Random Time! - Someone was a little too excited about the Switch reveal

I feel like there could have been a better way to show excitement for the Switch. That poor Wii U GamePad!

Random Time! - Ash, Misty original voice actors record a random skit

Good to know that both Ash and Misty are still hanging out to this day! Thanks to RikuKH for the heads up!

Random Time! - NFL's Odell Beckham Jr. wears Kirby-themed cleats

I don't know anything about Football at all, but I do know that I really like these cleats! Looks like I might have to pay attention to!

Random Time! - Give any pic a Game Boy-style makeover

Got a pic you want to give that classic Game Boy feel? That's what I did with the image above! That's me, sitting on the floor under a blanket. Now I look like a spooky ghoul! You too can give yourself that green all-over feeling by hitting up the link below and uploading a pic. It's as simple as that!

Upload here

Random Time! - Stranger Things star was promoting Nintendo before his big success

Notice anyone familiar in that amiibo/Smash Bros. Wii U commercial from 2014? If you are a fan of Stranger Things, you might have caught none other than Steve Harrington (played by Joe Keery) getting in some Smash Bros. Wii U fun. Yet another famous actor that popped up in a Nintendo commercial before they hit it big. Let's see if Keery ends up as successful as Paul Rudd!

Random Time! - Star Fox developers almost leaked Nintendo 64 details after a mishap

The following information comes from the subreddit of the boss of Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert:

I remember one from my Nintendo days where Giles (Goddard, fellow coder on StarFox) and I had been drinking with the Nintendo staff, this was towards the end of StarFox 2 and Giles had just got the loose leaf documentation (several hundred pages) for the very early prototype of the N64... anyway, I didn't have my bicycle so I hitched a lift on the back of Giles' (it had two metal pegs attached to the back wheel that you could stand on, and this kind of "double riding" was often seen in Japan in the 80s and 90s) ... anyway, we get back to town and we're crossing a busy road when Giles hits a pothole or something and we go flying, but so do the 100s of loose leaf pages, all over the road in central Kyoto... and the walk light blinked to red so we were laughing our heads off, completely drunk, frantically scrambling around picking up all this top secret documentation, jamming up the traffic. It took a while.

Click here to read Cuthbert's full subreddit!


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