The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Monster Hunter X - website footage, more screens/artwork, list of weapons

These are the fourteen weapon types that will be featured in the game:
– Sword & Shield
– Dual Blades
– Great Sword
– Long Sword
– Hammer
– Hunting Horn
– Lance
– Gunlance
– Switch Axe
– Insect Glaive
– Charge Blade
– Light Bowgun
– Heavy Bowgun
– Bow

Just a reminder that Capcom will showcase two weapon types in video form daily starting tomorrow!

More screens and artwork over here!

Monster Hunter X - live gameplay during Capcom TV on August 5

Nintendo announces Realistic Escape Game for Japan, available now to download

The following information comes from Japanese 3DS...

- by Nintendo and Scrap Magazine
- 1.023 blocks in size
- the set-up is that bombs are planted in Nintendo 3DSs everywhere, solve mystery to avoid explosion
- play online and simultaneously with other players
- further stories added at a later date with the first full episode coming on the 2nd of September
- first episode is free from 2-30 September and then will cost 100 yen
-  delivery dates for the other episodes (all 100 yen each or 450 yen together) are 5, 12, 19 and 26 September

Nintendo eShop - a short maintenance will be happening later today

The following information comes from Perfectly Nintendo...

Services impacted:
– Wii U: Nintendo eShop
– Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo eShop

– Europe: 5PM to 6PM
– UK: 4PM to 5PM
– North America (EDT): 11AM to 12PM
– North America (PDT): 8AM to 9AM
– Japan: 12AM to 1AM (August 1st)

Animal Crossing: HHD - amiibo cards availability limited in stores, Nintendo apologizes