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Interview with Ahmed Bin Fahad, owner of the world's biggest Nintendo collection

The following portion comes from an interview with Ahmed Bin Fahad on Nintendo Life:

It all began 20 years ago when I automatically started asking my parents to buy me the latest consoles and the latest games. Although I used to get them occasionally as presents, I made sure the old ones I had were stored in their boxes and were kept in a safe place; then I realized that I was obsessed with Nintendo.

Therefore a thought came to my head of collecting some clean copies of the old games of my childhood, as their memories are close to my heart.

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Random Time! - Commercial for Argentinian TV show uses Super Mario Bros. 2 theme

As you can see, the show has nothing to do with Nintendo or Super Mario Bros. 2. You have to wonder how stuff like this makes it past checks and balances!

Random Time! - Tampa Bay Lightning plays Mario Kart animation on the ice

Now this is an intermission I can get into! If you want to see the display in action, you can check out a video right here. Thanks to Chezcat for the heads up!

Random Time! - Canada's Twitter account wants to know which Pokemon is the most Canadian

We've seen Japan talk about the most pretty and ugliest Pokemon lately, so why not Canada looking for the most Canadian? I can't wait to see the reasons people come up with for their answers.

Random Time! - Even Arby's is getting in on the Pokemon Sun/Moon excitement

When something is trending on Twitter, you have to hop in on it and promote your business. That's just what Arby's is doing today! While they may have nothing to do with Pokemon Sun/Moon, they were sure happy to put together some condiment artwork to promote the game!

Random Time! - Japan votes on top 20 ugliest Pokemon

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Data comes from a Goo Ranking poll of 500 men and women (250 of each) with their ages ranging from 20 to 39.

20. Seismitoad
19. Eelektrik
18. Stunfisk
17. Magikarp
16. Magmar
15. Feebas
14. Garbodor
13. Drowzee
12. Tangrowth
11. Pinsir
10. Victreebel: 27 votes
9. Magmortar: 28 votes
8. Gloom: 29 votes
7. Exeggutor: 32 votes
5. Skrelp: 34 votes
5. Hypno: 34 votes
4. Jynx: 37 votes
3. Weezing: 39 votes
2. Muk: 74 votes
1. Grimer: 99 votes

Random Time! - Virtual Boy games being played on Google Cardboard via emulator

Once again, something Nintendo won't be happy about, but interesting nonetheless. I'm still baffled as to how Nintendo hasn't re-released some Virtual Boy games on the 3DS. I thought for sure that Wario Land: Virtual Boy would be a shoe-in. Thanks to Mr_Raccoon for the heads up!