Fan-Art: Kodykoala "Buff Pikachu" figurine

What if Pikachu was a fighting type Pokémon? This is the end result of years of martial arts training and weight lifting. The ultimate fighting Pokemans!!!

This is a custom made figure by kodykoala. This figure stands about 5 inches tall and is cast from resin. The packaging and blister pack are custom made by kodykoala. The paint used is a yellow gloss base, acrylic and oil paint. A lacquer clear coat is then applied for durability.

Grab yours here (thanks Kody!)

Fan-Art: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild phone wallpapers

Man, a lot of these are so gorgeous. There's only one example, but you can find all the others here! Thanks to NinTimDo for the heads up!

Random Time! - Fan-art of Mario characters using the Nintendo Switch

These wonderful drawings were created by SPepOfficial (StudioPep)! 

Nintendo Spain retweets fan-made Switch ad that takes a page from the very first NES print spot

Remember this NES print ad? It was the very first one of its kind. The ad actually just surfaced online a couple weeks ago. It's clear one Nintendo fan caught wind of this ad and was inspired to put an up-to-date spin on it.

Man, what a fantastic callback. I'd love to have a poster of this! Now how do I convince the Nintendo Force gang to slide this into our next issue?!

Fan-Art: Switch dog amiibo

You have to wonder what Nintendo thinks of all the Switch dog stuff out there. It would be cool to see them embrace the idea, but I have a feeling that's not going to happen.

GoNintendo Fan-Art: My Mom's surprise holiday gift to me!

My Mom surprised me with a special gift earlier today for Christmas. She had secretly taken a bunch of old shirts I left at my parents' house and stitched them together into a Nintendo quilt! I think it's too nice to actually use! I want to hang it up in my living room!

Fan-Art - 800 Post-it Note Mario created for the holidays

Thanks to MSU_Cokeboi for the heads up!

Fan-Art: Amazing NES game wood carvings

I mean, these creations are absolutely amazing. Look at the insane amount of detail going on here! The creator has all sorts of NES-related projects, including controller and cartridge carvings as well. Check out more of their work here and here.

Fan-Art: Legend of Zelda-inspired Adidas

I'm all for the Sheik design, but not really feeling the Link ones. Which option do you prefer?