Fan-Art: MercurySteam artist shows off realistic Link, Zelda designs

The art above comes from MercurySteam artist Raquel Cornejo. I'd say Raquel has done some mighty fine work!

Fan-Art - Mr. Saturn needle felt

Thanks to Aaron for the heads up!

Fan-Art - Giant NES Controllers spotted in Los Angeles

Giant Nintendo controllers at Broadway and Slanson (x-post Los Angeles.)

For those wondering where exactly these are in Los Angeles, you can find them at Broadway and Slauson. It sounds like it might be a rough part of town, so be careful if you venture out.

Fan-Art: Splatoon ice sculptures

I have trouble making a halfway decent snowman, and people are out there creating amazing things like this. Man, if only I could have a tenth of their talent! Thanks to Kobobkc for the heads up!

Is this the world's first Switch tattoo?

Reddit user Scwinsett has made a bold decision. He's gotten a very fancy Switch tattoo. Has anyone else out there seen another Switch tattoo? I think this guy could be the first! Now let's hope he doesn't regret it years later. Wouldn't want this to be the same situation as the Zune tattoo guy!

Switch custom skins hit Etsy

Since the Switch isn't even out yet, I might be a little nervous about picking one of these skins up. I'm hoping the creator took the time to get the measurements correct. If all is on the up-and-up, there are some pretty sweet designs here!

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