The Alliance Alive - Setting, characters, and staff details

In the latest issue of Famitsu, some details regarding the upcoming Nintendo 3DS role-playing game, The Alliance Alive, some details were provided. The game is said to be a new-classic RPG, as it will combine traditional RPG elements with new technology. 

The world within the game features a number of zones, and the world has been conquered by the Demon Clan for hundreds of years. Each zone has a different culture, and some cultures oppose the Demon Clan. The story will focus on a group of humans as they attempt to strike back against the Demon Clan's domination.

There are nine main characters, and they are all protagonists. The player controls a protagonist and moves the characters on a distant field map. The battle system is known as "Symbol Encounter." The nine characters are the following:

  1. Galil - A young boy under the “Night Crows” resistance. Has a mild personality but very passionate heart.
  2. Ursula - A blonde young girl also under the Night Crows. She’s completely ignorant and keeps speaking her real intentions. She also always manipulates Galil.
  3. Barbarosa - A ghost knight under Night Crows. His life was saved by Ursula’s father, so he swore allegiance to him.
  4. Vivian - Daughter of a noble from Demon Clan. She likes studying history, is interested in human world, and has gentle personality.
  5. Ignace - A demon butler serving Vivian. His personality emphasizes order and social rank just like the usual demon.
  6. Rachel - A mercenary hired by the Seal Technique Guild. She has deep humanity/empathy and will act instantly once she makes up her mind.
  7. Renzo - An adult informant under Night Crows. He’s optimistic but also has eyes that calmly looks at things.
  8. Jean - A technique user in the Seal Technique Guild which serves the Demon Clan. He overlooks everything and does not act impulsively.
  9. Tigi - A young girl researching the Black Flow. She calls herself a professor and creates many inventions.
The developers also explained that they intentionally had nine protagonists so that a player will likely find one to be identifiable. They wanted a player to choose a character as his/her favorite, and they wanted the world within the game to have plenty of variety. The developers also wanted to the game to feature a fair balance between gameplay and story, and different vehicles will appear within the game so that players can travel to and from towns more quickly.

These are the main staff members behind the game:

Producer/director – Masataka Matsuura
Scenario – Yoshitaka Murayama
Game Design – Kyoji Koizumi
Art Director – Masayo Asano
Composer – Masashi Hamauzu
Character Design – Ryou Hirao
Developer – Cattle Call

The game is said to be 65% complete, and it is scheduled to launch in Japan in Spring 2017. 

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Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death announced for Nintendo 3DS

According to this week's issue of Famitsu, Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death is in development for the Nintendo 3DS. A company known as Ruby Party, which is a subsidiary company of Koei Tecmo, shall be the developing company for the upcoming title, and staff members of the TV show are lending a helping hand in creating the game's visuals. 

The following information was also revealed about the game:

- The game will feature an original story that will take place in a castle

- The protagonist is a new, original character.

- You can choose the protagonist's gender.

- If you choose male, Mikasa will be your partner; if you choose female, Levi will be your partner.

- As the story progresses, you will be able to interact with various other characters.

- Development of the game is approximately 30% complete.

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