Fan-Art: Joy-Cons get a color makeover, GameCube-style

GameCube Joycon Paintjob

Now that's a fancy looking setup right there. If they actually released a color scheme like this, I'd be all over it.

Fan-Art: Princess Mipha custom amiibo

Yet another amazing custom amiibo by MissGandaKris. Her work always really impresses me. Can't wait to see what she cooks up next!

Fan Art - 3D Printed Guardian Switch Stand

We've already told you about the person using a Guardian amiibo to prop up his Switch while playing. Now someone has positioning the Guardian into the perfect stance for Switch holding, and then used a 3D printer to finish the job! Check out more pics here (thanks SirSwoop!)

Fan-Art: Up close with a digital, but realistic-looking Legend of Zelda shield/sword

The art above comes from Nick Duarte, a very talented man who has done work with EA and other game companies.

Fan-Art: 3D printer plans for a Switch "puppy stand"

A Switch Puppy stand for 3D printing

The real question is, who's going to actually print this sucker out and give us a look at the final product?!

Hey! Let's "Switch" up GoNintendo with some launch fan banners!

Because anything is better than nothing.

Tell the truth: you missed me. Ok, then lie please.

It's been ages since we've posted fan banners on the site, mostly due to promotional and contractual obligations. But who needs money!? Let's do fan banners again.

I've heard something new and Nintendo-y is coming out soon, so if there are any among you exhibiting signs of exhilaration or anxiety, why not fire up your favorite image editor and churn out some fan art as therapy? We'll feature the best/as many as we can right atop the site so everyone can marvel at your fanboy prowess.

Those interested can grab this .zip file, chock-full of assets to help you get started. Note, the blocky "Tetris" GN logo is officially retired.

When you're done, send your layered files to cortjezter at gmail or PM me. Put your heart in it, so I don't have to break yours by turning down half-hearted effort <3

Thanks...we'll chat again soon!

-- cortjezter

Fan-Art: Custom amiibo mashes up Snipperclips and the Switch doggie

Oh man...I just keep loving Snipperclips more and more. I'm hitting Qbby-like love for the characters. I hope I end up enjoying the game as much as I do the BOXBOY! series. Then I'll start begging for amiibo like this!

Fan-Art: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild laser etching

Now that's a really nice piece of work. Get a frame on that sucker and put it up on the wall! Perhaps it's time I look into laser etching!

Fan-Art: Jacket embroidered with Switch logo

Man, this really looks like a professional job! I would pay good money to have one of these!