Amazon - The Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts book preorders open

The Legend of Zelda™: Art and Artifacts contains over four hundred pages of fully realized illustrations from the entire thirty-year history of The Legend of Zelda™ including artwork from the upcoming The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild! Every masterwork is printed on high-quality paper in an oversized format so you can immerse yourself in the fine details of each piece. This book includes rare promotional pieces, game box art, instruction booklet illustrations, official character illustrations, sprite art, interviews with the artists, and much, much more! The Legend of Zelda™: Art and Artifacts collects many of your favorite masterpieces from the storied franchise, as well as rare and never before seen content, presented in one handsome hardcover.

Select artwork from the entirety of the franchise!

A nostalgic look at the past!

An exciting look at the future!

Interviews with some of the artists behind The Legend of Zelda™ series!

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Splatoon - A look at various Japanese stationary sets and more

The perfect back-to-school sets for any self-respecting Nintendo fan! You can actually grab the sketch book over at Play-Asia right now!

A look inside the Nintendo UK Legend Of Zelda Mystery Box

Wondering what's in the box? You can hit up the link to see the goodies included. Those goodies are...

- pin badges
- pen topped with a Hylian Crest
- Triforce-emblazoned notebook
- Hyrule Multi-Tool, which triples up as a keyring, bottle opener, and two screwdriver sizes
- Shield Mug

Build-a-Bear's Online Exclusive Pokémon Eevee Set goes on sale early, sells out

Build-a-Bear couldn't help themselves with their new Online Exclusive Pokémon Eevee set. They decided to put the item up for sale early on their website. Seems like people caught on quickly, because the exclusive set is already sold out! No worries, as you'll still be able to grab the regular version of the Eevee plush, as well as head into Build-a-Bear locations and grab one there.

Capcom holding eShop sale until Sept. 16th

Check out all the games here!

Monster Hunter Stories - soundtrack details

- soundtrack will be released in Japan on November 9th in Japan
- includes all tracks from the game
- 2 CDs
- full color booklet
- 3,000 yen

Wii U eShop sees 3 first-party titles hit $30

Been looking for an excuse to pick up some first-party Wii U titles? Holding out until things aren't so rough on your wallet? Well you're in luck, as the titles below are now only $30 when purchased via eShop!

- Yoshi's Woolly World
- Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
- Mario Party 10

Target - Specific Nintendo Select 3DS titles include drink & popcorn coupon

It may not be gourmet food we're talking about here, but free food is free food! Might as well indulge!