The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

Destructoid - a couple of TGS 2015 impressions

7th Dragon III Code: VDS
I gave up. 7th Dragon III Code: VDS wasn't going to work out for me. I know when I'm bested, and I absolutely was. Maybe I was missing something important and it's really not all that hard. Maybe it's tough as nails. Whatever the case, it sent me packing with my tail between my legs, and it's been a long time since a demo has been able to do that to me.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6
Every game in the Phoenix Wright series iterates in some way, and 6 is perhaps one of the more noticeable shifts. While I tend to pick up the core entries some time after launch, I may be changing my tune for this one.

Super Mario Maker - Hands-on impressions

Super Mario Maker is shaping up to be quite a lovely package. With (hopefully) an endless amount of courses to play when the game releases, this game will both inspire creators and makers to make the best out of it. While nine days seems long to unlock of the tools available, you will gradually learn the ropes over the course of those same days. They will prepare you with sample courses and simple concepts and it is your task to start building right there. For some, this will be easier said than done and it depends a lot on your creativity to make it all work. Once you get into zone and get a correct feeling for it, you just can’t stop building and I wouldn’t trade that feeling for the world!

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Final Fantasy Explorers - Hands-on impressions

The following information comes from Steven Hansen at Destructoid:

It seems like modest fun, though. Things like the Fortune Teller, Item Shop, and Work Shop were closed down during my demo, but I took on a Flame Djinn hunt (Final Fantasy summon mainstay Ifrit), switched to my Dragoon pants, and embarked on a flaming dungeon with Chocobo and Goblin allies in tow.

It seems like it'll be a grindy time-waster, but maybe the familiar trappings can catch folks who otherwise struggled to get into Monster Hunter. Not me, though. I'll keep listening to the Chrystal Chronicles OST. That'll do.

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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - more details

The following details come from a NintendoLife article...

- action takes place in a hub plaza, where your office is located

- public facilities like restaurants, shops and hospitals can also be built here over time

- these are managed by Isabelle

- this game is all about doing that one job, which is being a realtor-designer

- you are in charge of planning, designing and decorating homes for the numerous animals who demand your services

- animals are dictated at random, and are found wandering around the central hub

-approaching them and accepting their request is how you initiate the project

- you will set up a meeting in your office

- first step is to chose a section of the map, each with their own terrain and characteristics

- may choose to give your customer a lovely beachside home or one that sits on the edge of a river bank

- the season can be chosen too

- designing the house involves picking from an ever increasing selection of wall materials, roof types, doors and fences

- combinations and styles are almost endless, and picking the right styles can be tricky

- when the exterior is done, you can decorate the in- and outside with various items

- choosing from features such as swimming pools or sand pit

- styles are limited at the beginning of the game

- upon taking a request from a critter, the relevant set for the request becomes available

- clients will also have a number of items awaiting unboxing when you begin a redesign that must be incorporated into the overall design, because animals can be sentimental too

- you can study couses at the back of your desk

- these are exchanged for play coins, and can teach you the ability to add more forms of decorations to your home designs

- an example is ceiling decorations, another all new form of adornment

- Happy Home Designer also does away with the real-time clock system, the game simply gives you a working day

- once your tasks are complete, day turns to night and while certain facilities may become closed or unavailable

- there is no pressure to end the working day until you choose to do so

- players now have greater control over their own appearance from the get go, allowing them to truly create an avatar of themselves

- addition of choices for skin colour

- animal's clothes can be chosen and roles can be assigned

- certain animals can be chosen to teach in the nearby school, or work behind the counter in the café

- another feature is to arrange these many homes and public buildings into miniature diorama like scenes

- Happy Home Designer is like a little dolls house simulator, allowing you to position the items, animals and various other features however you see fit

- animals will accept any design created for them, making the specific request almost entirely redundant

- it has no consequence, and the animal will be satisfied with the result

- by owning a specific animal in amiibo card form they can be scanned into your Nintendo 3DS, making them instantly available for a home re-model

- cards also act as a gateway to invite animals into other animals homes or public facilities