Pokemon Sun/Moon - Pokemon Refresh artwork

Pokemon Sun/Moon - High quality artwork of Passimian, Oranguru, and Lycanroc

Megami Meguri - TGS 2016 hands-on impressions

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After playing through the 20 minute demo on the show floor, I was left impressed with what I had seen. The voice synth tech works pretty well, the music and overall theme of teaching this goddess to speak was unique and charming. The fact that this game is going to be available as a free download on the 3DS eShop here in Japan (with options to pay real world money for in game items), it could be worth checking out the final build when it’s released on December 8.

Paper Mario: Color Splash - Bowser's role revealed (spoilers)

The following video has been placed after the story jump due to potential spoilers. Thanks to cm30 for the heads-up!

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