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ZeNfA Productions explains how Nindies Love You came together

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with Greg Wiggleton of ZeNfA Productions...

NL: When did you have the idea for this Nindies Love You sale?

GW: I truly had the idea for this group event sale around a year ago when the 1st and 2nd "epic indie sale" events were happening. I was curious if it was possible to host my own type of sale with other indies I'm in contact with and if Nintendo would advertise it on the eShop at all. It was around August 2015 that I finally started to get active in recruiting other Nintendo indies and contacting Nintendo directly about setting up one of these sales.

NL: What was the first step in making it happen?

GW: The very 1st step I took was taking charge of this idea and contacting Nintendo (already with a few select indies interested) back around August 2015. I was curious on how these group sales came into being. Nintendo would go on to tell me that these group indie sales were 100% created from indies and that Nintendo just helped set it up with the indies being in charge of it. From there I tried to gather a bunch of different indie Wii U games that would go well with this sale and show Nintendo that we were interested in doing our own sale. From here, I would go on to be Nintendo's main contact for our group and talk to Nintendo on what is required, type of banners needed, and deadlines for different parts were. Every few weeks I would send updates to all involved as well as keep Nintendo involved with our developments to help keep them informed that we were serious about doing this sale.

The original goal was to have this 2 week sale period occur sometime around Christmas of 2015. A few of us involved early on thought this might be a good idea. After all, the Christmas period can be very nice for sales. However, a problem with this plan was that this period is usually very crowded. Nintendo themselves even warned us that a sale like this in December was a bad idea and recommended January or February for doing this sale. By October we finally decided to officially make it a February sale. Since this would take place around Valentine's, we decided on that as a theme and came up with the "Nindies Love You" title for it.

Full interview here

The next wave of Paladone merch from Mario/Zelda

A Tingle doll and a Mario multi-tool are just one of many, many new Mario and Zelda items that Paladone are releasing. To get a look at the lineup on each side, click here and here. Thanks to Nightram for the heads up!

UK - Nintendo online store holding Valentine's Day sale

Monster Hunter Valentine's Day cards available

Japan - Fire Emblem Fates special sale kicks off

- special sale starts today
- until February 29th, the second and third route will be available at half-price (1,000 Yen)
- this allows you to get all routes at half-price, rather than the usual 4,000 yen

Japan - This week's 3DS themes

3DS themes

- Ashley Magic theme (¥200)
- ONE PIECE: Trafalgar Law (¥200)
- LOCAL CONNECT ‘Shiawase no Arika’ (¥200)
- Hime Kyun Fruit Kan 'Kakusei Mirai’ (¥200)
- three more Nazo no Mini Game themes (¥150 each)
- Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta SSGSS (¥200)
- three selector destructed WIXOSS themes (¥200 each or ¥500 for all three)
- ZYUN 'Shadow Gift’ (¥200)
- 'Last Dancer’ (¥200)
- Sand Clock 'LIFE IS FANTASY’ (¥200)
- Ganbare! Victory 'Seishun! Hero’ (¥200)
- 'Subliminal Diet’ (¥200)
- Gacharic Spin 'MUSIC BATTLER’ (¥200)
- lol 'ladi dadi’ (¥200)

Europe - Third series of Animal Crossing amiibo cards dated

Outside the Realm coming to Wii U, launching for 50 cents

- coming from TreeFall Studios
- touch-based puzzles on the GamePad
- side-scrolling sections
- due out Feb. 11th
- regular price of $1.99,but it'll be just $0.49 over its launch weekend