Bayonetta fans desperately hope these clips are a tease for a third entry in the franchise

Platinum has uploaded a number of clips to their Japanese YouTube channel featuring Bayonetta speaking English. The clips show scenes from the first game, and the scenes are repeated 3 times each. This lead people to believe that Platinum was subtly hinting at a third entry in the Bayonetta franchise.

While that hope can still be there, these clips were actually uploaded due to a special blog post over at Platinum's Japanese blog. The blog post aims to guide Japanese-speaking people through some English lessons, using clips from Bayonetta to do so. Yes, it's all a bit odd, but isn't Platinum odd in and of itself?!

Even with the blog post surfacing, some fans are still thinking this is all a tease for Bayonetta 3. What do you think?

Zelda's voice actor discusses the pressure of voicing the iconic role

A portion of a SweetyHigh interview with Zelda voice actor, Patricia Summersett

SH: This is the first time Zelda has had full voice acting within a game. Did you feel a lot of pressure around that in creating the correct voice for her?

PS: It's been an interesting year having kept that as a secret, being part of this process privately and watching the hype around the game. I certainly did feel some pressure, but it was also a pressure that was filled with a deep excitement for what was to come.

There's also the understanding that everything I was doing was being approved by several people as it went through the process, so I'm at the place where I have to trust in my professional career that they're going to make the final decisions and we'll all be represented well. I do trust that, because it's Nintendo.

The mystery behind Perfect Dark's unused passwords

Perfect Dark had two special passwords that players could unlock via certain methods. The passwords were as follows.

Cassandra’s Necklace:

Username: CDV780322
Password: I8MOZYM8NDI85

Multiplayer Reward:

Username: EnTROpIcDeCAy
Password: ZeRo-Tau

What did these passwords do? Back at the time of the game's release, no one knew. You couldn't enter them into the game in any way, which lead fans to searching out hidden rooms to unearth more info. Fans also went into the real world and tried to use the passwords on websites, like the promotional sites carringtoninstitute.com and datadyne.com. Still, those methods resulted in dead ends.

Now former devs have come forward and detailed how the passwords were meant to be used, but not what content they hid. Turns out those trying to enter the passwords into websites were correct. The problem is, RARE never had the time to actually put together the massive ARG they were planning. In other words, the passwords never actually hid anything, because the content wasn't created.

It seems plans were to offer up more info on the game and characters through websites, but even that information is speculative. The devs that offered up the password uses didn't know what content would be provided to players when they used the passwords. They just knew it was meant to hide content on official websites.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap devs talk lack of 3DS version, ease of Switch port, sales, future games & more

The following information comes from a Reddit AMA with various people involved with Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap.

On not including female monster transformations for Wonder Girl...

When considering making the Wonder Girl character, I really wanted to add those transformations. But due to the constraint of production, we thought it would be best to focus on other areas instead. That would have meant redoing 1000 drawings at least.

On bringing the game to Switch...

Working on the Switch was very easy for us. The hardware and SDK are slick and modern. Of course, with the experience of coding games for 15+ years I had prepared for this in advance, way before we even had hope to get access to a devkit.

On DLC possibilities...

The game wasn't really designed for DLC. It would depends if we have an idea that is worthy of it. Most probably the smaller improvements would go in a normal patch.

Interest in other remakes....

Question comes often.. for me maybe Psycho Fox.. Kid Chameleon.. Toe Jam and Earl, Aztec Adventure.. Maybe a Shinobi game?

And even though it will never happen, I personally would love to remake the very first Legend of Zelda and make sure that the remake conserves and supports the feel of mystery and discovery that it had, without holding the player’s hand or telling them where "secrets" are and where to go (note: I haven’t played Breath of the Wild yet). I’d also love to remake Castlevania, because I think there’s something to be done with the great feeling of the whip by adding more frames and getting the timing just right, I think we could do something extremely satisfying there.

Desire to make a new Wonder Boy...

Also, it goes without saying that making a new, entirely original Wonder Boy would be great (I think I speak for the whole team here).

Art book and CD soundtrack releases under consideration...

We are still working on figuring out what would be the best direction in term of goodies. Creating new artworks would be amazing but they also take a lot of time to make, so we don't know yet. Maybe it would make sense to package all those things together, etc. For the soundtrack we are still sorting out the rights to be able to release it. ...Unfortunately for the OST, there is some legal issues preventing us to sale it.

On the charm stones change...

the team felt that the charm stone system was indeed a bit outdated (and anyway different in the GG version), and required too much grinding. After originally removing them, I felt that as a player I would personally miss them had they not been present in this version. After long discussions, we came to the conclusion that they would be a good reward to these tough challenges we added, and that we could still use their overwhelming "charm" for that new sword we added.

On the chances of a Wonder Boy in Monster World remake...

Right now maybe we'd need to step back a little from the franchise and see how the reception to Dragon's Trap evolve, in particular in younger players or people who don't know the original enjoy it. Maybe we also need to sit down and play many old and new games and from then evaluate where to go, that is even assuming we end up remaking more old games. We honestly don't know yet!

How the remake started...

It started like a fan project, we did a prototype with Omar during our spare time. At that point we showed it to the original creator who was thrilled about it and also we found our publisher Dotemu. Dotemu are specialized in doing these kind of things, and they've managed to entangled the rights (which were quite a mess) between the original creator and Sega

On the tech behind the game...

I'd love to get into the tech in more details but it would be too long here. However, we should be working on making detailed tech blog post fairly soon. A lot of the code is custom but what's most interesting imho in how we ended rewriting the game from stratch and went from a different approach in the second iteration. The tech behind it is now rather uniquely hybrid - the way how we are bridging the old and the new. Hopefully will write it soon!

I tend to forget how this game is actually a half-custom engine, half-emulator monstrosity. Thank you both for your answer! I'm eager to read this blog post since I'm a "rewrite everything from scratch" kind of guy too. And I'm looking forward to have Z80 code run on my Switch (gotta finish exams first, then internship, then Zelda, then...) :D

Salut! I can't talk too much about the engine itself - when I joined the team, there was already a good chunk of code that Omar had either developed or integrated. One important part not reflected in your question but key to this game is the emulation of the original game that we "augmented" through some custom hooks and hacks, etc. We patched existing Z80 code to extend the original, either with new Z80 code (!) or C++ - the result is a scary monster, but it works well! We'll probably post a blog entry detailing some of this in the near future.

On sales so far...

we do not have the sales numbers yet, but we know that the Switch version was really well received.

On not coming to 3DS...

Unfortunately the 3DS screen resolution (320x400) wouldn't be a great fit to the game art style. Also the hand animated characters are really heavy in term of texturing and I don't know how well that would work for the 3DS.

On changes outside of the visuals...

We upped the framerate from 30 FPS to 60 FPS and makes various improvements so as the rules for mouse gripping wall, taking corners. We did probably 100+ changes but the vast majority should be extremely minor and unnoticeable to the casual player, so I am surprised to say "the controls feel different from the original".

Also note how adding animations over the existing physics that had lots of momentum (for e.g. character turning) can make things "feels" different. When you compare with the retro version which doesn't have the extra animation but has the momentum.

On creating more games for Switch...

We don't know yet! We are still kept busy by the aftermath of releasing the game and finishing the Steam version. Personally I think it would be great to do something tailored for the Switch, maybe taking advantage of the Joy-Cons better, or doing a local multiplayer game :)

Rainway app promises 60fps streaming of PC games to Switch

Rainway is an upcoming program that allows you to play your favorite PC games on nearly any device. Some of our newly developed software techniques allow games to be transmitted from your computer to another device in super-high quality, and with practically no lag.

Rainway's signature feature is that it's available on any device with a web browser. You'll simply visit play.rainway.io, log in, and kick back with your favorite games. Native apps for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and other platforms are being developed to provide an even more seamless experience.

While the technology to watch PC games live has been around for a few years now, Rainway while using very few system resources allows you to completely play your games from the comfort of anywhere, anytime, on anything.

The best part is that practically any modern PC is compatible. You don't need to purchase any additional computer hardware and did we mention that it's free? That's right, no more 50 dollar boxes or subscription fees, the Rainway experience will be available free of charge for life.

We hope to build a community around Rainway and continue to grow our technology to truly new heights. We will have some media to show off in the coming weeks, but in the mean time pre-register today at the form below to ensure your inclusion in the May 5th beta.

I'm always weary of these streaming services. There's never been one that has hit and really made a name for itself. Any services I've tried have had lag issues, and that was enough to turn me off. Hopefully Rainway can avoid that. Thanks to ibbsters for the heads up!