The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Fan-Art: Custom Undertale amiibo

Perhaps one day we can see an official Undertale amiibo released. Stranger things have happened! If there ever were real-deal Undertale amiibo, you can bet your ass I'd collect them all!

DK Fan Art Collaboration Project

A gathering of Donkey Kong fans want to show the series' developers just how much they appreciate the franchise. That's why they've started work on a DK art project that will eventually be sent off to the developers. It involves creating 200 x 200 pixel art that'll be stitched together into quilt form for the final project. If you want to participate in the fun, check out all the details at the link below!

Details here (thanks Bellboy!)

Fan Art - Heroes of Inkopolis, a fan-made Splatoon comic

We all know there's an official Splatoon manga, but that didn't stop one fan from crafting his own Splatoon comic-style adventure. This project was quite an undertaking, considering there's 86 pages of content! The comic is finally complete, and now you can enjoy the full presentation! Click here to check it out (thanks Gerjet!)

Fan-Art: Custom Detective Pikachu amiibo

Man, that didn't take long at all. Fans never cease to amaze me with how talented they are and how quickly they work! Check out more pics here.