The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Random Time! - Pokemon Center is selling a lot of Pokemon...butt stuff

I mean, the title really says it all. Pokemon Centers in Japan are loading up on all sorts of Pokemon butt merchandise. You think I'm kidding? Just check out all the goodies here!

Random Time! - This real-life dog can't resist K.K. Slider's crooning

K.K. Slider is speaking directly to this dog's soul. I don't know what it is about K.K. that this dog loves, but his owner says the pooch comes around every single time he hears K.K.'s tunes.

Random Time! - Man creates working legs for Game Boy Color

Finally, someone has done what we've all been thinking for years. A Japanese Game Boy Color fan has decided to create working legs for the portable, which let it walk around on its own. I don't get it either, but it's fun to watch!

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