Random Time! - Story of the Pokemon GO warning signs

So here is a fun story from my own country! The inspiration to write this came from NintendoLife, who reported on it not long ago.  A week ago, the International Four Days Marches Nijmegen wrapped up. It is a yearly walking event where people from The Netherlands and the wider world come together.

Dutch fans of Pokemon GO wanted to comes together and catch monsters at the Marches Parties. Within moments, 4000 people were already planning to go to the fan created initiative. The organisation wanted to keep things safe and found a quirky way to do it. They made fourty signs at critial points to warn walkers and car drivers.

The fourty signs were stolen within minutes, but the organisation didn't mind. They said how it shows how much of a hype it actually is. They placed thirty new signs before the Marches started and the event continued like normal.

Now we fastforward to this week. Two students found the signs so endearing that they made their own. Naturally, the Four Marches signature was removed for a cleaner look. Within the first 48 hours, they sold 50 signs and they will continue to sell them as long as they can.

''They did it with a wink,'' the 22 year old Geraldo says to national broadcaster NOS. ''They didn't patent it, so we didn't expect them to mind. Marches Parties director Teddy Vrijmoet smiled and wished them much success in response.

Geraldo and his friends Jard and Tom (owner of a publicity agency) are selling two variants. A small one for 15 euros and a big version for 25. Geraldo isn't sure if any other versions will be added. ''We got a mail today that someone wanted 'Forbidden to catch Pokemon' sign. We find that too negative. We did this with positive thoughts in mind, so we are not going to do that for now. If it goes well for us, then we decide if we do more variants.''

He added that the online store will only be temporary. ''I think the game is here to stay, but these signs are a hype at the moment. But we are having fun with it so will see where it ends.''

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