Fan-Art: Zelda X Gundam

Nintendo said they were considering things like motorcycles and aliens for Breath of the Wild. I'm trying to decide if a Gundam crossover with the franchise would be more/less weird! Check out more pics here.

Fan-Art: Custom-made Switch cases

Homemade Switch cases

LoZ Makeshift Wearable 3DS Case-Turned-Switch Case DIY Steps

Why go to the store and buy a Switch case when you can make your own custom design!? This isn't an option for everyone, but some people with the technical know-how and the right tools can make amazing things, just as you see in the galleries above. Gorgeous work, and they'll forever be one-of-a-kind was to carry around the Switch!

Fan-Art: Luigi tribute using over 17k dominoes

This person is always making amazing creations with dominoes. I'd love to know how many they have in their collection!

Fan-Art: Stop-animation project uses puzzle pieces to recreation Mario Bros., Tetris and more

You, too could have a creation like this! All it takes is some art skills and over 400 hours of work. You've got the spare time, right!?

Fan-Art: Switch gets the mini arcade cabinet treatment with a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe theme

Not the first time we've seen it, but certainly a nice bit of work here! This is the perfect type of display for when you bring your Switch to those rooftop parties we all have!

Fan-Art - Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild cosplay

Talk about nailing the look of the game! Cosplayer LayzeMichelle has obviously put a lot of work into this creation, which is pretty much spot-on when compared to Zelda's in-game outfit. Now that's some talent!

Check out more pics here

Fan-Art: Switch gets a custom galaxy paint job

I think that paint job came out looking nicer than Nintendo's own Galaxy version of the New 3DS XL! Pretty spiffy Switch, if I say so myself.

Fan-Art: Restaurant uses Zelda: Breath of the Wild chalk art to lure in customers

You can make your own jokes about dubious food in the comments below. I know you've got plenty of them lined up!