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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Last week's video content from GoNintendo

Time for me to call it a day. Have a busy week ahead of me. Going to need as much rest as possible, but I have a feeling that's not going to happen. Too much nervous energy! How about you guys get some rest for me?! See you in a few, short hours.

Just incase you missed the last episode of Parents Play, I'll fill you in here. We're not going to have a new episode this week. My sister is getting married, which means she's throwing all kinds of monkey wrenches into the works. The festivities don't happen until Saturday, but there's all kinds of planning and other jazz going on later in the week. That means my parents won't be able to stop by for their usual Thursday visit...thus no new episode.

Long story short, please enjoy last week's episode...and then watch it again later on in the week! We'll get the series back in action come Thursday next week.

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 530

I don't know what happened in the overall scheme of things today, but we had a super long show today! We just had a lot of great stuff to discuss. I sure hope you don't mind us going over the time limit so much. We certainly had a lot of fun!

Download the show here!

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 530 records LIVE at 3:15 PM ET

I'm sure many of you are caught up in the activities of NYCC...and rightfully so! With that said, if you can manage to pry yourself away from that coverage for just a little bit, we'd love to have you join us on the podcast. We'll be chatting about this week in Nintendo, as well as what we've been playing. There's also music trivia and your answers to this week's podcast question! Last, but not least, come join us in our chat room below! You can talk with other viewers/listeners and interact with the podcast crew LIVE!

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My Parents Play - Yoshi's Woolly World

I know that Yoshi's Woolly World is old news for a lot of you. It may not be out stateside yet, but we've had so much coverage from Japan/Europe that it might seem like we've already played it! With that said, the game was BRAND-NEW to my parents, and they were pretty blown away by it. All it takes is some pretty yarn and soothing music to bring them together!

Please have a look at my parents putting on a pretty damn competent job playing Yoshi's Woolly World!

GoNintendo Review - Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash

Does a new genre for this pocket-sized robot pave the way for big success?

Chibi-Robo seems destined to be a Nintendo character that never gets much attention. The character certainly has his supporters out there, but he's definitely one of the lower-tier brands the company has. That's not a comment about game quality by any means. I'm talking about public knowledge of the character. That could be related to poor marketing. There's also a factor of release timing. On top of all that, Chibi-Robo games are extremely quirky and odd. The character's universe and handling just aren't going to set the world ablaze when it comes to popularity.

While that may be the case, Nintendo and Skip haven't stopped trying to expand the character's familiarity with consumers. You could arguably say that Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash is the biggest push we've seen for the character yet. While many Nintendo fans ignore or don't even know who Chibi-Robo is, now the little guy is getting a brand-new game with an amiibo. The fact that Nintendo made an amiibo for Chibi-Robo is a very obvious ploy to get some attention on the character. You can see that those involved with creating the games really do want more for Chibi-Robo. Sure, bigger sales would be nice, but this seems to be more about getting the character recognized.

That desire to spread the word also seems to fall right in line with the decision to switch up the traditional Chibi-Robo gameplay. This is the first time we're seeing Chibi-Robo get a true gameplay overhaul in a mainline title. Chibi-Robo has gone from free-roaming 3D adventure to traditional side-scroller. We all know that Nintendo's bread-and-butter comes from the side scrollers, so why not let Chibi-Robo have a go at the genre?

Click here to read the rest of the story...

My Parents Play - Yoshi's Woolly World

Our friends in Europe have been enjoying Yoshi's Woolly World for quite some time. Here in North America, fans have been waiting quite patiently. Thankfully, that wait is almost over! Next week we can all enjoy the wonderfully woolly world that Yoshi inhabits this time around.

For today, I'm very happy to share some footage with you of Yoshi's Woolly World. It's not just any footage, though. I thought this game would make a great focus for a Parents Play episode, and that's just what I've put together for you. Believe it or not, my parents do pretty damn well this time around. Well, my Mom always does well, but this time my Dad holds his own. I'm just as surprised as you guys are!

GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - What does the NX need to be a hit?

Shopping for dress clothes is a very trying experience when you're a big guy that never dresses up. Not one of the best ways I've spent my time off, but it had to be done! Sad part is, I still have more to do! Oh well, I sure hope you guys enjoyed your night for me! See you in a few, short hours.

You can all me a Nintendo fanboy all you want. I would hope that longtime readers know that I do love Nintendo, but I am not a Nintendo apologist. I don't agree with/like everything the company does. With all that said, I'm putting forth this statement. I really do love the Wii U. It has some hiccups that irk me, such as game loading time among other things, but I really do enjoy the system a great deal.

It makes me quite sad to see that people didn't latch onto the Wii U. We all know that Nintendo systems start at a deficit when it comes to building buzz. There's a large portion of people that just hate what Nintendo does no matter what. They just don't like the company and are out to spread the bad word on anything/everything they do. Sure, Microsoft and Sony have their wars between platforms, but it seems like large portions of both sides team up to bash Nintendo.

It is what it is and time moves on. Nintendo had a huge hit with the Wii and has had a swing/miss with Wii U. That's why the NX is on its way to us. We're going to learn about it in 2016 and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw it release before the year closed out. Only time will tell, but you can be sure that Nintendo has been using that time to do all they can to make the NX a success. Having it receive a lukewarm response like the Wii U could make for some very troubling future moves.

It's easy to make features and plan out ideas. It's pretty much impossible to guarantee a success. Nintendo can only do what they think will draw in an audience and capture the imaginations of millions. That's why I have this question for you guys. What do you think the NX absolutely needs/has to do in order to become a success? What features need to be included to get people to pick one up? What elements do you have on your list of must-haves?

Hangin' with Mr. Koopman - NintenDaan Wednesday

Here's an important bit of information. Due to time zone differences, the wonderful NintenDaan will actually turn 26 RIGHT when his round starts today! I know...shitty way to start off your birthday. Both of us realized this just earlier today! I promise I wouldn't make Daan work if I knew his birthday would fall right in line with his usual Wednesday block! I'm not THAT heartless!

So yes, while it may be the wee hours of the morning for Daan, it's still the start of his birthday. Please send him all the wonderful wishes you can muster up! Either comment here or hit him up on Twitter!

He's got the site from now until around 10 PM ET. That's when I come back from dress clothes shopping (shudder) and get back to work. See you later tonight, gang!

GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Should we do another week of Nintendo love?

I gotta do some fancy clothes shopping tomorrow. A wedding is coming up and I have no fancy clothes. Man, do I HATE dressing up! It's just not for me...but alas, it must be done. Not the most fun way to spend an evening off, but so be it. See you in a few, short hours!

Some of you might remember a feature we did on GoNintendo a couple years back. I was getting really fed up with some outlets that were putting together 'days' of hate or 'weeks' of hate when it came to gaming. They were putting together entire features aimed at spreading the hate that games/companies get. I don't care what company or game is being bashed. I felt like the idea was an absolutely ridiculous one. Why would you want to celebrate hate?

I found out soon enough why. Some of those outlets that put together hate features announced that they had their highest traffic ever when that content was being shared. I find that so deeply saddening that I can't even fully explain it. It goes far deeper than just the hate people have for video games, but that's a discussion for another day on another blog. Here we talk about games!

I've noticed that ever since that initial push, more outlets have been running with articles that aim to hate on all sorts of content. I really cannot stand the sight of that stuff. I won't knock anyone that enjoys the content or works on it, but it's not something I personally enjoy. I want to combat that with the complete opposite approach. I wanted to do a week of love and that's just what we did.

Quite frankly, I thought our week of Nintendo love was amazing. We had commentary from all sorts of people on Nintendo. I'm talking about well-known gaming personalities, celebrities and even Reggie Fils-Aime himself! I'm still deeply humbled/honored by all the people that participated. Now I'm thinking I'd like to do it again! The question is, would you like to see it?

Are you down for another week or two of Nintendo love features on GoNintendo? It would take the place of our End of Day thoughts for each day, and we'd have features written by all sorts of Nintendo fans. If that sounds interesting to you, please let me know!

GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Last week's video content from GoNintendo

Man, I am not ready for another work week. The weekends just blow by. It's insane how quickly they go. I sure hope you had a fun one! Let's let's hurry up and get to another! See you in a few, short hours.

Finally got a chance to log on and do my End of Day thought! Comcast has been having issues tonight, but it seems like they got their act together. Now I can quickly share the videos we published last week! Hopefully you'll find them entertaining!