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Attracting kids/women & making new game types will continue 3DS success, says Kimishima

Coming from Tatsumi Kimishima...

First, I will address Nintendo 3DS software sales in this fiscal year. As I acknowledged in the presentation, the titles we have released this fiscal year have not had quite the same potential as titles such as Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS that we released last fiscal year. To expand this business in the next fiscal year, reaching young consumers and women and expanding our sales of our evergreen titles will be key.

As I said before, we have sold over 54 million units of Nintendo 3DS hardware, but it would have been possible to sell more software if all 54 million systems were in frequent use. I believe there are two approaches we can take to improve this. The first is to release software that makes people want to play, and the other is to create an environment where people around you are playing. These approaches will spur people who have not played games recently to jump into our games again, and help our software drive hardware sales. For the next fiscal year, it will be important to release titles that are different from the ones we have released this fiscal year, so we will make efforts to provide a strong lineup.

The question asked about issues that we have had. One of our endeavors this fiscal year has been to release multiple titles for young consumers and women. There was some variance in the response to these endeavors across different countries. For example, each of the European markets has different characteristics, but we were able to achieve a great response with our promotions and advertisements aimed at women in France and Spain. Going forward, we will also focus on promoting sales in regions where we did not meet expectations for this period so that Nintendo 3DS will be well-received there, too.

Nintendo working to foster younger developers, introduce them to the public

Coming from Tatsumi Kimishima...

As you said, when I became president, I stated that my role was to continue to proceed on the course that I helped to set with President Iwata and the rest of the management at that time. The ideas of our young employees are also key to our ability to transition to the next generation and to continue to produce exciting ideas. It is important to structure our organization so that these young people can take active roles. We have worked to establish such an organization; one that will allow our employees to reach their full potential in many different areas. It may be difficult to see from outside of the company, but we have made major changes to our organization. For example, our game developers have not had much of a public presence in the past, but we would like to create more and more opportunities for you to get to know them in the future.

Nintendo working to make sure kids experience their brands at a younger age

Coming from Tatsumi Kimishima...

The policy I have discussed (in the "Message from the President" on the Nintendo website as well as in the Corporate Management Policy Briefing in October 2015) is our mission to increase the number of people who have access to Nintendo IP. For example, due to changes in our industry, the proportion of young consumers who are first experiencing games on our systems has been falling. We want to have everyone become familiar with our IP by reaching as many people as possible from an early age within their daily lives. Our long-term strategy is to spark our consumers' interest in playing Nintendo game systems and encouraging continued growth of our games business.

I can provide a couple of examples from outside of Japan. In America, many children are using electric toothbrushes featuring Mario characters to brush their teeth every day. We have also worked with a shoe company to launch shoes that feature the designs of Nintendo game systems. As you know, we are also working on a theme park featuring Nintendo IP. Our policy and the focus of our current activities is to create more chances for our consumers to experience the charm of Nintendo IP, not just on our dedicated video game systems, but outside of game software as well.

Nintendo to explain their new business ventures in the next fiscal year

Coming from Tatsumi Kimishima...

The previous and current fiscal years have been a period of preparation to launch a number of new endeavors, such as NX development, development for smart devices and business using our character IP, in addition to driving our Wii U and Nintendo 3DS businesses. At the same time, it has been our priority to take a close look at areas of our existing business where the revenue and expenses had become unbalanced, and to make sure that we corrected this balance. As I have said before, we will be launching many of our new business activities as we move from this fiscal year into the next.

When you start any new business, it is important to make the public aware of what you will be doing. In the next fiscal year, we will have to make preparations and investments to achieve these goals, and that comes with certain costs.

The question was to pick one area with which we will be able to achieve Nintendo-like profits, but I would like to suggest two areas. One area is our NX business, and another is our business for smart devices. I believe that keeping these two endeavors on track will be key to achieving Nintendo-like profits. I don't have any further details to share about the next fiscal year at this time, but we will explain about our plan and when we will aim to achieve Nintendo-like profits at a future date.

Nintendo considering linking smart phone games to 3DS/Wii U/NX

Coming from Tatsumi Kimishima...

To start, I'd like to point out that we aren't going to be sharing any details about NX today. I may not be able to answer the question in full as it relates to NX. We have not only NX, but also the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U platforms, and we are of course considering ways to link smart device applications with games for these platforms as well.

On the other hand, our development plan is also considering providing new ways to play aimed specifically at smart devices. Since I can't share any more information about NX at this time, that is all I can say to address the question. Thank you.

Nintendo considering developing wholly original mobile titles

Coming from Tatsumi Kimishima...

First, I'd like to reiterate that we have not placed any restrictions on the use of our character IP in these titles. We believe it is important to consider the timing and design of these titles to create a synergistic relationship with the games on our existing dedicated video game systems that use Nintendo characters. We are also considering developing titles for smart devices that are not at all tied to any games on our existing dedicated video game systems.

We believe Nintendo is uniquely poised to connect applications for smart devices with games on dedicated video game systems. We are currently developing the next titles using Nintendo's character IP, so we hope you will look forward to them. We will have more concrete announcements in the future.

Analyst says regional rollout of NX could happen this year

The following comes from Piers Harding-Rolls from the IHS consultanc...

"I think we'll definitely hear more about the NX at the E3 games expo. It's also possible that we could see a regional launch of the new product into the market this year, even if a global rollout has to wait."

Former SEGA marketing director laments Sonic's fall from grace, but has 'great hope' for the future

Coming from a Polygon interview with former SEGA Marketing Director, Al Nilsen...

"When [former employees of Sega of America] would go to E3 and see what was happening ... a lot of times we would just go and we would shake our heads and we were very, very sad. Because, you know, what we had established and what we had built was something that was very, very special.

It’s fine to go and change the look of the character, but the gameplay has to go and play off against that. Then the story started getting convoluted. If I was Sonic, I was probably having an identity crisis. You don’t need this cast of 8,000 characters,"

"I have great hope for the future of Sonic. Sonic is not dead; he’s just out of the spotlight. The future for Sonic can be as bright as [Sonic’s home planet] Mobius is."

Platinum's Kamiya talks goals with Bayonetta, harsh directing style & more

Coming from a Famitsu interview with Hideki Kamiya...

- Kamiya's goal with Bayonetta was to make an original game with hardware you’re touching for the first time with no library, no resources, and no game engine
- he wanted to have it published in three years
- Kamiya is noted to have a really harsh directing style
- at the time Bayonetta’s development finished, the company’s atmosphere was so tense and many employees including main programmer Kenji Saito said they didn’t want to work with him again

“As a director, I always told the staff [to implement things] ‘because they’re interesting!’, even if they could be severe demands.” - Kamiya

“After a while later, I understand how Kamiya feels. When Bayonetta 2 was finished, there were many people who don’t want to work with me either.” - Yusuke Hashimoto

“I remembered it when looking at Hashimoto’s face as he’s making Star Fox Zero right now… when we set up this company, we never thought we’d get lent IPs from other companies and create games of them. I think it’s a rare case for a studio to make games of so many IPs from other companies.” - Atsushi Inaba

- IP holders leave the action gameplay parts to Platinum
- this is because other devs/pubs acknowledge the studio’s developing power
- while the original plan was to focus on original IP, Platinum has recently received many offers to collaborate on games
- some of these collaborations still haven’t been announced at this time.

Aonuma - fan response to Zelda games is 'most important', doesn't try to shoehorn messages into each game

Coming from a GamesMaster interview with Eiji Aonuma...

“We’re constantly thinking about how to make it unique compared to other games, both in general as well as to others in the Zelda series. Of course, the response of fans is most important and something we care very much about, which is why recently we have been showing early previews at events like E3. We’re looking to see that there are no problems with the directions we’re taking, and are reflecting the reactions we do get into subsequent development.

I haven’t and won’t be trying to put any message or meaning into the games. (If someone else were to make a Zelda game though, of course it might be different.) Occasionally I receive messages from fans telling me how playing Zelda games has changed their lives. While of course this makes me incredibly happy to hear, I feel a great sense of responsibility as well, so part of me feels that developers putting their own ideologies in games is kind of scary.”