New NES game Star Versus getting physical cartridge release

- Four playable characters
- Four arenas with varied hazards & obstacles
- A deep, complex combat system
- Unique special attacks
- Random bonus items
- Options menu, to play in new ways
- Single player campaign

Grab your copy here

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and Birthright available for preorder via Amazon

Amazon - Legend of Zelda battle pad preorders now open

New Ace Attorney 3DS themes available alongside franchise sale

If you're a hot-blooded Ace Attorney fan, be sure to fire up your 3DS sometime this weekend! Not only is there an Ace Attorney sale in progress discounting both Dual Destinies and the Ace Attorney Trilogy, but as of today (tomorrow, July 3rd, in Europe), four snazzy new 3DS themes celebrating Dual Destinies and the Ace Attorney Trilogy are available for two bucks a pop. Hit the jump for a glimpse at each one.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Best Price! Edition - boxart

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Best Price! Edition is due out on July 30th. You can grab the retail version for 3490 yen, and the download version for 3,231 yen.

GrubberGamer's Game Deals: Pre-Order Spotlight (07-01-2015)

Pre-Order Spotlight

For a limited time only, My Best Buy members can receive a free Super Mario Maker button set with the pre-order of two select Wii U or 3DS titles, including most of the games shown here.

Look for the full, post-jump breakdown of game deals and discounts to return in a future update. Cheers!

Best Buy - Dark Pit amiibo in-store only, no preorders

Thomas Was Alone action figure set available

"Thomas looked around his newly three dimensional surroundings. Had the world decided to, through waning success, swiftly build some kind of higher resolution rerelease? Was this, he shuddered, fan art? He felt heavy, plastic. He was suddenly aware of the concepts of being both heavy, and plastic. It was with crushing dread, that Thomas realised he had become merchandise."

Lovingly* hand crafted* from the finest materials*, these figures offer the full articulation possible for toys based on the reasonably popular indie game, Thomas Was Alone. The Claire figure even floats. Seriously. That's not a joke. That took time to make work.

We made 'em, we packaged them in bespoke shelf hangable cases, and now they are ready to sell to you, the person who is still reading this.

Each package contains four figures, Thomas, Claire, Chris and John.. for scale, Claire is 3.2cm tall. They're signed by Kerry Dyer (the sculptor) and Mike Bithell (the chap who made Thomas Was Alone). Keep them out of reach of children, because.. well.. they are small cubes of plastic.

Grab yours here