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Bam. Media blackout on that until you tell us otherwise.

Fan-Art: Jacket embroidered with Switch logo

Man, this really looks like a professional job! I would pay good money to have one of these!

Fan-Art: Super Mario Odyssey amiibo

That's a hell of a nice fan-made amiibo. Let's see if Nintendo can end up doing better!

Fan-Art: MercurySteam artist shows off realistic Link, Zelda designs

The art above comes from MercurySteam artist Raquel Cornejo. I'd say Raquel has done some mighty fine work!

Fan-Art - Mr. Saturn needle felt

Thanks to Aaron for the heads up!

Fan-Art - Giant NES Controllers spotted in Los Angeles

Giant Nintendo controllers at Broadway and Slanson (x-post Los Angeles.)

For those wondering where exactly these are in Los Angeles, you can find them at Broadway and Slauson. It sounds like it might be a rough part of town, so be careful if you venture out.

Fan-Art: Splatoon ice sculptures

I have trouble making a halfway decent snowman, and people are out there creating amazing things like this. Man, if only I could have a tenth of their talent! Thanks to Kobobkc for the heads up!

Is this the world's first Switch tattoo?

Reddit user Scwinsett has made a bold decision. He's gotten a very fancy Switch tattoo. Has anyone else out there seen another Switch tattoo? I think this guy could be the first! Now let's hope he doesn't regret it years later. Wouldn't want this to be the same situation as the Zune tattoo guy!