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Random Time! - Piano gets a NES makeover

Thanks to GustyGardens for the heads up!

Random Time! - Baseball player's pre-swing routine gets a Monster Hunter makeover

People have been taking notice of one Japanese high school baseball player that has a pretty unique routine when he steps up to bat. While it's pretty entertaining to watch on its own, it's way better with a Monster Hunter makeover!

Random Time! - SEGA takes a subtle jab at Pixels movie release

SEGA released 3D Streets of Rage II this week and they took that opportunity to poke fun at the release of the Adam Sandler movie, Pixels. Here's a snippet of the official press release SEGA put out.

Based on critic reviews and audience reaction, it certainly seems like 3D Streets of Rage II is the best way to have some nostalgic fun this weekend.

Random Time! - Capcom hosts Monster Hunter-themed speed dating events

What better way to start off a date than by already knowing you have something in common? That's exactly what Capcom has in mind with their Monster Hunter speed dating events. Bring your 3DS and meet up with like-minded monster hunters to try and find a special connection. You can even get a special jacket or bag for showing up!