GoNintendo Video Review - Ultra Street Fighter II

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- core gameplay still fun all these years later
- easier for fighting game novices to jump into
- spot-on controls
- overall enjoyable theme remixes


- Way of the Hado is borderline broken
- underutilized HD Rumble
- bonus content lacking
- basically the same game you've played for years now

Ultra Street Fighter II is a very tough game to review. The core game itself is as fantastic as it ever was, and even includes a few gameplay tweaks and updates. On the flip-side, almost all the bonus content included here is of poor quality or will be quickly forgotten. On top of that, by and large, this is the Street Fighter II you've been playing for many years now. If you're okay with that, then Ultra Street Fighter II should keep you quite happy. If you're expecting big things from bonus content and extras, this isn't the right package for you.

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