RUMOR - German dev talks Switch touch screen, hardware power

The following information comes from Teut Weidemann, one of the first German professional game developers. He worked at Rainbow Arts, Microsoft USA, cdv Software Entertainment, Ubisoft and more. It does not seem that Mr. Weidemann is working on the Switch himself, but he is in contact with devs that have dev kits.

- Switch screen is a touchscreen that supports up to 10 points of interaction
- current dev kits are running on older hardware specs
- Switch may be based on the new Tegra X2, which is quite a jump from the X1

Thanks to Cassiel for the heads up!

RUMOR - Insight on Nintendo's push into eSports

The following info comes from a source intimate with esports team management and a source close to Nintendo...

"I know Splatoon was a test run for a competitive game, so they're either gonna flesh the current game out, or do something for the Switch."

- organizations heavily identified with eSports have been in contact with Nintendo as far back as Dreamhack Austin
- European and Japanese competitive teams were in contact as well
- Smash Bros and Pokken Tournament are titles being explored for the esports space.
- teams named included TSM, Team Liquid, and Immortals from North America, as well as G2, SK, Fnatic, and NaVi in EU

"From what it sounds like, they aren't looking to make a LoL, CS, or Overwatch. They don't want to be a front-runner; they just want to be a part of it."

RUMOR - All Switch bundle options to include dock, Pro Controller lacks headphone jack

- the Dock will be a part of all packages in all regions
- handheld-only package may come at some point later
- Nintendo considered the idea of selling the handheld portion separately
- this was scrapped due to concerns that consumers who purchased the handheld sans dock might still think they could connect it to their TV
- no plans for the Switch to be able to connect to your TV without the use of the dock
- Switch Pro Controller doesn’t feature a headset port
- this info is based on the hardware model shown during the Switch reveal

RUMOR - Nintendo Switch's right JoyCon can be used as IR pointer

This comes from a LetsPlayVideoGames report...

''We said in a recent report that we believe games will not be allowed to require touch screen functionality for any game, as all Switch games will be required to be playable while the handheld is in the dock.

With regards to how this will be circumvented, we believe the solution is that touch screen games will be playable on your TV by use of an IR pointer located in the bottom of the right Joy-Con.

Having spoken to sources within Ubisoft, we believe that games which support touch functionality on the handheld will use IR functionality to replicate that ability on the TV.''

RUMOR - Joy-Cons to have analog triggers

Why is this even worth mentioning? Well, for anyone that's been waiting for Nintendo to release GameCube games on a Virtual Console service, this would be the chance. If the analog triggers rumor is true, that would remove one of the biggest barriers for Cube games on a digital service.

Switch rumors - motion control, multitouch screen, dock secrets, Beyond Good & Evil 2 & more

All this info comes from Laura Kate Dale, who has proven herself extremely trustworthy with information. She has gone through multiple sources to get this information. Still, it's all rumor until Nintendo confirms. If you hit up the source link, you can see just how Laura got all this info.

- Switch will be region-free
- Joy-Cons will support motion control & rumble
- Switch dev kits support Wiimotes
- motion support will be confirmed closer to launch
- the Splatoon and Mario Kart games will support motion
- Breath of the Wild will support motion control for things like gyro aiming, steering, use of the magnet ability
- the past six months have been legal and pre-development discussions between Ubisoft/Nintendo for Beyond Good & Evil 2
- discussions included budget and direction, project scope, and how much of previous development efforts could be salvaged
- October art teases were the result of the project reaching a point where all parties were confident they could re-announce it
- Switch screen is a multitouch screen, used for menus, for drawing, for certain games
- all Switch games need to be playable with the handheld in the console dock, all Switch games will be playable without touch
- dock will have additional processing power
- maximum battery life of three hours
- price, release dates for regions, launch software and spec press releases are essentially ready for release

RUMOR - Switch will not be the successor to 3DS, replacement coming much later

I am keeping this marked rumor because we don't have an official translation of the information. With that said, I'm quite surprised to see that Nintendo plans to release a dedicated portable system that will succeed the 3DS. With Switch being a console/portable hybrid, I figured it would take the place of both hardware lines.

Rumors on the Switch's battery life

Now that we have seen what the Switch is and what it will do, there are evne more questions to answer. Those questions will probably take months to answer, so the rumors and speculation come up once again.

I want to point out that the tweet above comes from someone that was spot-on with Switch rumors. From design to functionality, she got everything right. She also is the main source behind the Beyond Good & Evil 2 Switch exclusivity rumor. I just wanted to make all that clear so you could form the best opinion possible on her battery life comments.

That said, just what exactly does 'mediocre' entail? I honestly don't know, but I can tell you that Laura retweeted someone that said the 3DS battery life was mediocre.

RUMOR - Lime Green New 3DS XL coming stateside, bundled with Super Mario World

The Lime Green New 3DS XL exists in Japan, and according to the image above, that color option is coming stateside with an added bonus. Our source claims the portable is going to see release in the states come next week. Certainly seems legit to us, but nothing is official until Nintendo confirms it.

RUMOR - Vague details on new NX game from Nintendo

You know how we feel about our good friend Emily Rogers. Keep in mind, she got info on Paper Mario: Color Splash 100% right before the game was revealed. Keep that in mind when reading the details above.