Project Rap Rabbit re-examining Nintendo Switch Kickstarter stretch goal

The following information comes from the KickStarter page for Project Rap Rabbit:

Firstly – Another huge, huge thank you to everybody who’s backed, shared, liked, commented or even simply looked at Project Rap Rabbit so far. We’ve been blown away by the response since we first unveiled Project Rap Rabbit four days ago. Over the last 24 hours we’ve been taking the time to digest all your comments, wishes and feedback, and one request stands out above all others: a significantly lower Nintendo Switch goal.

We want to let you know that we hear you loud and clear. As a result, we are busy re-examining our Stretch Goal format to prioritise a Nintendo Switch version of Project Rap Rabbit above other features.

This is a process we need to undertake carefully and methodically, so please bear with us while we piece together our new plan. We’ll update our Stretch Goals as soon as we possibly can – until then, keep the comments flooding in on social media and here on the Kickstarter page, and we’ll continue to answer all your questions.

Nintendo stock hits 10-month high

Remember back when investors mistakenly thought Nintendo was the only company making bank off of Pokemon GO? That caused stock to soar to pretty high levels. While Nintendo's stock hasn't gotten back to that level yet, we're happy to say that Nintendo's stock is currently at a 10-month high of 29,990.00 today on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Let's hope after E3, things keep climbing!

Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account teasing something for tomorrow with mysterious image

Seems like there's something going on with the official Sonic Twtter account. We don't know what is being teased for tomorrow, but we'll be keeping tabs!

Why doesn't Nintendo allow comments on their Japanese YouTube videos?

Save for a few exceptions, Nintendo of America lets YouTube viewers comment their hearts away on whatever content Nintendo uploads to YouTube. Did you know that's not the case in Japan? Nintendo has turned off comments for all their videos on their Japanese YouTube channel.

Oddly enough, other game companies in Japan have done the same. Sony has blocked comments, as has Square-Enix and Capcom. There has been no information given on why this move was made. Anyone care to venture a guess?

SEGA's path forward involves revival of major IPs

Packaged Games Field (example titles: Total War: Warhammer, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, Football Manager 2017, and Persona 5)

Expand existing IPs and obtain new IPs for North American and European PC games
Build revenue base by being entrusted with outsourced development
Challenge for new IPs
Revival of major IPs
Effective utilization of development engines

Digital Games Field (example titles: Puyo Puyo!! Quest, Hortensia Saga, Chain Chronicle 3, and Phantasy Star Online 2)

Create titles that will become global hits
Establish digital marketing business
Expand overseas publishing business
Maintain profits through long-term operation of existing titles
Develop next-generation titles

- SEGA says creating titles that become global hits will be a major issue
- to tackle this, they plan on reviving past IPs and actively utilizing existing IPs, new IPs, and external IPs
- this will be done by maximizing the value of said IPs by expanding development channels (mobile, PC, and game consoles) - the aim is for major projects to have a global simultaneous release

Nintendo invites Switch Subreddit mods to E3 2017

This is the kind of stuff I really want to see. I've been dying for Nintendo to up their social interaction with fans for awhile now. We saw that Nintendo opened up an official Reddit account, and now it's clear they're putting it to good use. Nintendo has reached out to the Switch SubReddit mods to invite them to E3 2017! Let's hope this is just the start for a much bigger social push for Nintendo. Thanks to Jose for the heads up!

E3 2017 - Another look at Nintendo's booth space (floor map)

It's also worth noting that Nintendo's booth is right next to Nvidia. I bet the two are happy to buddy up next to each other this year!

Unofficial Nintendo-themed restaurant "Baoser" opening in Portland, Oregon

- Nintendo-themed bao spot called Baoser
- opening on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland, Oregon
- will be decorated "like Bowser's castle" from Super Mario Bros.
- bao are fluffed-up steamed buns folded like tacos around various fillings
- there will also be "Yoshi steak," a marinated flank steak with buns and sesame broccoli slaw, and broccoli puree
- will be open for lunch and late nights till 3 am, starting the last week of May

Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 dated

- takes place in Japan on August 5-6, 2017
- event will commemorate the series’ 30th anniversary and take a look at its history
- being held at the Tokyo Big Sight West 4 Hall from 10:00am through 8:00pm JST
- free admission
- special “Dragon Quest X Fifth Anniversary Celebration Stage” featuring celebrity guests and more will cost 2,000 yen

Deus Ex, Unreal composer currently working at Retro

As you probably guessed, we don't get any details on the project. Dear lord, I hope we hear something about what Retro has been doing when E3 rolls around!


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