The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Fan-Art - Japanese Splatoon fans celebrate the game's one-year anniversary

Check out the gallery here

Fan-Art: Realistic Yveltal, Latios, Latias, And Salamence

This work comes once again from arvalis, who has been doing all sorts of realistic Pokemon designs. You can read more about the entire creation process here.

Fan-Art: Jessica Nigri's Litten cosplay

The wave of amazing Pokemon Sun/Moon tributes continues. This outfit was made the same day the starters were announced! Now that's seriously impressive.

Fan-Art: Custom Rowlet amiibo

Man...once again Pokemon fans show just how insanely talented they are. Now let's see if Nintendo decides to actually go ahead with Pokemon Sun/Moon starter Pokemon amiibo!

Fan-Art: Pokemon Sun/Moon plush Rowlet

How in the world do fans turn these projects around so fast?! I'm impressed with hand drawn art, but a plush?! A physical plush was made between now and when the starters were revealed? That is absolute insanity.

Fan-Art - Bloodrayne cosplay

Man, I feel like the entire Bloodrayne franchise got a bad wrap. Everything from the original games to the recent downloadable title. I enjoyed every single outing. I mean, people must have enjoyed the franchise somewhat. It wouldn't have had multiple entries if it were universally hated! Oh well, I guess it can live on in this gorgeous cosplay. Check out the gallery here.