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RUMOR: Nintendo's next handheld is codenamed "MH" [UPDATE: FALSE]

According to Japanese financial company, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Nintendo's next handheld is being developed under the codename of "MH." Now, this is only a rumor, meaning that nothing is 100% confirmed at the moment. Even if it ends up being true, this is currently the only information available. Once more information about Nintendo's next handheld is available, it shall be posted here on the site.

    UPDATE: The following statement was made by Dr. Serkan Toto:

That Morgan Stanley Japan note on Nintendo does NOT mean a portable console or the name ‘MH’ is confirmed. They are picturing a scenario. Such ‘rich’ forward-looking analysis and also the wording is standard in investor notes. I know because I read *tons* of them.

RUMOR - Pokken Tournament outsells Street Fighter V at retail in U.S.

As we've said before, ZhugeEX seems to be in the know when it comes to sales data, as he apparently has full access to NPD data. Also worth pointing out again, this figure includes physical sales of these two games and not digital purchases.

More talk of Nintendo working on feature films (UPDATE)

We have an update on this information from Dr. Serkan Toto, a well-known analyst...

Comic book movies were pretty damn bad for a number of years. It took Hollywood quite some time to find the magic formula to turn comic books into entertaining movies, but now they're huge moneymakers. We just need one game company to make that same boom happen for the game industry. It sure would be nice to see Nintendo make that happen! Thanks to Led-Mirrorknight for the heads up!

RUMOR - NX handheld to be powered by Nvidia Tegra

Well, I guess today's the day for NX power rumors! We still don't know for sure if NX is a handheld, console or both. We do know that there's plenty of discussion floating around about the power of the system, but nothing officially confirmed. Today we add to that speculation with a feature from SemiAccurate looking into a potential deal with Nvidia.

Apparently some inside information points to Nintendo and Nvidia striking a deal over their Tegra chip. This is specifically targeted for a handheld, which again points to the NX at least being available in some handheld form. I must once again point out that this is rumored info right now, and nothing is confirmed until Nintendo or Nvidia themselves say otherwise.

RUMOR - More info on the raw power of NX

The following info comes from Emily Rogers, who obtained info from 7 different sources...

- NX is not using x86 architecture like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
- NX has special, custom-made chips
- overall design of the hardware is very modern
- chips are industry leading because they are very modern chips
- having modern chips doesn’t necessarily mean Nintendo is aiming to create the most powerful hardware on the market
- in terms of raw power, NX is much closer to Xbox One than PlayStation 4
- claims that NX is “two times the power of PS4 GPU” are not correct
- NX will most likely not compete directly with PS4 (Neo) / PS4K in raw power

RUMOR - A look into cancelled plans for Disney Infinity's future

The following comes from two sources close to Disney Infinity that have detailed supposed plans for Disney Infinity content before future plans were cancelled.

- level pack for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
- new line of 12-inch figures
- Disney Infinity 4.0 with a story mode that would have intertwined the adventures of characters from the series’
- Infinity's cancellation had a lot to do with miscalculations in toy manufacturing
- 12 inch figures for Buzz Lightyear, Elsa, Hulk, Hulkbuster, Jack Skellington, and Darth Vader
- these would launch in the Fall for $45 each, would have featured more detail, lit up, and acted differently in-game
- Ninja Theory had been working on material based on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
- Studio Gobo were working on content based on the upcoming animated feature Moana
- Disney Infinity 4.0 would have material from Cars 3, Star Wars VIII, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Coco, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Thor: Ragnarok
- new story mode for the Toy Box
- production delays in figurines caused problems for Disney
- some figures also didn't sell what they expected, with Hulk selling 1 million out of 2 million produced
- there was a possible deal with Hasbro to help manufacture toys
- Disney was hoping to move unsold toy stock by making figurines compatible with new level packs
- Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy didn't sell well
- troubles negotiating between brands lead to issues with figurine creation and content development
- LucasArts wanted Disney Infinity to focus on the animated cartoon, Disney wanted to focus on The Force Awakens

RUMOR: Do we have an English title for Ace Attorney 6?

Apparently people have been snooping around the Ace Attorney 6 demo on the Japanese eShop. Someone has dumped the game, revealing a new title for the game - Spirit of Justice.

Right now this is just nothing more than speculation. But it is an interesting step in the right direction!

RUMOR: Could Nintendo be dropping optical discs for NX?

Another day, another set of rumors for the NX. The latest one involves the NX's optical drive...or perhaps the lack of one. This rumor comes from, where it claims that perhaps the NX's optical drive will be removed in favor of ROM storage - in other words, a return to card/cartridge based format. You can check out the full details here

Rather interesting. Would you like to see a return to a cartridge-based format for home consoles? Or maybe a download-only service?

RUMOR - Sonic, Knight Rider coming to LEGO Dimensions

Well here's an interesting one for you. It seems like there have been some LEGO Dimensions leaks lately, including talk of Supergirl getting her own content. That's not the only rumored update on the way. LEGO insiders have been sneaking around and have seem to uncovered a few points of data that seem to indicate both Sonic the Hedgehog and Knight Rider content coming to LEGO Dimensions. No official confirmations just yet, but it's certainly not hard to believe. Sonic is especially believable, considering other game-related content in LEGO Dimensions, as well as the fact that Sonic is celebrating his 25th anniversary!