RUMOR - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to contain dual audio voices

The tweet above comes from someone who asked a Nintendo rep at a Switch hands-on event about dual audio voices in Breath of the Wild. According to them, whatever version you buy will have audio for English and Japanese. We've heard these reps get things incorrect before, so let's hang back until we hear straight from Nintendo themselves.

RUMOR - FIFA on Switch to be based off PS3/360 versions

RUMOR - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild resolutions when docked/portable

You thought the rumors were over now that the press conference has come and gone? Oh no, think again! How much trust do you put into a random Nintendo rep?!

RUMOR - Info on GameStop's trade-in offers for Switch

Am I crazy for thinking that's a halfway decent price for a Wii U trade-in? Anyone going to take GameStop up on that offer if real?

RUMOR - Walmart Switch preorder details

Limit 2 Per Customer

Does anyone ever preorder from Walmart? Is this the first time you can preorder a console from Walmart? I've bought games there before, but never preordered. At least we have some details now!

Another source comes forward to support the Metroid Switch rumor

I know many of people would like to see Metroid return. The rumors say it's happening, but Retro isn't involved. What company would Nintendo be pairing up with for Samus' console return?

RUMOR - Latest 4chan Switch leak might have some legitimate information

UPDATE - Has-Been Heroes has been rated in Austraila as well (thanks OperationGamer17!)

4chan...a place filled with all sorts of wacky stuff, including video game rumors. There have been a ton of Switch rumors from all kinds of sources, including 4chan. Most are dismissed as soon as they're posted, but the one above apparently has a grain of truth to it. The truth comes from the title Has Been Heroes, which apparently recently had its name registered in Europe. The registration doesn't have any info on platforms for release, but it is indeed a game that has been registered by Frozenbyte. How in the world would anyone know that unless they either leaked Frozenbyte info specifically, or their claim of working a Switch event is the real deal?

RUMOR - Senran Kagura creator says he's interested in seeing how fans react to a unique Switch feature

According to translations, Senran Kagura creator Kenichiro Takaki has said the following about the Switch.

"I'm interested how they will introduce THAT unique feature, and how people will react to it."

We've heard for quite some time that the Switch has a unique feature that's yet to be revealed. If the translations are correct, it seems like Takaki is directly confirming that rumor.

RUMOR - More info on Mario Kart 8 Switch port, another rumored port may not be a port at all

If Mario Kart 8 Switch has 16 new tracks, you can count me in! Also, it seems betting odds are on Splatoon being the game that's not really getting a Switch port, but instead, will be a sequel.

RUMOR - Mario X Rabbids RPG pushed back, given more dev time

For all the talk about this rumored game, it would be a real shame to not see something for it during the presentation. Even if it is pushed back in terms of released, I'd imagine there's some sort of teaser trailer ready to be shared.