RUMOR - NX won't be as powerful as PS4

As usual, rumors from Tamaki come with a bit of weight behind them. Tamaki has repeatedly shown that he is able to obtain massive amounts of previously unknown information on multiple Nintendo projects. With that said, this info is still considered rumor.

RUMOR: Nintendo to start pilot production on NX in October for 2016 launch

According to an article from DigiTimes, Nintendo is set to launch their next console, currently codenamed Nintendo NX, in July of next year. The article states that the console will be manufactured by Foxconn Electronics, while Pegatron Technology is trying to "snatch" some of the orders.

These orders, according to the article, are set to be complete by February or March of next year, with production starting in May/June for a July release. They look to ship 20 million units in the first year, a stark contrast to the 2 million the Wii U has shipped this year.

Of course, this is meant to be taken as a rumor, but it seems possible at the very least we'll know more about NX in the next year.

RUMOR - David Wise working on unannounced Nintendo project

Coming at the one hour, fifty minute mark...

Thanks to Thedestructo94 for the heads up!

Those NX/Diddy Kong Racing 2 rumors you've been hearing

Yes, we are well aware of the chatter about NX costing $150 and Diddy Kong Racing 2 being in development for hte platform. No, we have no idea what to make of the rumors. With so many people messaging us about the story, I figured I'd make a quick post. You can check out the source of the rumor right here.

RUMOR - NX will be able to emulate Android games

Remember when there were the Android rumors for the NX, and Nintendo quickly shot those down? Those were about the NX running an Android operating system. Now with today's earlier rumor concerning Amazon, it seems that the NX might have the ability to emulate Android games.

- When Nintendo announced their mobile games, Amazon was interested in having games also be on the Amazon App store
- Nintendo games will be on the Amazon store on day one, or shortly after Play Store and App Store.
- Amazon is asking Nintendo what they need to do to have Amazon App Store games play on Nintendo consoles
- Amazon got the impression that Nintendo is thinking about emulating Android games.
- Nintendo will not create an Android system, but instead will emulate Android games.
- this is not something that's confirmed

Two big rumors pair Nintendo with Disney for a project, Nintendo with Amazon for mobile games

These rumors come from the same source that accurately nailed the Wave 3 amiibo info, as well as Nintendo characters being in Skylanders.


Nintendo & Disney have negotiated a deal for films, video games and interactive toys/merchandise

- amiibo are not included in Disney Infinity 3.0 because both companies are yet to set an agreement
- Disney wanted to have Mario figurine in Disney Infinity, but Nintendo hasn't made a deal yet
- Mario could star in Disney films, such as Wreck-It Ralph 2
- Disney wants a game where Mario and Mickey meet up
- Nintendo is open to the idea, but want to set their own pace for it


Nintendo mobile games will hit the Amazon App Store

- Nintendo will offer their mobile games through Amazon App Store
- Amazon approached Nintendo about the deal
- Nintendo asked Amazon about Amazon TV game
- people at Amazon think that there is something related to Android going on
- Nintendo is moving some of their data out of Amazon Cloud Servers to DeNA ones

RUMOR - Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water may be a digital-only release in the states

It looks like fans of physical game copies might be a bit disappointed with Nintendo in the coming months. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is certainly one of the bigger, more core-focused games landing on the Wii U this year, but it seems like you might not be able to grab a physical copy. The official hub page for the game doesn't show any boxart, but instead shows an eShop icon where boxart is normally displayed. Usually we see placeholder boxart in that spot for physical releases. Again, this doesn't mean an eShop-only release is 100% confirmed, but it seems to hint at that. Nintendo is yet to comment on this, but we'll try to get some sort of answer for you guys.

Rumor: The Legend of Zelda TV series moves to Amazon (UPDATE)

UPDATE - Turns out the project was related to Zelda Fitzgerald, not The Legend of Zelda.

We heard awhile back from the Wall Street Journal that The Legend of Zelda was going to be turned into a live-action series. After that initial rumor, all information dried up. Nintendo denied the rumor and that was that. Now months later, we're hearing that the series is still in the works, but it's been moved over to Amazon Instant Video. The pilot is set to be shot this August and will film between New York and Savannah in Georgia. Thanks to Gybones for the heads up!

RUMOR - Yarn Yoshi amiibo were hands-off at E3 2015 due to NFC theft fears

Nintendo was happy to bring their Yarn Yoshi amiibo to E3 2015, but they wouldn't let the press go hands-on with them. You could sit and stare all you wanted, but no touching. Why is that, you ask? Rumor has it that Nintendo was afraid a member of the press/show attendee would remove the NFC chip from a yarn Yoshi. Removal would be easy, seeing as how the NFC chip is just sewn into the bottom of the amiibo. Thanks to nn64 for the heads up!