Random Time! - Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Diplo...and Pikachu

The official video for Skrillex and Diplo's 'Where Are Ü Now' features a cameo from Justin Bieber...and Pikachu. It really is a split-second cameo, but Pikachu is in there! Check out the 1:58 mark to see for yourself.

Thanks to Mattmattishere for the heads up!

Random Time! - Pokemon rap, amiibo style

Thanks to AceBandage for the heads up!

Random Time! - Mother 3 'Wess Dance' gets added as a taunt in Project M

Just incase you're unfamiliar with the Wess dance...

Now here's a look at it in Project M.!

Random Time! - E3 2015 captured through the lens of a Game Boy Camera

What is this beast, you ask? It's a SD card dump for a Game Boy Camera! It lets you store up to 1,300 pics from the Game Boy Camera, and its creator put that tech to good use at E3 2015. Believe it or not, the creator went around E3 this year and snapped pics of the show via Game Boy Camera!

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