Random Time! - Mega Man approves of WWE SuperStar's new entrance theme

Above is the brand-new theme for TJ Perkins, the Cruiserweight champ in WWE. He debuted this theme at last night's Clash of Champions event and it seemed to really blow a lot of people away, including Mega Man himself.

Thanks to Meza12 for the heads up!

Random Time! - Pokemon GO in real life

Thanks to Marcos for the heads up!

Random Time! - RuPaul's Drag Race Queens React to Pokémon Porn Parody


Thanks to Mock Turtle for the heads up!

Random Time! - These Pokemon burgers don't quite live up to the advertisement

Ah, the old case of expectations followed up by reality. I hope the burgers at least tasted good, but I'm guessing that wasn't the case either!

Random Time! - Does an old bit of Mario merchandise show Mario/Luigi's father?

Nintendo had to pass off on this design at some point. In the earlier days of Mario, Nintendo may not have been as stringent as they are with the brand today. That might explain why something like this could slip through the approval process.

Notice that portrait on the wall with that older-looking Mario? It certainly seems like the main in that picture is related to Mario and Luigi. Who else could he be but their father? It seems this is the only bit of merchandise the man ever appeared in. It's pretty obvious that Nintendo has long forgotten about this item, but fans nowadays have rediscovered it and have plenty of questions!

Random Time! - Pikachu gets plastic surgery

I am not quite sure why, but a South Korean plastic surgery company has decided to give Pikachu some plastic surgery. The business posted this up on their official Facebook page. I guess they wanted to cash in on the Pokemon GO craze. The sad thing is, Pikachu looks scary as hell after the surgery!