Dragon Quest X localization not likely, but might happen with enough fan requests

The following information comes from Square Enix’s Noriyoshi Fujimoto...

- translating the game would be a very big undertaking
- from a business standpoint, it's hard to justify localization
- if fans speak up enough for localization, there's still a chance it could happen

Nintendo Badge Arcade - North American update for Sept. 25th, 2016

Nintendo Badge Arcade

- 5 returning sets of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD badges

Thanks to AlienboyVA for the heads up!

Amazon - The Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening sees release date change

Looks like we have a new release date for The Art of Fire Emblem: Awakening. The book was originally due out in August, but obviously that date came and went. Now Amazon shows the book with an Oct. 18th release date. No official confirmation on that date just yet, but we're guessing Amazon is getting it from somewhere legitimate.

Japan - Various Pokemon-related New 3DS LL covers on the way

Oh man, some of those are gorgeous! I actually really like both the Sun and Moon designs. I bet a lot of American and European Pokemon fans would love the chance to snatch these up!

Japan: New Nintendo 3DS LL Pokémon Edition boxarts - another look

Between the two, I'm really feeling the Pikachu edition. There's just something about it I really like. Maybe it has something to do with it looking bright and cheery!

Gotta Protectors was localized by one person, dev talks staying true to NES limits

A portion of a Michibiku interview with localizer Brian Gray...

M: So was Gotta Protectors a solo effort, or were you part of a larger team?

BG: 8-4 had their usual — awesome! — team looking over everything and handling the bulk of communication with Ancient, but the translation was entirely me.

Gray also talked about how the game stays true to the NES limits and how that proposed an issue during localization.

BG: The game is designed to work within NES-era limits. That means the graphics are tiled. They’re on a grid. In the Japanese game, all the dialogue is spaced out as text, blank row, text, blank row. But we quickly realized we wouldn’t be able to fit the dialogue in the same space, so we asked Ancient if they could slide the rows around to make room for one more. But after talking it over, we decided keeping it true to the NES limits was better.

So we ended up putting the extra lines of English dialogue in between the existing rows of Japanese dialogue. (Where there were 2 rows in Japanese, we got 3. If they had 3 rows, we got 5.) Problem is, that meant there was no actual space between the letters. The tiles literally touch each other.

M: What was the solution?

BG: So I actually went back through the game and rewrote anything where a lowercase “g” or “y” was directly above a capital letter, for example. I’m not sure I caught them all, but that was a thing. (laughs) Honestly, it was a lot of fun. It’s been years since I’ve had to come up with that kind of puzzly solution in localization work.

Plantera coming to Wii U, 3DS