residents and area. He became the principal owner of the team in 1992.

Mr. Yamauchi passed away in 2013. Due consideration had been made before his death and his ownership had already been transferred to Nintendo of America in order to ensure the team would remain in the area. Then Mr. Satoru Iwata, who had been overseeing the team as the new president of Nintendo after Mr. Yamauchi, as well serving as the CEO of Nintendo of America, passed away last year. This sad occurrence, along with Mr. Lincoln’s desire to relinquish day-to-day leadership for the team, prompted this decision.

As president and, then, the chairman of Nintendo of America, I personally observed the great efforts and contributions that Mr. Lincoln made during the past 17 years as the team’s CEO and the chairman. He worked to keep the team within the region and generated continued support from local residents. He has been a very reliable partner for me especially on the business affairs concerning the Mariners even after I returned to Japan and started working at Nintendo Co., Ltd. Now that Mr. Yamauchi and Mr. Iwata have passed away, and Mr. Lincoln has shown his desire to retire as CEO of the team, and especially because we can be now certain that the team will remain in the region and can grow, Nintendo of America has negotiated a sale of its majority interest to the current minority owners.

Since the subject sales profit has not been incorporated into the annual financial forecast we announced yesterday, if and when the sales contract is executed and approved by MLB, we will make the appropriate timely disclosure such as modifying the financial forecast. For your information, we will negotiate the deal by assuming the comprehensive asset value of First Avenue Entertainment LLLP as being 1.4 billion U.S. dollars.

Although Mr. Howard Lincoln will remain as a board member of the team and of Nintendo of America after his retirement from the CEO of the Seattle Mariners, I would like to take this opportunity to express my great appreciation for his shouldering and carrying out the huge responsibilities for both Nintendo and the Seattle Mariners, and for his splendid leadership.

Nintendo planning to sell majority of their stake in Seattle Mariners


Ubisoft opening real-life Rabbids Amusement Center

- opening this August
- being built in the West Island area of Montreal.

"Montreal stood out as the ideal city for testing the concept and launching a new type of amusement center. It goes without saying that we're thrilled to develop this major project, right here at home, in Quebec. (It will be) a physical, accessible, and truly fun experience for the entire family." - Ubisoft Canada managing director Olivier Ernst

DeNA to report fiscal 2015 results on 5/11

Reggie, Shibata become executive officers as Nintendo creates Audit/Supervisory Committee

It's easy to see that Nintendo is going through some very big transitions lately. We've seen a lot of new ventures into different areas, including mobile and theme parks. That's not the only areas things are changing, though.

Nintendo is also creating a Audit/Supervisory Committee and Officer System. This will mean Nintendo is going to start operating more like how businesses operate in the West. The change brings in some different faces and also gives some familiar ones new titles. Both Reggie Fils-Aime and Satoru Shibata have been given Executive Officer titles, but how this actually impacts their day-to-day routines remains to be seen. You can get a complete rundown of all the titles/positions here. Thanks to KingBroly for the heads up.