RUMOR - Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses to continue into 2017, CD coming

This info comes from long-time reader Onikafei, who attended the Symphony of the Goddesses event in Calgary last night. Onikafei had a chance to sit down with the founder of the tour through a VIP pass and came away with this info.

- tour will continue in 2017, will take 2018 off and then return in 2019
- 2017 will have a Breath of the Wild piece
- CD release should be coming very soon, so sign up for the newsletter to keep tabs

We certainly trust the info from Onikafei, but we'll keep marked rumor until Nintendo officially reveals these details.

Nintendo patent shows projector that displays flat image on uneven surfaces

Here's yet another Nintendo patent that has just surfaced. This one uses a projection system that manages to project a flat image, even when projecting onto uneven surfaces. Again, as with all Nintendo patents, this may never see the light of day in a project that actually releases to the public.

“The present invention implements a projection system which appropriately corrects geometric distortion of a projected image even when an object to be projected has an arbitrary three-dimensional shape and a user’s point of view is not fixed. A projection unit (3) of a projector device 100 projects a first adjustment test image. A three-dimensional shape measurement unit (4) measures a three-dimensional shape of the object to be projected. An image capturing device (200) captures the first adjustment test image projected by the projection unit (3), and acquires a first adjustment captured image. A projected image adjustment unit (1) executes: (1) first adjustment processing for, on the basis of the first adjustment captured image acquired by the image capturing device (200), correcting the image such that geometric image distortion is reduced at an image capturing point at which the first adjustment captured image was captured; and (2) second adjustment processing for, on the basis of a state when the image adjusted by the first adjustment processing was projected by the projection unit (3), correcting the image such that geometric image distortion is reduced.”

Happy 127 years, Nintendo!

As of today in Japan, Nintendo has turned 127 years old. The company has been through so many changes over those years, trying their hand at all kinds of businesses. Eventually they found themselves in the world of video games, which is where they've been ever since! I can't wait to see how Nintendo evolves the business with their next bit of hardware and software. Here's to another 127 years, Nintendo!

Monster Hunter Stories - more details

Latest info comes from Famitsu:

- Tournament mode is an offline mode where players will fight other Riders in a tournament format. There are two categories- Normal Tournaments, which can be accessed at any time, and Download Tournaments for DLC. They have difficulty classes and you'll be able to unlock higher classes.

- Both local and internet play are supported for 1 vs 1 mode

-  Three rules introduces so far for this mode: Earnest (no restrictions), Flat (levels are made the same for more balanced play), and One Game Match (decided by a single round).

- Ability test mode is a training move where you fight party data from Street Pass or QR codes. Party data can also be accessed by Versus Rank, which measures the party's strength

- Streetpass will have couriers at places such as Hakumu Village. Three things can be accessed here - the Ride Card, where you can view other player's data, edit your party through StreetPass Party, and StreetPass Dungeon where you can set up your own dungeon or receive up to 100 dungeons from other players. Dungeons consist of hidden items or monster nests. You can even get a StreetPass dungeon with a rare egg from the story prologue. 

- QR codes can read party data from other players

Pokémon TCG: XY—Evolutions - a few more details

Some older Pokemon TCG cards are getting revamped in the upcoming XY—Evolutions set, including Charizard. Here's a look at just how his card changes in this new set.


- tightens up the skill text
- adds 30 hit points
- doubles the power of the Fire Spin move at the cost of one additional Energy card

This set also features more powerful versions of older cards, including the reappearance of Mega Venusaur-EX, Mega Charizard-EX and Mega Blastoise-EX, the debut of Mega Slowbro-EX and Mega Pidgeot-EX, four new Break cards (Ninetails, Machomp, Starmie and Nidoking) and new versions of and new versions of Mewtwo-EX and Dragonite-EX.

A look at Nintendo's latest job openings - 3D terrain designers, Retro openings

Here's a look at some job openings that Nintendo has posted up recently...

3D CG "terrain" designers

- full-time positions for both their Kyoto and Tokyo main R&D branches
- aimed at mid-career developers who have previously or currently worked for other companies
- separate from their annual college recruit hires

Retro Studios

- AI Engineer
- Gameplay Engineer

Dragonball Fusions up for pre-order on Amazon

For those interested in Dragonball Fusions, you can now pre-order on Amazon here

It is listed on Amazon as having a December 13 release date, but that has not been confirmed.

Metroid fans dig into Nintendo domain names to try & glean clues for the franchise's future

It seems that most Metroid fans were not happy with Metroid Prime: Federation Force. That's a well known fact by now, and many decided to skip over the game when it launched. Instead, they look to the future for the next 'true' installment in the Metroid franchise.

This had lead the gang over at Reddit into the world of domain hunting. They're looking to see what domains Nintendo has registered and active in order to hopefully get a glimpse at something coming down the pipeline. While they haven't found anything major yet, they did happen upon an interesting tidbit.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force used the domain metroidprime.nintendo.com as its internet home, but it's not the only domain Nintendo holds for Metroid. It turns out they also have metroid.nintendo.com registered, but it comes up with an error when you visit. The thing is, when you do a bit of digging, you see that other Nintendo non-existent websites like fzero.nintendo.com spit out a different result.

Long story short, it seems like Nintendo has something attached to metroid.nintendo.com. We don't know if it's just a domain they've registered in order to keep it for use later, or if there's some sort of project in the works that'll be attached to it. On a very basic level, Nintendo has the domain secured when similar domains for other Nintendo brands don't give the same reaction when you resolve names. Food for though, and a tiny morsel for Metroid fans to sustain themselves on.

Culture Brain changing name to Culture Brain Excel

Culture Brain has announced that they'll be changing their name to Culture Brain Excel. The company pledges to develop new games for everyone from children to the elderly. That's why Culture Brain Excel is looking to take on new, younger highers to create this compelling content. The company plans to reveal a new logo sometime in 2017.

Nintendo looking to higher 'Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator'


Maintains databases used to track, report and analyze data in support of Internet enforcement activities and the seizure of unauthorized products
Manages online monitoring vendors, analyzes and reports data to curtail the spread of Internet piracy and the sale of infringing products distributed online
Responds to law enforcement and customs authorities’ requests for product identification
Coordinates and tracks take-down notices and compliance checking
Works with internal departments and maintains information related to authentic and promotional products
Maintains high level knowledge of Nintendo’s product offerings
Collaborates with global team members and provides support in projects as assigned


Five+ years of related experience in an office environment
Excellent knowledge of MS Office suite of products with emphasis on Outlook, Excel, Word, and Power Point.
Excellent organizational skills and effective ability to prioritize competing obligations for a variety of customers.
Video game industry related experience preferred
High school diploma or equivalent
Normal office environment with moderate noise levels.
Ability to perform consistent PC work.
Must demonstrate exceptional accuracy with a high level of attention to detail
Excellent analytical skills
Ability to independently coordinate projects
Ability to communicate effectively with internal and external departments
Advanced Internet research and database skills
Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with fluctuating priorities and deadlines

In other words, someone to take down all the fan games and projects out there. Looks like Nintendo is taking this stuff very seriously from here on out.