Fan-Art: Amazing Zero Suit Samus cosplay

Man, talk about some cosplay that's a cut above the rest. This is a really impressive combination of costume and visual effects. I'd love to see more of this!

Fan-Art: Arcanine and Rapidash get a cosplay makeover

This style of cosplay is known as Gijinka, which takes an animal character and makes it more human-like. You can check out more pics of this pair here.

Fan-Art: Spare basement room turned into Super Mario Bros. underground art installation

Super Mario themed stairwell

Man, that's one hell of a project to take on. What an interesting idea for a room that would have otherwise gotten no use. Now I want to do the same thing in my house!

Fan-Art: Pokemon Sun/Moon tattoo

Now there's some real dedication! Maybe some day I'll get enough courage to get the Triforce tattooed on my hand. I just hate needles so much!