The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Random Time! - Super Mario 64 real-life hud shows stars/coins/health/lives

...This project takes the HUD values from Super Mario 64 - health, coins, lives and stars - and displays them on LED displays. It uses a program running on a PC that extracts values from Project64 and then sends the values to an Arduino which then updates the displays. This project could be expanded so that other in-game events affect the real world or even the other way round. What if you had to unlock the doors in SM64's castle to unlock real life doors?

Random Time! - Take a real-life tour in a Splatoon boat!

Talk about traveling in style! The Splatoon promotions in Japan continue on, this time with a Splatoon boat tour! You can hop aboard this Splatoon sea vessel and enjoy the 'Mysteries of the Cave' boat tour. Other than the Splatoon advertising on the boat, I don't think this tour has any connection to the game. That doesn't matter though, as the boat is cool enough on its own!

Random Time! - Nintendo/SEGA battling it out on Twitter over mustaches

This all has to do with everyone being in the middle of 'Movember', a month where guys grow beards/mustaches to help raise awareness for various cancers. I'm sure seeing this battle between SEGA/Nintendo has brought back wonderful members for a lot of long-time fans. Thanks to DuckHunter for the heads up!

Random Time! - The unreleased PS1 RTS that Nintendo would have indirectly co-funded

Did you know that Agatsuma's Yasuo Nakajima was involved with a real-time strategy game that was in development at Aquamarine? The title was planned for release on PS1 and was being funded by Marigul Management. Here's where things get really strange. Marigul Mangement was actually a joint project between Nintendo and Recruit Co.. Obviously the game never actually saw release, but you have to wonder if Nintendo new that a venture they were involved in was actually creating content for the competition!