8-4 not handling Xenoblade Chronicles 2 localization

Looks like 8-4 isn't returning to handle the localization of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. We have no idea who's taking on the Herculean task, but we'll keep our ear to the ground to find out. Thanks to Anon for the heads up.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 music recording sessions taking place right now

Looks like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is really chugging along! I wonder when we'll actually see this game release. I know they said 2017, but I'm still not convinced that'll happen.

The Banner Saga devs will "take a look" into Switch ports

The team behind The Banner Saga has said they're willing to take a look into bringing the trilogy over to Switch. They also said that it's a "big unknown at this point", which most likely means they have no idea if the system can handle their games. Let's hope we get good news after they better assess the platform.

Devolver Digital hoping to get their first Switch game out this year, more info at GDC

Devolver Digital has such a great lineup of titles. I really am happy to hear they're officially supporting Switch. Now let's mull over their game roster and see which one we think is heading our way!

Jakks Pacific releasing life-sized Splatoon Splattershot blasters, complete with "ink"

How long will we have to wait for someone to shoot their friend with that "ink" slime in the eye? How long before someone shoots a friend in the mouth? Oh man, there's going to be so much trouble/fun with these.

Top 5 ad spenders for TV advertising - Jan. 16th to Feb. 15th, 2017

- Nintendo in the top spot
- generated 47.8 percent of the industry’s digital SOV
- spent $8.2 million on three ads that ran 1,169 times
- 170 million TV ad impressions
- most popular spot was the Super Bowl ad “Believer,” featuring music by Imagine Dragons
- this ad accounted for 67 percent of the brand’s digital activity
- Nintendo ads collected 15.5 million online views, over 268,000 social actions, and over 42,000 searches

Amazon - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Deluxe Edition: The Complete Official Guide for $48

This sucker was originally being sold for $80, so this is quite a sizable discount! Grab yours here (thanks Zaakro!)

Switch teardown pictures surface

Again, as I've said in the past, I'm not really one to talk to about tech specs. I don't know the ins and outs of hardware guts. That said, I know lots of people are interested in that kind of thing. If you want to know/see more, you can hit up the thread below to see all sorts of teardown pics. What I can tell you is that it seems the Switch is using a custom chip from Nvidia, which is no real surprise.

Check out pics here (thanks Dakhil!)