RUMOR - Metroid coming to the Switch, but don't expect to see it during the presentation

I've been 50/50 on sharing Obe1Plays content, but with the backing of Liam Robertson, I feel confident in sharing this rumor. The most interesting part of the rumor is the dev working on the title, which is apparently quite surprising. Let the speculation begin! Thanks to Jacktendo92 for the heads up!

RUMOR - Target showing 15 Switch games, $299 price in their system

Now the question is...which retailer leak is right? Does Best Buy have the right price at $250, or is Target in the know with their $300?

RUMOR - Aonuma spotted at Nintendo NY

Remember when a rumor came out about Miyamoto appearing at Universal Studios to film something near the iconic studio globe? There were no pictures for proof, but the info turned out to be spot-on. Now we're in another situation just like that.

A source over at NeoGAF claims that they saw Eiji Aonuma over at Nintendo NY tonight. He was apparently with a cameraman, and disappeared to the top floor of the store to presumably record something. If that is indeed the case, we should find out the details in just a couple days!

Tons of HORI Switch accessories leaked

UPDATE - Now that real pics have come in, this is looking at LOT more believable! Thanks to mandobardanjusik for the heads up!

Certainly a nice looking set of accessories and peripherals. HORI is usually trustworthy for good quality stuff. There's some items here I'm already considering!

RUMOR - Best Buy gets notification to change Switch price to $250

UPDATE - More information has come in, and it seems the Reddit admins have received enough information to consider the source valid. We now know the Switch has the SKU 5670100 in Best Buy’s system, is listed with the placeholder name “Nintendo N2” and shows a price of $249.99.

Our inside source told us that GameStop higher-ups were having a meeting with Nintendo to discuss main details of Switch preorders. What's going on with other retailers? Rumor has it that Best Buy got some information as well. According to one source, the retailer got a price change report to list the Switch at $250. A rumor for now, but certainly one that's music to our ears.

[RUMOR] Taiko no Tatsujin game coming to Nintendo Switch

Acccording to the Nintendo Facebook Group, the image above appeared, which detailed that an upcoming Taiko no Tatsujin game is planned to be released on the Nintendo Switch. If this is true, then it will likely be showcased in Thursday's presentation. Special thanks to lokamp for the heads-up!

RUMOR - GameStop to post Switch allotment numbers on brick-and-mortar store doors

We brought you the news of GameStop's tight initial shipment of the Switch, meaning grabbing a preorder from them could prove difficult. Now another rumor comes in, not from our source, that points to GameStop trying to inform their customers of stock as early as possible.

According to a source at NeoGAF, stores will be posting allotment numbers on their front doors after closing time. The day isn't specified, but Thursday night would make the most sense. You would want to line up Friday morning after the presentation, rather than GameStop holding back on preorders all through Friday, then posting store allotments on Friday for Saturday preorder.

Now that's quite a bind for people that want to purchase from GameStop physical locations. Do you rush to your GameStop, check out the numbers and hang there? If you do, you'll be watching the Switch presentation in the cold, at night, on your phone! Perhaps if your GameStop has a few people lined up, you could make yourself a little Switch presentation party!

Is this hope for Sonic Mania on Switch?

Reader JoshSuperlink pointed out something really interested with the above listings that I didn't notice. We shared this image earlier today, which is rumored to come from GameStop Germany. In the listing, you can see two separate Sonic titles listed. We know that Project Sonic 2017 is on the way to Switch, so why two listings? Could the other one be for Sonic Mania? I'll keep all my fingers and toes crossed for that one!

RUMOR: GameStop Germany - A look at all Switch titles currently listed in their system

We're all looking at those placeholder listings, dying to know what they are! Let's see how many of them slot in with rumors games, and how many are completely new! There's also some other interesting ones in there, like more hope for Dragon Quest XI localization and mention of a Monster Hunter title.