RUMOR - EU retailers unable to order more Wii U stock after Oct. 1st

Rumor has it that European retailers aren't going to be able to order the Wii U after Oct. 1st. It's not too surprising, considering the NX is set for launch in March of 2017. The only thing that seems to fly in the face of this is that Nintendo said they're going to produce Wii U until 2018. I guess you might be able to buy from Nintendo directly, but EU retailers are going to be out of luck after this October.

RUMOR - Retailers heading to undisclosed Nintendo Europe event in Germany

Time to let the rumors run wild, boys and girls. Various sources are reporting that there's some kind of retailer event going on at Nintendo Europe in Germany. Apparently this meeting is tied to some sort of announcement that'll take place within the next few days. With all the NX speculation going on right now, you have to wonder if this is what the rumored get-together is all about.

IGN discusses NX rumors, things they've heard from developers

The following info comes from IGN's Peer Schneider...

- Peer is "100% convinced" that the NX will use cartridges like the 3DS
- NX is a portable device you can dock to your TV
- share button is likely
- skeptical of the "split d-pad" rumor considering the traditional d-pad has been a focus of Nintendo's marketing lately
- detachable controllers are low budget...cheap like the Wii Nunchuk
- Peer has heard these detachable controllers communicate via IR
- these detachable controllers are for travel play and aren't your main method of gameplay input
- 720p resolution for the screen is "very credible" and "very highly likely"
- one developer called NX a "reboot for Nintendo".
- Just Dance 2017 on NX means there's a way to measure what you're doing while dancing

Thanks to Dakhil for the heads up!

Resident Evil 7 trademark mentions cartridges, adds fuel to NX rumors (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Some older Capcom trademarks have also included mention of cartridges, but those games never saw release on cartridge. For example, Deep Down made mention of cartridges, but that game never saw release on that format.

The official trademark registration for Resident Evil 7 lists cartridges among other media. Xbox One doesn't use cartridges, nor does PS4. Rumor has it that the NX does. That's why this find is gaining another wave of traction now after surfacing awhile back. It's important to note that some previous Capcom titles mentioned the use of cartridges in their trademarks, but cartridge releases never happened.

The recent Breath of the Wild trademark also made mention of cartridges, which once again fueled the rumor that NX will use them. Certainly a bit of speculation for the time being, but hopefully Nintendo will come forward soon and clear up some of these NX details. Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up.

RUMOR - Nintendo developer portal updated in relation to NX

NWPlayer123 is the woman behind an absolute ton of leaks. We're talking about spot-on content that is 100% accurate. Now she's at it again with some info about the Nintendo developer portal.

According to her, the NX SDK has been updated to version 1.0. Why would Nintendo make a move on this now? If the info is true, it would seem to indicate that Nintendo will be releasing NX details to devs that don't have dev kits yet. This way they can approximate the NX's abilities/powers when developing a game on their PC.

RUMOR - Is Kevin Pereira teasing NX news for tomorrow? (UPDATE)

It seems that Mr. Pereira was making a joke. He apparently said so on Twitter, then deleted that statement as well.

Former G4 host Kevin Pereira has been playing with Nintendo fans all day. It's clear that he's involved somehow with Nintendo's appearance at the GameStop expo. That we know for sure, but should fans expect NX info from that event? As you can see above, Mr. Pereira has a thinly veiled hint at NX info tomorrow in his tweet. The thing is, he quickly deleted the tweet after sharing. Was he just teasing Nintendo fans, or should we be legitimately excited about tomorrow? Thanks to ContraNetwork for the heads up!

RUMOR - Nintendo confirms multiple amiibo restocks at GameStop expo

We're not at the GameStop expo, but we are hearing some reports from the show. Nintendo will have a presentation to put on, and it seems like during the event they'll confirm restocks for the following amiibo.

- Samus
- Sonic
- Dark Pit
- Mega Man
- Gold Mario
- Robin

Thanks to Neverunplaying for the heads up!

RUMOR - overview of NX basic features

This rumor comes to us from Emily Rogers. In this snippet from an article she posted, Emily talks about the various elements of the NX...

Here is what you can expect from the final retail product:

  • Custom Nvidia GPU chip
  • Region Free (No region lock)  <– Confirmed this.
  • Six inch (6.2 inch?) multi-touch screen (Heard nothing about a stylus)
  • The touchscreen has 720p resolution. <— 100% Confirmed.
  • 32GB of built-in internal storage
  • SD card support
  • Supports USB 2.0 and 3.0
  • The dock has two 2.0 usb ports and one 3.0 usb port.
  • The device is around 14 – 15 mm in thickness.
  • The right analogue stick will be below the face buttons.
  • Camera and microphone are not built into the NX portable device.
  • Cooling is still a little noisy
  • Detachable controllers (motion controls and next-gen vibration technology) <– Everything Laura Kate Dale said in her article was correct.
  • Share / Social button that Laura Kate Dale posted is true.
  • There are at least two shoulder buttons. I haven’t heard anything yet about triggers.
  • Battery Life — Ehhh not great. I haven’t heard an exact number of hours, but it doesn’t sound great.
  • Below PS4 and XB1 in raw power.
  • Supports Unreal Engine 4 and Unity Engine.

RUMOR - Wall Street Journal backs up NX cartridges claim

This comes from the Wall Street Journal...

''Nintendo Co. plans to adopt cartridges for its next-generation videogame console, people familiar with the matter said, a step that might prompt a reassessment of the old-school format.''

We have another outlet claiming the cartridges are indeed on the cards. Once more, I want to mention that these are rumors until Nintendo says otherwise.

RUMOR - Nintendo to support 3DS until 2018

With rumors stating that the NX is going to be a console/portable hybrid, many were figuring that the 3DS' days were numbered. That might not be true, if our friend Emily Rogers is to be believed. She's heard info that points to 2018 support for the 3DS, which means the portable still has a couple years left in it. Will we see more new content announced, or will the ride to 2018 involve NoA localizing titles that haven't left Japan yet?