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Aonuma - fan response to Zelda games is 'most important', doesn't try to shoehorn messages into each game

Coming from a GamesMaster interview with Eiji Aonuma...

“We’re constantly thinking about how to make it unique compared to other games, both in general as well as to others in the Zelda series. Of course, the response of fans is most important and something we care very much about, which is why recently we have been showing early previews at events like E3. We’re looking to see that there are no problems with the directions we’re taking, and are reflecting the reactions we do get into subsequent development.

I haven’t and won’t be trying to put any message or meaning into the games. (If someone else were to make a Zelda game though, of course it might be different.) Occasionally I receive messages from fans telling me how playing Zelda games has changed their lives. While of course this makes me incredibly happy to hear, I feel a great sense of responsibility as well, so part of me feels that developers putting their own ideologies in games is kind of scary.”

Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale - release date trailer, new blog

Return to PopoloCrois: A STORY OF SEASONS Fairytale has finally been dated! Set your calendars, your watches, and anything else you’ve got for March 1st, because that’s when the best game your friends have never heard of (but will surely hear of through you) drops into retailers across North America, and on the North American eShop as well!

(And overseas Popolo-heads, don’t fret: Marvelous Europe will be announcing their own release date for the game very soon!)

Full blog here

Raishi Konpeki no Syou - boxart

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Maddie available via Nintendo Zone

- Maddie available via Nintendo Zone
- comes with what was originally Japan-only furniture
- Maddie will ask for a stationery home
- this will unlock the Campus Set of furniture
- content includes the eraser sofa, notebook bed, notebook floor, notebook wall, notebook wardrobe, pencil screen, set square table, sticker tape liner, notebook rug, pencil holder chair, and scissor clock