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RUMOR - Modern 8-bit Mario amiibo may not be bundle exclusive

A Canadian Walmart employee has shared a supposed document from the retailer that shows a listing for the Modern 8-Bit Mario amiibo that would exist outside of the Super Mario Maker bundle. This would mean that you wouldn't need the bundle to get that specific amiibo. With that said, it seems like if this is the case, the modern 8-bit Mario amiibo would be Walmart exclusive.

RUMOR - XSEED unhappy with Nintendo over Devil's Third situation

Remember when we heard that Nintendo wasn't going to bring Devil's Third to the states due to quality issues? Remember the rumor of XSEED picking the game up for release in the states when Nintendo dropped it? All we know for sure is that Nintendo is indeed bringing the game stateside now. That situation beforehand, if true, would certainly be quite a messy one.

That's why it's no surprise we're hearing that XSEED is none too pleased with Nintendo swooping back in for the publishing rights. This info comes from ShockingAlberto, who has been privy to inside information in the past. We'll try to get comment from XSEED, but I'm thinking they won't be too forthcoming with the matter. Thanks to Anonymousfor the heads up.

Sin & Punishment 1 and 2 ESRB Rated for Wii U eShop

According to the images above, the ESRB has rated both Sin & Punishment and Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. While a specific release date is currently unknown, it should not be long before an official announcement is made.

RUMOR - Could Professor Layton be appearing in Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS?

We've all been down this route before. Nothing is official until Nintendo gives us a confirmation. I guess Level-5 could give the confirmation as well. Thanks to all that sent this in!

RUMOR - GameStop not taking preorders on select Wave 5 amiibo on Sept. 11th

- GameStop is scheduled to get 4 amiibo for sale on 9/11
- there will be no preorders
- a limited amount will be available on
- allocation sent to each store based on previous amiibo sales
- no word yet on if they will do tickets like they did for the Retro 3-Pack
- amiibo include Ganondorf, Zero Suit Samus, Olimar and 8-Bit Classic Mario

RUMOR - Real or fake? Is there a Tingle costume in Super Mario Maker? (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Looks like this is the real deal, as the Miiverse post has been found. Thanks to all that sent this in!

Which side of the argument are you going to be on? People around the web are trying to figure out if the image above is the real deal or not. We haven't heard anything about Tingle being a Mario costume in Super Mario Maker, but now this image is making people scratch their heads. I'm thinking it's fake, but I suck at guessing! Thanks to Overkill for the heads up.

RUMOR - Dr. Mario amiibo may be Target exclusive

We don't have official confirmation of this yet, but there's some pretty good evidence floating around. A listing for the Dr. Mario amiibo has popped up on Target's website. That listing is no where else to be found. No other retailers have the amiibo listed as an upcoming item. Not 100% proof just yet, but certainly seems to be an indicator. Now let's see if Target will comment on the findings.

Yet another round of rumored info on GameStop's amiibo event, 3-pack

This information on GameStop's upcoming amiibo event and 3-pack sale is getting a bit out of hand. We haven't heard anything official from GameStop yet, which makes me just a tad nervous. Instead of bombarding you with yet another breakdown of info, some of which contradicts what we've already reported, I figured I'd just provide you with the link. Read on at your own risk!

Info here

RUMOR - More info on GameStop's supposed amiibo event, 3-pack purchase

Well there you go, another bit of information supposedly from GameStop on the event we posted last week. Might be time to get your money ready and prepare yourself for standing in line!