The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Target holding various Nintendo deals next week

Pokémon Shuffle trademark opposed by Cartamundi (playing card company)

On September 1, 2015, the playing card company Cartamundi Services NV filed an opposition against Nintendo of America Inc.'s App. Ser. No. 86/502,847 – Pokémon Shuffle on that it would be damaged by registration of this mark. Cartamundi is the owner of U.S. Trademark Application Serial No. 79156054, Shuffle, filed June 16, 2014, and published for opposition on August 4, 2015.

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Ace Attorney 6 - another round of gameplay details

- in the strange land that Phoenix Wright visits, Bokuto Tsuan, a tour guide, ends up arrested
- there’s no defense attorney at all
- the Judge relies on an “Oracle of Spirits” in order to reach a verdict without an actual trial
- Phoenix steps in in order to defend Bokuto Tsuani
- the mysterious and confident-looking woman seen in the scans is not a witness, a prosecutor, or a judge
- she is the “fourth role” in the courtroom and a “key person” to the entire game
- more details on the Water Mirrors trials system will come in the near future
- small changes to the usual gameplay systems will also be included
- there are no Defense Attorneys in the country where the game takes place, even though there are Prosecutors
- defendants have to use a “certain object” in order to defend themselves
- the devs felt there wasn’t anyone left in Japan who could match up to Phoenix Wright
- this is why the game is taking place in a foreign country
- the devs hope that the lack of “usual” courtroom rules will provide players with a sense of urgency