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RUMOR - Bravely Second swaps out 'Tomahawk' class for 'Cowboy'

Looks like Bravely Second may be trying to steer clear of offending native Americans in its localized version. As you can see above, it looks like the Tomahawk class has been given a makeover, turning into the Cowboy class. This isn't officially confirmed by Square-Enix yet, as the Cowboy image came from a Spanish retailer. It certainly looks the real deal to me, but we'll wait for Square-Enix to confirm before we untag as a rumor. Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up.

RUMOR - Daisy costume found on Super Mario Maker's Japanese site (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Confirmed fake. The creator has come forward and said he did it in order to show Nintendo how many people want Daisy added to the game.

No idea if this is an idea that was yanked or one that will come up at a later point. Don't even know if it's the real deal or not! Thanks to Al for the heads up!

RUMOR - Minecraft could be coming to Wii U

It looks as though Minecraft may finally be coming to the Wii U, as the PEGI board has added a game by the name of "Minecraft WiiU Edition" to their servers. However, this article shall be marked as a rumor until there is an official announcement.

RUMOR - Japanese dev's sister kidnapped to make him stop working with Nintendo

The following interview snippet comes from John Szczepaniak's book, The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Volume 2. Names are redacted for legal reasons and Szczepaniak interviewed the source under the agreement of complete anonymity.

- dev says his younger sister was kidnapped
- a game company hired some gangsters to do it
- they did this in order to make the dev stop cooperating with Nintendo
- in Japan there's a perception that "play" is bad, the opposite of hard work
- amusement-oriented industries inevitably become infested with evil companies and ties to the underworld
- the only companies that have been able to do business while staying clean are probably Nintendo and Namco

The story continues on and is just as crazy as what you've read above. If you're wondering what company is involved here, you'll have to go hunting for that info on your own. There are more details in the full article that could point you to an answer.

RUMOR - An all-white New Nintendo 3DS could be coming to Europe

Earlier this morning, Nintendo announced that Nintendo Badge Center would be released in Europe on November 13th. A trailer for this announcement showcased an all-white New Nintendo 3DS system at the end of the trailer. This has led to speculation in regards to whether or not this 3DS will be released in Europe soon. For now, there is no official announcement from Nintendo, but any news about these 3DS systems shall be posted here once more information is available.

RUMOR - Retro could be working on an original IP that they proposed to Nintendo

The following info comes from Liam Robertson (Tamaki) from Unseen64...

- Retro Studios typically gets three chances to pitch a project to Nintendo
- if the concept isn't greenlit after the third attempt, they'll be assigned a project that NCL deems more likely to sell well

"I don't actually know what the project is, exactly, but I know that it is something that Retro themselves pitched. … They came off of Tropical Freeze in very late 2013, I think it was, and they continued throughout 2014 pitching new projects. … And then they eventually pitched a project that went through, and NCL greenlit, and I assume that's what they're doing now—by all accounts, it is.

I don't think Retro wants to do [Metroid Prime 4]. … I'd be surprised if Retro themselves pitched [that]. I think they've had their fill of Metroid. … And if it is Metroid, then it will be something different—like maybe a 2D one, or something—different from Prime.

I think they have the potential to work on multiple projects, but I feel like the money isn't there. People don't realize it, but Retro is one of the priciest studios for [Nintendo] to maintain, and I can't see them letting them do two projects at once. As far as I know, they have one NCL producer with them right now, and I couldn't see this person overseeing both of them; I think this person would be doing one.

… And you were saying, 'could it be an original property?' I think, actually, the time is now for Retro to do an original property. They've done two established Nintendo franchises, they've done Metroid and Donkey Kong, and I think now is the time to let them take hold of the reins a bit more for themselves and do that. And I think if it is something that they pitched themselves, then that does make it more likely that they pitched something original."

RUMOR - More chatter on Nintendo's mobile plans, first game to use established IP

This information once again comes from Dr. Serkan Toto, game industry consultancy...

RUMOR - Unused dialog datamine from Tri Force Heroes points to paid DLC, new areas

The following dialog was supposedly datamined from The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. These lines are attributed to The Great Tripini...

You'll have to pay to, ah...access the new areas...

On the other hand, the latest update is free, so... You, uh, you wanna download that update, buddy?

You must download the latest update before purchasing add-on content.

Looks like you haven't, the latest update yet... You'll need it to go to the new areas in the Drablands.

Okay, let's get real now. New areas of the Drablands are now available for purchase from Nintendo eShop. Would you like to go to Nintendo eShop to get more information?

Looks like some paid DLC is on the way and it's going to give us some new areas to play. Nintendo definitely isn't going to comment on this now, so I guess we'll just have to wait until they're ready!

RUMOR: NX has "industry leading chips"

There's been more speculation this week concerning the NX. The Wall Street Journal, however, had an interesting bit of information about "industry leading chips" in their article about the speculation. NintenGen emailed the author of the article, Takashi Mochizuki, and got the following response:

Several people who said who have seen a demo said what they saw is impossible to run on a computer without a "industry-leading" or "cutting-edge" chips. Cutting-edge in what way, they refused to elaborate.
And an important thing to remember, probably you know well already, is that chip specs won't be finalized until much closer date to the release.
Is it possible that the NX may be more powerful than, say, the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? With all the rumors and speculation coming out this week, it'll be very interesting to see just what the NX actually is!

RUMOR - Super Mario Galaxy/Skyward Sword/Other m listings discovered for Wii U VC

UPDATE - It appears that listings for Metroid: Other M and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword have also appeared.

The datamining continues and it's not just Zelda we're talking about. Now the snoopers have dug up an official listing for Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii U. Now keep in mind, this listing is very different from the Twilight Princess listing. This one seems to be tied to just a regular Wii release, via Wii U eShop rather than an HD remake.