The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Nintendo UK store selling Splatoon cushions

Target - New 3DS XL with Smash Bros. for $200

Amazon - Wii U 32GB Mario Kart bundle for $250

EU - Cyber eShop deals: Day 4


Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (26,99€ / -40%)
Kid Icarus Uprising (19,99€ / -42%)

Wii U:

Xenoblade Chronicles (9,99€ / -50%)
Bayonetta 2 (29,99€ / -40%)

Etsy - Limited Edition Luigi's Mansion Themed Game Boy Color


Luigi's Mansion themed Game Boy color - The Gameboy Horror!
- Clear shell
- Matte finish frame on a glass screen
-Fully functioning! Plays Game Boy and Game Boy Color games!
(System is unlit.)

Professionally Printed Custom Manual
-A general guide to the ghosts of Luigi's mansion with helpful information
-Designed in-house and professionally printed for a quality gloss and weight finish!
-Includes quotes from E. Gadd and Luigi from the game!

Grab yours here

Luxury watch maker creates $18,950 Super Mario watch

- limited edition Super Mario Bros. mechanical timepiece
- marks the 30th anniversary of Mario
- 46mm case
- made out of black titanium
- three-layer dial
- enamel-coated pixel figurines
- $18,950

Thanks to MarioCheated for the heads up!

EU - eShop Cyber Deals: Day 3