Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ - impressions

Here is an excerpt from an article on Rythm Heaven: The Best+, regarding the first few hours of gameplay...

So that's the first few hours of Rhythm Heaven: The Best Plus. It's another masterclass in audio and visual feedback, as expected from the series, and its additions to the core rhythm fundamental are to be welcomed. It's just a shame that, so far, some of the remixed music takes away from the charm of the original minigames.

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Bravely Second - import impressions

The following impressions come from GameSpot...

If you enjoyed Bravely Default, Bravely Second is just more love. So far, it feels like the same game with new characters and a few small tweaks. However, some of these changes drag down the experience; the absence of the random encounter slider in particular slows down leveling, one of biggest pillars of the JRPG experience. Despite that, I'm still enjoying combat and fighting alongside old friends from Bravely Default. I'm enjoying seeing how the new job classes work, and if you were invested in the story of Tiz and Agnes, you won't want to skip this game when it, hopefully, gets a worldwide release.

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