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Fan-Art: GameCube gets a Twilight Princess paint job

This beautiful piece of two-toned work comes from the hands of Zoki 64. What a pretty creation it is!

Fan-Art: The Legend of Zelda 'Zelda bust' cake

- 20 inches
- five cakes altogether
- about 6.6 pounds of sugar
- about 2.2 pounds of vanilla buttercream
-about 2.65 pounds of dark chocolate

Thanks to BoyRobber for the heads up!

A look at Link’s Blacklist 2015, an art gallery dedicated to Zelda villains

Link’s Blacklist is an art show that's been going on since 2015. It aims to share artwork that focuses on the villains from the Legend of Zelda series. The 2015 edition of the event includes artwork from 150 talented artists. Check out some of their work here!

King K. Rool fanart

Adam's shown us this cool image of King K. Krool from the Donkey Kong Country series and writes in:

Hi there I just finished this piece of fanart (just in time for the ending of Smash Ballot!).

I've been working on and off for months making it the best it could ever be.
It's grand tribute to my favourite Nintendo villain, King K. Rool.

It has a reference to just about everything he was ever in media-wise. Games.. the cartoon show... even have all the Smash Bros trophies! Keep your eyes peeled and seem if you can recognise them all!

-Adam (aka "bellboy" on Gonintendo)

Very cool! You can see the full image in the source link below.

A Link to the Past’s Overworld Map Recreated as a Paper Diorama

This was sent in to us by mariocheated, which comes via Zelda Informer...

The beauty of fan art is that you don't know what you're going to see every time you go on the Internet. Paper dioramas have been around for centuries, and have always displayed images in a unique way. Artists Wuppes has now shown us an interesting way of creating some unique Zelda art using this. For one of his more recent projects, he decided to recreate A Link to the Past's overworld map as a 3D paper diorama.

Wuppes is an artist from Luxembourg, who's hobby is recreating video game covers, moments, and levels using this form of art. A Link to the Past is not the only Zelda title he's worked on, as Wuppes has also done 3D paper dioramas of Link's Awakening (seen in the gallery below). Wuppes is an avid supporter of video game paper dioramas, and even has a Facebook page dedicated to his love of them.

The craftsmanship and intricate

detail to this particular piece of art is amazing. What do you guys think? Leave your comments below.