RUMOR - Walmart, Target set to get a mix of playable and video Switch displays

Retailers getting promos for upcoming game hardware isn't anything new. We've already seen Switch advertising up at a number of retailers, Walmart and Target included. Now we're hearing a rumor that both Walmart and Target are upgrading to a mix between video and playable Switch displays. This may not be all Walmart and Target locations, but these demo units are indeed on the way. There's also talk of some locations starting off with a video display, then moving to playable.

RUMOR - Is Mario hiding a rabbit under his hat in Super Mario Odyssey?

With just three images, it seems like the internet has stumbled on some solid speculation on Super Mario Odyssey. Could there be a rabbit hiding under Mario's hat, instead of Mario's hat being alive? Where's GameXplain when you need them!?

RUMOR - Splatoon 2 to have a single player campaign

Splatoon had a single player mode, and I actually really loved it. I've been hoping that single player content was heading to the sequel as well, and now we're hearing that a Nintendo PR rep has confirmed the info. There's a video of the interview coming up soon, so we'll get to see/hear the comments ourselves. From what we understand, the story mode will take place 2 years after the first game.

Could Michel Ancel is teasing the rumored Mario X Rabbids Switch game?

Everyday's life ... Got to fix the plumbery and felt a bit rabbitified...

A photo posted by Michel Ancel (@michelancel) on

Let the speculation run wild on this one. The picture, married with Ancel's comment of, "Everyday's life ... Got to fix the plumbery and felt a bit rabbitified..." has people talking. Do you think it's a tease, or just a passing Rabbids reference mixed with real life plumbing problems? Thanks to Rif for the heads up!

RUMOR - Snipperclips to hit Switch on March 3rd

We've known for awhile that Snipperclips was going to be $20 and available in March. What we haven't heard is that the title will be out at Switch launch. Nintendo's official website still lists a blanket March release date. We certainly know that information coming from reps at Nintendo booths can be iffy, so I don't know which way to go on the info. They had the pricing right, so could they be correct on release date? Thanks to Sky_Armada for the heads up.

Also, I feel it's worth mentioning that Sky_Armada is a long-time GN reader, so I don't worry one bit about trusting him when it comes to how he obtained this info.

RUMOR - Nintendo and Nvidia team up for software releases on Nvidia Shield in China

This would obviously be some very big news for Nintendo, but right now it's hard to know if it's the real deal. We don't know the source this Chinese website is getting their information from. Also, I'd like to point out that ZhugeEX is quite knowledgeable in topics like this, and has clearly been seeing things that indicates this as happening. He still doesn't 100% confirm the news, but seems confident enough to share it.

RUMOR - Select Switch games can offer download play for 8 players off 1 cartridge

The following comes from an interview with Silja Gülicher, PR Manager of Nintendo for Germany...

It is also interesting that only a single game module is required for local games. Up to eight players can then participate in their consoles without each having to purchase their own version.

While the above is a Google translated statement, the info is confirmed to us by Gerjet, a native German speaker. He read the article linked below and sent us the info. The only problem is, we don't know if this information came straight from Gülicher herself. It certainly seems so, but the interview isn't 100% clear. I'll keep marked rumor until we get confirmation.

Obviously, this feature is going to be on a game-by-game basis. We don't know if any of the games shown for Switch support 8-player download play, but at least we now know the Switch has that feature. Can you imagine 8-player Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with just one cartridge? How about Super Bomberman R? I'd say Super Bomberman R actually makes even more sense, considering the same idea was used on one of the DS entries for the series.

RUMOR - Only Switch preorder option in Hong Kong/Singapore is a Switch/two game bundle

The following info comes from a source on Reddit, as well as our own personal source who has backed this information up, and provided a bit more context.

- customers in Singapore/Hong Kong are forced to get the Switch as a bundle
- bundle includes a Switch, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and 1-2 Switch
- no word on pricing yet
- the order to sell the Switch like this has come from Nintendo themselves
- if customers preordered before this bundle mandate came down, they still have to get both games
- if the bundle option isn't taken, money is refunded and preorder is cancelled

RUMOR - Toys R Us getting NES Classic Edition stock on Jan. 26th

If Target isn't working out for you, there's some hope later in the week. Rumor has it that Toys R' Us is going to get a big shipment of the NES Classic Edition on Jan. 26th. We don't know if this will be both in-store and online, but we'll keep tabs on any further details that come in.

RUMOR - The reason why The Great Ace Attorney and its sequel won't be localized

Ace Attorney fans are quite upset that The Great Ace Attorney never got a release outside of Japan. While that wound is still festering, we now see that the sequel will most likely stay in Japan as well. Wondering why these games aren't getting localized? According to a new rumor, it all has to do with the games featuring Sherlock Holmes. It seems there's some dispute Capcom would have to deal with for the Sherlock Holmes brand outside of Japan, and Capcom just isn't willing to spend the time or money to fight it.