Pokemon Sun/Moon - starters reveal trailer in YouTube's top ten most watched game trailers of 2016

The list is as follows...

10. Doom – Fight Like Hell cinematic trailer: 9.6 million views
9. Watch Dogs 2 – cinematic reveal E3 2016: 10 million views
8. FIFA 17 – The Journey official trailer: 10.6 million views
7. Pokémon Sun and Moon – Starter Pokémon revealed: 10.8 million views
6. Overwatch – “Dragons” animated short: 14 million views
5. Clash of Kings: 16.8 million views
4. Gears of War 4 – Tomorrow: 17.1 million views
3. Clash of Clans: Hog Rider 360-degree video: 29.9 million views
2. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Reveal trailer: 35.8 million views
1. Battlefield 1 – Official reveal trailer: 49.7 million views

GoNintendo Video - Today's BIG story (12/7/16): Switch getting GameCube VC, Melee incoming?

Welcome to Today's Big Story for Dec. 7th, 2016. Rumors continue to swirl about the Switch. Could Switch finally bring us a GameCube Virtual Console? It seems so, and Smash Bros. Melee is on the way!

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Super Mario Run - animated tweet for Dec. 7th, 2016

Monster Hunter XX - new trailer, collaboration footage and gameplay

Planned collaborations:

- Drifters (manga / anime), with a special katana as weapon
- Gudetama
- Show by Rock

Fan-Art: Japanese rice farmers turn living & dead crops into amazing Dragon Quest tributes

Gyoda, in Saitama Prefecture, showed off some amazing artistic skill with their Dragon Quest tribute art, which was created via rice paddies. When the season ended and the crops died out, the same rice farmers used straw husks to create the second bit of artwork above. As if farmers didn't work hard enough!

Kirby is hanging out on the Goodbye! BoxBoy! website

If you check out the official Japanese site for Goodbye! BoxBoy!, you might notice that Kirby stops by in Qbby form. He appears out of the 'Shop' door, which might mean that you can purchase a Kirby costume in Goodbye! BoxBoy!. For those that don't know, the BOXBOY! series lets you purchase multiple costumes for Qbby with in-game money. A Kirby costume would hardly be a stretch, considering how both franchises are developed by HAL!