Monster Hunter Stories - latest round of DLC detailed

- new Sub-Quest (Rank: ★7) featuring the Rathian, which allows you to get materials to create special equipment.
- third wave of Monster Hunter Spirits 2: Triple Soul collaboration content:

Quest #1: January 12th and January 19th
Quest #2: January 13th and January 20th
Quest #3: January 14th and January 21st
Quest #4: January 15th and January 22nd
Quest #5: January 16th and January 23rd
Quest #6: January 17th and January 24th
Quest #7: January 18th and January 25th

Capcom hosting Monster Hunter Stories tournaments at World Hobby Fair 2017

Monster Hunter Stories tournaments (win goodies above)

- Nagoya (Nagoya Dome): January 22nd
- Tokyo (Makuhari Messe): January 28th and January 29th
- Osaka (Kyocera Dome): February 5th )
- Fukuoka (Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome): February 12th

Monster Hunter news - Stories QR codes, XX album collection

Monster Hunter Stories

QR codes for party data of specific players:

- Minami Takahashi (Lilia’s voice actress)
- Ryouta Oosaka (Cheval’s voice actor)
- Yuma Uchida (Genie’s voice actor)

On January 11th, Capcom will share QR codes for the party data of the Monster Hunter Club managed
On January 18th, the Capcom TV crew that will get its own set of QR codes

Monster Hunter XX

- Monster Hunter Arrange Variety Pack on March 15th
- includes four albums (previously released) featuring arrangements of Monster Hunter music
- 4,800 yen
- pack includes

Monster Hunter Music Box Arrange Album
Monster Hunter Danceable
Monster Hunter Swing Big Band Jazz Arrange
BlackLute~Monster Hunter Guitar Arrange~

Monster Hunter Stories - latest DLC info, Otomon Encyclopedia, Christmas/New Year cards

Screens and art for all DLC here

Re-run of the first part of the Legend of Zelda collaboration:

- Special Rules: The Legend of Zelda (Max rank: ★5). Winning battles allows you to get tickets for a special production quest, so that you can craft the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield
- Special tournament: if you manage to win, you will get Link’s tunic as a reward (but only the first time around)
- Special background for your Rider card
- Special titles: Master Sword, Triforce, Zelda, Legend, Link, Hyrule

Monster Hunter Generations DLC:

- special rules: Monster Hunter X. If you manage to win, you will get egg pieces for a special Hellbade Glavenus as Otomon
- also get a set of stickers for multiplayer chat

Special Sub-Quests:

- Sub-Quest #1 (Rank: ★5): allows you to get the Monster Hunter Club uniform
- Sub-Quest #2 (Rank: ★7): allows you to battle against the Seregios
- December 30th: if you complete this Sub-Quest (Rank: ★7), you will get the Molten Tigrex as an Otomon, and armor based on that monster
- January 1st: a special quest involving the Yian Garuga (Rank: ★7)

Monster Hunter Stories: Otomon Encyclopedia

- guidebook entirely dedicated to the Otomon
- lists attacks/skills, various other details about them (including their eggs)

Monster Hunter Stories – Christmas / New Year cards

Monster Hunter Stories - latest DLC detailed

Second part of the Zelda collab DLC

- distributed via the hotspots in 7-Eleven stores across Japan (until January 15th)
- special Tournament: The Legend of Zelda – Triforce Cup (Rank: Gold). If you manage to win, you will get a special Epona egg, allowing you to get Epona as Otomon.
- special Sub-Quest: The Legend of Zelda – Hero’s Soul (Rank: ★ 5). If you complete it, you will get the Majora’s Mask, which is for Nabirou.
- Stamp set (for multiplayer chat)

Separate DLC

- one additional Sub-Quest to download (not part of the Legend of Zelda collaboration) that features Monoblos & is Rank ★ 7

Promotional campaign in collaboration with various games stores

- download useful items to be used in-game
- QR codes (one for each chain) to unlock special Otomon parties